August 2019 Vintage Guitar magazine Paul Burlison Fender blackguard Telecaster

    Paul Burlison Fender blackguard Tele

    Paul Burlison was a rockabilly pioneer who inspired the Beatles, Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, and other superstars. Enjoy our look at his Fender blackguard Tele! We also talk to Rick Vito about his latest album, which mixes blues, soul, and R&B in his unrivaled style, and Fantastic Negrito reveals the story behind his modern blues expressionism. More new-music discussion happens with Los Straitjackets’ Eddie Angel, Molly Tuttle, Paul Richards, and Australian. punk-rockers The Chats. We take a behind-the-scenes look at the new collection of songs by the late J.J. Cale and chat with guitar legends Bob Spalding and Bobby Ingano. Our reader-favorite instrument/amp profiles dig into the Cort Model X and Selmer Taurus 60. “Pop ’N Hiss” revisits the classic country picking of Jimmy Bryant’s Country Cabin Jazz. We do our annual Dad’s Day photo tribute, then share our thoughts on the latest VG Approved Gear and best new music in the “Hit List.” It’s all in the August Issue!

    Zachary Vex masterminds some of the most radical and downright fun pedals known to mankind. And as he states in the user’s manual to the Woolly Mammoth 7, “Because why not.” Exactly. Why not offer guitarists and bassists fuzz ranging from domestic kitty-cat purr to Ice Age growl? Why not add a Marshall-style tone stack

    The Dean Ween Group

    The Deaner Album

    The Dean Ween Group’s debut showcases all the genre-hopping shenanigans that became the stock in trade of Ween’s first band – the prolific and eponymously named indie weirdos Ween. While it’s busy serving up Dean Ween’s eclectic songwriting, The Deaner Album is also pushing his guitar chops to the fore. After all, there’s a pair

    Weller Guitars’ Stageliner

    Jetson Moderne

    More and more, guitar designers are digging deep, thinking out of the box, and using their imaginations to conjure hip, nontraditional designs. Strat, Tele, and Les Paul shapes are no longer the go-to templates. Among younger consumers, particularly, retailers see a move away from standard shapes to more futuristic profiles, early-’60s oddball, artsy flourishes, and

    Jorge Harada

    Whole Lotta Rockabilly

    Call it twang with attitude. Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers’ new album, Little Black Heart, is a heady mix of rockabilly, country, swing, and jump blues – all propelled by the stellar guitar picking of Jorge Harada. The Austin-based four-piece launched in 2002, but its latest may also be their masterpiece – at least so


    Gretsch Rancher

    “A spectacular model in real he-man outdoor Western finish with powerful appeal for Hill-billy and Cowboy bands.” This is how Gretsch first introduced the Rancher Jumbo – offspring of the 1940s Synchromatic models – in its 1955 catalog. The triangular (or “French”) sound hole has been seen on most Gretsch flat-top guitars from wartime to the

    Republic 207 Tricone

    Brass Ring

    Resonator guitars appear to inspire a particular kind of affliction among players. And it’s a difficult addiction to maintain, given the paucity of vintage National and Dobro instruments, their much-cursed playability, and their ever-climbing prices. Frank Helsley, Jr. is wise to all that. As a teen in Texas, he first heard Johnny Winter play the

    Gretsch’s G6128T-CLFG Cliff Gallup Signature Duo Jet

    Tip Of The (Blue) Cap

    Hot dog! Gretsch has long dreamed of issuing a Cliff Gallup signature guitar, but the stars never quite aligned – until now. Gallup, of course, was the fleet-fingered guitar man who hot-rodded Vincent’s first two LPs. He added stunning intros, dazzling riffs, and virtuosic solos to cuts like “Race With The Devil,” “Crazy Legs,” and

