J.D. Simo

    Tele-Free Trio

    J.D. Simo moved to Nashville seven years ago and quickly landed in the coveted hot spot as the lead guitarist in the Don Kelley band. After four years playing four nights a week in Nashville’s lower Broadway district, Simo took a hard left, forming a power trio that bears his name (with bassist Frank Swart

    Ray Gomez

    A Time for Honor

    One of the hottest guitarists to emerge from the mid-’70s fusion scene was Ray Gomez, who first became known through his virtuosic performance on Stanley Clarke’s landmark School Days album. We talked with Ray as he was preparing to release his new album, Honor.   You’ve been working on your new album Honor for the

    Two Legendary Les Paul Deluxes

    Southern Gold

    In the late 1960s, Gibson reintroduced the single-cutaway Les Paul based on its classic ’50s model. But, a new version called the Deluxe proved the most popular Les Paul of its time. While the new Les Paul used the same mahogany body and carved maple cap as ’50s Standards and Customs, the Deluxe was made

    Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater

    Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

    The Chicago resident has been exciting blues audiences worldwide for decades. But he built his reputation working the local club circuit, playing for African-American audiences and Chuck Berry-inspired rock for suburban white kids.

    Lazy J Cruiser Deuce

    Lazy J Cruiser Deuce

    Revved Up

    Lazy J Cruiser Deuce Price: $420 Info: www.lazyjprojects.com. The Lazy J Cruiser Deuce is more complex than your classic stomp-and-go pedal, though its functionality is intuitive. The Cruiser Deuce’s brown finish and cream knobs (Gain, Volume, Drive, and Sat, i.e., saturation) give it a vintage look; In/out jacks on the side, two footswitches, and a

    Cort’s Sunset I and II Feature

    Cort’s Sunset I and II

    Jonesin’ For Tone

    When Cort isn’t busy making guitars and basses for major musical instrument companies, they’re hard at work building some pretty cool instruments under their own name. From jazz boxes to the Gene Simmons AXE Electric Bass, Cort covers a lot of territory. Cort’s new Sunset series includes the models I and II chambered-body electrics. Both

    Misa Kitara

    Axe of the Future?

    Misa Kitara Price: $789 Info: www.misadigital.com. The guitar synthesizer has been around for more than 30 years and made significant inroads to contemporary music, thanks to fusion heroes like Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Steve Morse, and Allan Holdsworth. The latest wrinkle is the Misa Kitara, which shifts the paradigm. Instead of a

    Dickerson Melody King

    Few who love vintage amps can resist its art-deco appeal, let alone its luscious hand-wiring and edgy, touch-sensitive 6V6 tone. A tweed Champ doesn’t stand a chance in a cage fight.

    Craig Ross

    Rock and Roll, Alive and Well

    Craig Ross is an integral part of the Lenny Kravitz sound. As lead guitarist and songwriting collaborator since the early ’90s, Ross has forged an impressive body of work alongside Kravitz that includes eight albums, numerous singles and B-sides, and countless tours. The latest release, Strut, is classic Kravitz, emitting heavy vibes reminiscent of the

    Arlington Guitar Show 2011 – Check Out The Complete Gallery Of Images From The Weekend!

    VG staff was busy at this weekend’s Arlington Guitar Show (a.k.a. Guitarlington) and we’ve posted more fresh photos! Check ’em out at http://www.vintageguitar.com/arlington-guitar-show-11/

    Steve Gunn

    Steve Gunn

    Folk Rock’s New Visionary

    Steve Gunn’s Way Out Weather is a textured effort that takes cues from a diverse palette including John Fahey, Chicago blues, ’60s/’70s Americana, Philip Glass, world music, and improvisation. The Pennsylvania-born guitarist and songwriter offers a refreshing take on modern folk-rock. What were your main guitars on the new album? On “Milly’s Garden” and “Tommy’s

    Beat Portraits: Burns Volume 7

    1965: Summer Of The Hollowbodies

    In early 2009, VG columnist Peter Stuart Kohman turned his focus on Burns, the pioneering British guitar builder. We’ve compiled installments 7 and 8 for this special edition of VG Overdrive. Watch for the complete history in the upcoming weeks. The Way Back Beat survey of instruments designed by James Ormston Burns continues with the

    Earthquaker Devices Sea Machine

    Earthquaker Devices Sea Machine

    Chorus of Praise

    Earthquaker Devices Sea Machine Price: $215 Contact: www.earthquakerdevices.com Known primarily for its monstrous distortion and fuzz units, the folks at Earthquaker Devices have decided to tackle what has often been lamented as the wimpiest of effects – the chorus pedal. Their take on the effect, the Sea Machine, is certainly a challenge to the notion

    Built to Survive

    Gibson and Montgomery Ward in the Great Depression

    In our nation’s darkest economic times, one of its most-revered guitar manufacturers was treading headlong toward extinction before an unlikely hero started placing big orders.

    So-Cal Steel

    Asher Guitars & Lap Steels Ben Harper Signature Model

    If Nashville is the pedal-steel capital, surely Southern California is a lap steel hotspot. David Lindley and Ben Harper, along with luthier Bill Asher, have taken what some consider an archaic design and put it fully into the public ear. Harper cut his steel teeth on the Weissenborn, and the Asher Ben Harper Model is

    KJ Audio Hanwell 50

    KJ Audio Hanwell 50

    Shake The Walls

    KJ Audio Hanwell 50 Price: Head $1,900; cabinet $1,600 Contact: www.kjaudio.com No apologies: Minneapolis-based amp designer Kristopher Johnson’s Hanwell 50 boutique amp is built to rock. The amp was inspired by the four-input, 50-watt Marshall JMP MKII Master Volume amps of the mid ’70s, but Johnson hot-rodded this, modded that, and made his own monster

    National-Dobro Model C

    We’ve seen some pristine vintage pieces in these pages over the years, but as far as time-capsule amps go, when you consider age-to-condition ratio, this National-Dobro Model C might very well take the cake. “This amp is untouched, mint, and working perfectly after [nearly] 80 years under its original cover,” says owner Duke Kelso. As

    Greg Howe

    Nimble-fingered fusion monster Greg Howe has been keeping busy since the release of Extraction in 2003. He has appeared as a guest on a number of stellar fusion projects, most notably Rhythm of Time by Jordan Rudess and the fusion tribute releases, A Guitar Supreme and Visions of an Inner Mounting Apocalypse. Vintage Guitar: What