Donald “Duck” Dunn

    "Duck’s" Gaggle: The Basses of Donald Dunn

    Nearly every musician who plays popular music – be it soul, R&B, pop, or the others – has been influenced by Donald “Duck” Dunn. And certainly, every person who has listened to a radio since 1961 has heard his playing. The revered bassist, who passed away in May of 2012, provided the groove on some

    The Strat in Transition

    Leap Forward, Step Back

    Believing the long-term survival of his company hinged on creating the world’s best electric guitar, in 1953, Leo Fender set out to improve on his own Telecaster before Gibson or Epiphone could take their shots at supplanting it atop the solidbody market. And from the moment it was introduced in ’54 – two cutaways, body

    Andrew Watt

    Andrew Watt

    On Being With Hughes & Bonham

    Andrew Watt’s star was rising on the New York club scene when bassist Glenn Hughes took his career up a notch. Hughes and drummer Jason Bonham needed to augment their latest project, and Watts had the vibey chops needed to turn their California Breed album into a reality. You’re a young guy. Why are you

    Carl Martin’s Red Repeat Delay Echo, Greg Howe’s Lick Box

    Boxes of Rock

    After hearing – and taking to heart – feedback from players, Carl Martin recently upgraded its Red Repeat Delay Echo by adding tap tempo and modulation functions. The former allows players to tap-in desired tempos for specific songs, while the latter, along with the use of the Depth and Speed mini-pots, allows players to control

    Tonk Brothers/Washburn 5241

    From the late 1920s through the early ’40s, Gibson produced instruments under a variety of brand names for retailers like Montgomery Ward and mail-order houses like Tonk Brothers. While the majority of these were budget models with less ornamentation than their Gibson-branded counterparts, and none were given Gibson’s adjustable truss rod, the instruments sold so


    Gibson ES-335 Joe Bonamassa Signature Model

    A Semi-Hollow For Joe

    Gibson ES-335 Joe Bonamassa Signature Model Price: $3,335 (street) Contact: gibson.com. The collaboration of Gibson and blues-rocker Joe Bonamassa began with a limited run of goldtop Les Paul’s in 2009, followed by a more-affordable Studio version and another Custom Shop version, the latter sporting a beautiful flamed-maple top. Gibson and Bonamassa have teamed up again

    Electro-Harmonix Operation Overlord Allied Overdrive

    Sound Assault

    Like its namesake World War II invasion, Electro-Harmonix’s Operation Overlord Allied Overdrive involves an assault of sorts – though this particular Operation Overlord’s attack is solely one of grease, gain, and grit. Originally developed to allow keyboardists to mimic the kind of tube overdrive guitarists have enjoyed since the birth of rock and roll, Operation

    Tinsley Ellis

    Screaming On The Inside

    “Red clay is what you see here in Georgia,” says Tinsley Ellis of the inspiration behind his new album, Red Clay Soul. “That’s what the ground looks like. I wanted an album that depicted the sound, look, and feel of the region.” Saturated with that ambiance, the disc brings together Ellis’ signature heart-crushing lyrics, stinging

    Lake Street Dive

    Side Pony

    It doesn’t get much more wonderfully pop than Lake Street Dive. And with the band’s latest, they’ve produced their best – so far. The quartet was founded by Minneapolis guitarist Michael “McDuck” Olson and named after the city’s infamous thoroughfare and its stellar collection of seedy dives. He met up with drummer Mike Calabrese, string

    Ray Gomez

    A Time for Honor

    One of the hottest guitarists to emerge from the mid-’70s fusion scene was Ray Gomez, who first became known through his virtuosic performance on Stanley Clarke’s landmark School Days album. We talked with Ray as he was preparing to release his new album, Honor.   You’ve been working on your new album Honor for the

    Jay Geils

    Blues and Archtop

    If you grew up listening to music in the ’70s, you probably associate the name J. Geils with a five-piece band that played raucous rock and roll to hip-shaking partiers. Led by guitarist John “Jay” Geils, the group toured the world and recorded more than a dozen albums, selling millions through the early ’80s. Originally

    Christmas 1968

    Vintage Guitar magazine Presents Greg Martin's Head Shop

    This is a regular series of exclusive Vintage Guitar online articles where The Kentucky Headhunters’ Greg Martin looks back on influential albums and other musical moments. Well, it’s Christmas morning, I’m downing coffee, trying to get the brain fog to lift. As I was sitting next to the Christmas tree earlier, I reflected on Christmases

    Don Rich

    Guitar Pickin’ Man

    Don Rich’s recording career lasted only 13 years, beginning as the fiddle player on Buck Owens’ 1961 debut. But Owens released as many as four albums a year, and like Merle Haggard’s Strangers and Ernest Tubb’s Texas Troubadours, Owens’ Buckaroos cut several albums without their leader. This 17-track compilation – with three cuts culled from

    Wampler’s Ego Mini Compressor and Faux Tape Echo v2

    Both Ends

    With an extensive line of nearly 30 devices, it’s no surprise Wampler Pedals has entries in both the traditional-size and a micro pedal markets – and pedals to cover both ends of your board. Placing a compressor toward the beginning of the signal chain is a typical strategy. And a compact version of the Wampler

    The Vox AC30C2X and AC15C1

    Brit-Rock Mojo in a Box

    Fully appointed in classic Vox dress, the famed British amp maker’s new AC30C2X and AC15C1 both sport enough of that beloved AC30 look to make most any player yearn for Beatles boots and Fab Four suits. The AC30C2X is a 30-watt, 2×12 combo loaded with Celestion Alnico Blue speakers (there’s another version of this amp

    DoleSonic Half Back Stack

    Tone Meets Crafts-manship

    Shaw Audio Bass 130 Price: $1,350 Contact: www.tremcaster.com, phone: (330) 608-2043 In a day where gear companies often focus on utilitarian products, it’s nice when high-end craftsmanship rears its head. Ken Doles and the crew at DoleSonic Amplifiers are a good example with their latest offering, the Half Back Stack. A Class-A/10-watt offering, the amp

    Waterloo WL-14

    Waterloo WL-14

    Modern Johnson

    Waterloo WL-14 Price: $2,100, $1,890 (street) Contact: www.collingsguitars.com or www.waterlooguitars.com Robert Johnson slid into a photo booth, dangling a cigarette from his lips and holding a flat-top guitar. What brand was he smoking? Who knows? But scholars think he was holding a Gibson-made Kalamazoo KG-14. And acoustic blues guitarists want to know what Mr. Johnson

    The Leilani Lap Steel and Amplifier

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