    Brown’s Guitar Factory Lap Steel

    Steel Yourself

    At the beginning of amplified music, one of the first instruments to get a magnetic pickup was the Rickenbacker “frying pan” lap steel – the first of many electrified lap steels made at one time or another by guitar companies including Gibson, Fender, and, of course, Silvertone. Attend a guitar show today, and you’re likely

    Rickenbacker 345

    Rickenbacker guitars have a look, feel, and sound that is remarkably distinct from those made by any other manufacturers. In fact, artists often find that nothing else works as well for certain applications. While not as versatile as models made by Gibson and Fender, the sound of a Rickenbacker is so different that it’s difficult

    The ‘‘Blackburst’’

    The ‘‘Blackburst’’

    Les Paul Standard of a Different Shade

    Among experienced (and often jaded) veteran guitar collectors, precious few things create an adrenaline rush – strange one-offs, oddball brands that never quite blossomed, guitars with non-standard parts/materials from the factory, or those once owned by an icon. Even better, those personally built by an icon. And every so often, there emerges a guitar like this – a true classic that simply

    Booker White’s 1933 National Duolian

    Hard Traveled

    “Hard Rock.” That’s the name used by Mississippi blues man Booker White to christen his 1933 National Duolian. And Hard Rock was a hard-traveled guitar – much like White himself. Booker Talifiero Washington White had many a nickname too, a testament to his years as a cotton picker, mule driver, hobo, Negro League shortstop/pitcher, boxer,

    The Creation

    Action Painting
    Biff Bang Pow!

    Hard as it seems to imagine, there are U.K. bands of the ’60s who’ve remained obscure and unsung despite increasingly enthusiastic digging into that era. Case in point: the Creation. Contemporaries of the Who and Kinks, during their heyday of 1965-’68, the Creation shared a producer with both bands: Shel Talmy. Despite that, their greatest

    Danelectro ’84

    Love Struck

    The Danelectro name first surfaced on amplifiers in the late 1940s, then later on guitars made with Masonite bodies and lipstick-tube pickups, along with electric sitars, baritone guitars, and “Longhorn” basses. In 2006, the Evets Corporation bought the name and began to offer a fetching line of retro-styled guitars and basses. Its most-recent, the Danelectro

    John 5 - Telewiedler

    John 5


    Since ditching his spot backing alternative-metal singer Marilyn Manson 10 years ago, superhuman guitarist John 5 has used his skills to spread the gospel of guitar far and wide while artfully dodging the pigeonhole of “rock shredder.” At just 17 years of age, John Lowery moved to Los Angeles from his Michigan home. There, he

    Martin Elegant, a.k.a. “Lula”

    It’s an extraordinarily rare event to find a high-grade, historically significant mid-1800s guitar in a pawn shop, but that is indeed where this Martin was discovered. When found in Nashville in the mid 1970s, it was recognized as an exceptional instrument with ornamentation far in excess of any typical Martin of that time, but only

    Allen Amplification Hot Blond 1×15 Combo

    Some Like It Hot

    In the story of the Fender amp – after the tweedy pre-Army Elvis and before the black-face Deluxe British blues invasion – there appeared the blond, as Leo Fender transitioned his line cosmetically and sonically from righteous crunch to a sophisticated high-fidelity tone suitable for Camelot after midnight – warm and aggressive but in a

    PureSalem Honey Bunny, Pink Beard, Attack Captain

    Bring The Fuzz

    Remember your first fuzz pedal? Maybe, like a certain reviewer, you literally worked up a sweat trying to strike a deal between the body resonance of an ES-175D and the snarl of a third-hand Gibson Maestro Fuzz-Tone. Alas, some things are not meant to be, though the tone known as “fuzz” became a signature sound

    Joe Satriani Home Main Big

    Joe Satriani

    More Than Meets the Ear

    When he emerged in the late ’80s, rock guitarist Joe Satriani stood apart from the hair-band crowd for several reasons. Like most of his contemporaries, his style was a mix of classical and classic rock, heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. Also like his peers, he was fully capable of the shred-tastic scalar