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    Charlie Apicella Marks the Birthday of Charlie Christian

    To help mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Charlie Christian, Charlie Apicella used his Eastman AR405E (with Kent Armstrong pickup) running through a Poly Tone Mini Brute II to pick a bit of “Seven Come Eleven.” Behind Charlie are an Eastman Uptown, an Eastman T146SM (with Seymour Duncan Phat Cat), and a Guild Aristocrat. Check out the new album with his band, Iron City, “Payin’ the Cost To Be the Boss: A Tribute to B.B. King.”. Keep up with Charlie at www.ironcity.nyc

    James Patrick Regan Honors John Sykes and Charlie Christian

    James Patrick Regan flexes his knowledge – and riffage – in honor of birthday boys John Sykes (57) and Charlie Christian (born 1916). Using his ’76 Les Paul Custom through a Trailer Trash Pedalboard with an MXR Distortion+ and a Keeley compressor (wired courtesy of George Ls) into a DR Z Z-28, he plows through a few favorite Sykes licks – “Still of the Night” and “Slide It In” by Whitesnake, along with Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat.” Then, he cleans things up a bit for Christian’s “Less Is More.” Stay tuned for James’ special shout-out at the end! And see more of James and his band at http://thedeadlies.com/

    Carl Bradychok and Don Leady

    It Feels So Right and Poppy Toppy Gone
    Roots Rock Generations

    Those once considered the young guns of roots rock (Deke Dickerson, Dave Biller, Joel Paterson) are now “middle-aged.” So it’s encouraging to know that there’s a new generation of roots revivalists coming up – and at least one oldster still setting stages on fire. Michigan’s Carl Bradychok, 25, cut his first rockabilly album at 13

    Lazer Lloyd

    Blues in Israel – A Common Bond

    If you ask guitarist Lazer Lloyd, the state of Israel is an appropriate place for blues music. Originally known as Lloyd Paul Blumen, he lived in New York and Connecticut before emigrating to the Middle East more than two decades ago, and now goes by his Hebrew name, Eliezer Pinchas Blumen. “Lazer” is culled from

    Mike Beigel

    Resurrection of the Mu-Tron III

    Mike Beigel is no guitarist. But that never held him back in crafting one of the most legendary of all guitar effects pedals, the famed Musitronics Mu-Tron III envelope filter. When players think “funk,” they recall Beigel’s masterpiece stompbox. Bootsy Collins plugged in his Space Bass to craft his Parliament-Funkadelic sound. Jerry Garcia, Frank Zappa,


    Michael Sweet

    Frontman, Shredder

    The yellow-and-black attack of the Christian-metal band Stryper has returned. The band’s new album, Second Coming, helps mark 30 years of preaching their metal gospel and selling more than 10 million albums worldwide. The band returns to the spotlight with a renewed sense of vigor and passion. Second Coming is 16 tracks including re-recordings of


    Alairex H.A.L.O.

    Heavenly Possibilities

    Alairex H.A.L.O. Price: $399 Info: www.alairex.com. Guitarist Alex Aguilar is a veteran player, former guitar-mag columnist, and today runs an effects company that recently released its first box, the Alairex H.A.L.O., an overdrive pedal designed to produce rich overdrive and multidimensional sounds. H.A.L.O. is an acronym for Harmonic Amp-Like Overdrive, and the box is two


    Robben Ford

    The One and Only

    There’s never been a shortage of young guitar hotshots, but in recent years, particularly among blues players, these phenoms seem to be promoted more for their age than their playing. The early work of Robben Ford helps put all this hubbub in perspective. In 1970, when the 18-year-old guitarist/saxophonist came out of Ukiah, in Northern


    Laney L50 Head and L412 Cab

    Classic British Tone

    Laney L50H/L412 Price: $1,990 (head); $1,499 (cab) Info: laney.co.uk. Lyndon Laney is no stranger to fans of the iconic British stack. Established in 1967, Laney Amplification found its early fame thanks to Tony Iommi’s commanding use of the company’s amps with Black Sabbath. Following the reign of Sabbath, they became an amplifier of choice for


    Robert Randolph

    The Sacred Steel, Family, and SRV

    Living testament to the versatility of the pedal-steel guitar and a rarity in pop music, Robert Randolph adroitly addresses the challenge of acting as front man of the Family Band despite mostly having to sit to play, taking command of a show by sheer force of his playing. Whether accompanying others or going on one


    Seymour Duncan Sails Into VG Hall of Fame

    Vintage Guitar today announced that Seymour Duncan has been inducted to its Hall of Fame. Each year, the magazine’s staff and readers select inductees in three categories – Player, Innovator, and Instrument. Duncan, who enters as an Innovator, shares recognition this year with Keith Richards and the Fender Deluxe Reverb. “Though he didn’t invent the

    Musicvox Space Cadet and MVX-15 Studio Custom

    Musicvox Space Cadet and MVX-15 Studio Custom

    Rockin’ Down the House

    Musicvox Space Cadet and MVX-15 Studio Custom Price: $999 (Space Cadet)/$699 (MVX-15) Contact: www.musicvox.com For nearly two decades, Musicvox’s designs have captivated players and fans, appearing in Austin Powers and in the hands of serious players and bands like Keith Urban, Allen Woody, Polyphonic Spree, and Redd Kross. The company’s latest super-retro entries are the


    Fender Jazz Bass

    “Stack-knob” is a catch phrase that for decades has perked the ears of collectors; these relatively rare examples of the earliest Fender Jazz Bass are among the first electric basses to be “collected” instead of just bought, sold, and played! Along with the ’50s Precision, they stand as the ultimate Fender bass – sought for

    Peerless Retromatic

    Peerless Retromatic

    Modern Vintage

    Peerless Retromatic Price: $1,699 Info: www.peerlessguitars.eu While many new guitars of the last decade have touted authentic (or semi-authentic) “retro” features, the Peerless Retromatic represents an evolution in the retro-guitar revolution. That’s because in addition to its sexy design and vintage-inspired accoutrements, the Retromatic is refreshingly modern, giving its player the choice between a humbucker

    Ampeg VT-22

    Ampeg VT-22

    Preamp tubes: four 7025 (12AX7 types) Output tubes: two 5881 (a more-rugged 6L6 type), fixed-bias Rectifier: solidstate Controls: Bass Instrument channel: Volume, Treble, Bass; Normal channel: Volume, Treble, Bass; shared: Presence Output: 50 watts RMS Insiders from the golden era of the New Jersey amp manufacturer have frequently spoken of Ampeg founder Everett Hull’s unwillingness


    Phantom Reissue 1964 PH12

    Ghost of Vintage Past

    Phantom Reissue 1964 PH12 Price: $1,168 (retail) Info: www.phantomguitars.com. From the Hollies to the Mahavishnu Orchestra, from Robert Junior Lockwood to the Stones, the electric 12-string has a prominent place in modern music. And arguably, the most iconic of all electric 12-strings were those Vox guitars manufactured under the auspices of the Jennings Musical Instruments.

    Elliot Easton

    Elliot Easton

    Shifting Gears Again

    Not long after he released an instrumental album with an aggregation known as the Tiki Gods, veteran southpaw guitarist Elliot Easton abruptly put the project into stasis when an opportunity arose to make music with fellow veteran musicians. The new band is known as the Empty Hearts, and includes Wally Palmar (Romantics) on guitar and

    1983 Peavey T-20 and T-20FL Vintage guitar magazine

    Peavey T-20

    The Next Step

    Introduced in 1982, Peavey’s T-20 was different from other basses in the Peavey lineup, the two-pickup T-40, and the single-pickup T-45. The T-40 (“Bass Space” October ’06) and its six-string sibling, the T-60, debuted as the first instruments to be made with parts carved using CNC machines, and their necks were bilaminated and pre-stressed. Their


    Brian Setzer

    Sparking Another Rockabilly Riot

    Three decades, umpteen records, and several stellar bands into his career, and Brian Setzer still makes rockabilly sound fresh and exciting. This album has much of the verve of his debut, 1981’s Stray Cats, and his so-called “’68 Comeback Special,” Ignition. For a musician this far along in his career, that’s saying something about his


    Carvin Steve Vai Legacy 3 VL300

    The Legend Continues

    Carvin Steve Vai Legacy 3 VL300 Price: $899 Info: www.carvin.com. For more than 13 years, Steve Vai has been collaborating with Carvin on a signature amp line, and their third-generation Legacy 3 VL300 sports a new look, added features, and tons of Vai vibe. At first glance, the Legacy 3 looks a bit like a


    AXL USA Hand-Aged Bulldog

    Bark and Bite

    AXL USA Hand-Aged Bulldog Price: $699.99 (street) Contact: www.axlguitars.com Unabashedly inspired by the classic Les Paul Junior, AXL Guitars’ limited-edition USA Hand-Aged Bulldog is a single-pickup guitar with a slab mahogany body and set neck. Crucial assembly tasks are performed in AXL’s California workshop, where the Bulldog is fretted, set up, tricked out, and whipped


    Providence Silky Drive and Stampede DT

    Japanese Silk (and Stomp)

    Providence Silky Drive and Stampede DT Price: $394 (Silky Drive); $249 (Stampede DT) Info: www.providence-ltd.com. From the Land of the Rising Sun, Providence pedals have been building an audience among players in the Western Hemisphere thanks to a buzz regarding their versatility and stout construction. Indeed, two of Providence’s more popular overdrive/distortion units, the Silky