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    Jerry Douglas

    Dobroist extraordinaire Jerry Douglas demonstrates his fluid style as heard on “Live at the CMA Theater,” the latest album by The Earls of Leicester. Read our review in the February “Hit List.” READ NOW!!

    Steve Tibbetts

    Steve Tibbetts offers a glimpse of his recording studio, plays a bit on his Martin DM-12, introduces us to the crew at St. Paul Guitar Repair, then shows us inside Mairs Concert Hall (at Macalester College), where he recorded parts for his new album, “Life Of.” Read our interview with Steve in the February issue. READ NOW!!

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    CURRENT ISSUE We catch up with Steve Lukather, Doyle Bramhall, II, Elvin Bishop, Ana Popovic, Erik Schenkman, Dan Donegan, Steve Tibbetts, and Abe Ovadia. Wolf Marshall schools us on the history and licks of Hound Dog Taylor, “Pop ’N Hiss” dishes on Def Leppard’s Pyromania, and Dan Forte’s “Check This Action” features root-rock acts worth hearing. Our “Hit List” reviewers guide you to the best new music, while VG Approved Gear highlights toys for your jam room (or gig rig). You’ll love in the February issue, available now!

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    Upcoming Events

    The 1,164 archtop guitars made by John D’Angelico have brought him great renown as the finest individual archtop guitar builder in the history of the instrument. His mandolins, however, are seldom talked about, even though – if this particular example from the early 1940s is any indication – they are worthy of the same attention.

    Scott Henderson

    Scott Henderson

    Vibe Station

    On his new album, Vibe Station, Scott Henderson once again redefines fusion within a groove-heavy power trio format. As always, the blues informs his jazz-rock workouts with virtuosic jabs of rock edginess and humor. Despite Henderson’s obvious talents, he’ll be the first to say he’s all about hard work and intestinal fortitude. Famous for his

    Vox Pacemaker V-3

    1965 Vox Pacemaker v-3 Preamp tubes: three Mullard ECC83 (12AX7) Output tubes: two Mullard EL84, cathode-biased, no negative feedback Rectifier: Mullard EZ81 Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Speed, Depth Speaker: gold 10″ Oxford “Vox Bulldog” Output: approximately 17 watts RMS No doubt the mere appearance of that Vox logo and the diamond grillecloth beneath it has

    Fuchs Blackjack-21 II Combo

    Fuchs Blackjack-21 II Combo

    Hit Me!

    Fuchs Blackjack-21 II Combo Price: $1,750 Info: www.fuchsaudiotechnology.com Andy Fuchs is an authority in the world of guitar amps. One of his great accomplishments has been to closely replicate and refine certain legendary boutique-amp tones. With the Blackjack-21 II, Fuchs Audio Technology makes more accessible what the company has already put within reach of boutique

    Billy Bauer

    Jazz Guitar’s Hidden Giant

    Billy Bauer’s career was so steeped in tradition that he is often thought of as one of the first jazz guitarists. And while that’s true, his pioneering, progressive attitude and contribution to the artform endured for decades. His big-band time with Woody Herman’s First Herd was a precursor to his association with jazz visionary Lennie

    Vintage Guitar magazine Top 100 guitarists B.B. King: Heinrich Klaffs/Wikimedia Commons.

    Top 100 Guitarists

    30 Years, 30 Favorites

    To help mark its 30th year of publication, VG asked readers to submit a list of their five favorite guitarists via written ballots and online. We tabulated the votes and here offer up the top 100 vote-getters in order of overall popularity. 1) Jimi Hendrix Want trouble? Imagine the scene at the big Guitarcon event; someone

    The MXR M234 Analog Chorus and M87 Bass Compressor

    Opposite Ends

    MXR M87 Bass Comp and M234 Analog Chorus Price: $318 (M87 Bass Compressor), $170 (M234 Analog Chorus). Info: jimdunlop.com For decades, players in virtually every musical genre have been familiar with MXR pedals; the name connotes a solid road-warrior stompbox associated with great tones from ’70s through today. The Analog Chorus M234 is designed to

    The Soldano

    Super Lead Overdrive

    One of the leaders of what we might call the second wave of high-end high-gain tube amps, Soldano has been making a big noise since 1987 – the year Michael J. Soldano released his first production model, the Super Lead Overdrive (SLO-100). The SLO’s ability to churn out searing lead tones with a certain sonic

    Mary Osborne

    Charlie’s Angel

    Jazz guitar pioneer Mary Osborne was the only female guitarist to realize a significant impact on jazz in the 1940s and ’50s – and many aficionados agree that her swinging style earned her confirmation as one of the early architects of R&B and rock and roll. Born July 17, 1921, in Minot, North Dakota, Osborne

    Jeff “Jabo” Bihlman

    Jeff “Jabo” Bihlman

    Grinder Blues

    Guitarist Jeff “Jabo” Bihlman has joined forces with King’s X bassist Dug Pinnick to release a gritty record that incorporates the blues influences of Texas and Chicago. Grinder Blues is a fresh take on an old tradition. With equal parts ZZ Top, Southern rock, and Delta blues, Bihlman works his mojo via gutbucket slide guitar,

    1983 Peavey T-20 and T-20FL Vintage guitar magazine

    Peavey T-20

    The Next Step

    Introduced in 1982, Peavey’s T-20 was different from other basses in the Peavey lineup, the two-pickup T-40, and the single-pickup T-45. The T-40 (“Bass Space” October ’06) and its six-string sibling, the T-60, debuted as the first instruments to be made with parts carved using CNC machines, and their necks were bilaminated and pre-stressed. Their

    Paul “Mayo” Mayasich


    The latest from guitarist Paul Mayasich and his band of buddies is an eclectic mix of American music. You get blues of all kinds, country, folk, and lots more – all of it laced with Mayasich’s biting electric guitar and acoustic slide. If big crunchy guitar is your idea of a good time, “High Time”


    Black Dawn

    Guitarist Jim McCarty (not to be confused with the Yardbirds’ drummer of the same name) initially turned heads in the mid ’60s, as a member of Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. He joined the Buddy Miles Express for three albums; then in 1970, when a project melding the Jeff Beck Group with Vanilla Fudge

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    Mu-FX Octave Divider

    The Mu Is Back

    This is rocket science. Or at least as close as a stompbox gets. Sure, building a pedal that tweaks a guitar’s signal around and about isn’t exactly putting a man on the moon. But then, when an effects mastermind like Mike Beigel launches a new box, it’s almost guaranteed to propel your sound into the

    Butch Walker

    Butch Walker

    Hummingbirds and Ghosts

    Butch Walker readily admits that when it comes to his life as a musician, performer, and producer, he has some decidedly “first-world problems,” like when a guitar he’d like to use on a song (or to photograph for a magazine spread!) happens to be at his Nashville studio instead of his other one, in L.A.

    Gibson Johnny Smith

    In 1961, Gibson’s Johnny Smith model not only associated Gibson with one of the most popular guitar stylists of the day, it also brought high-quality amplification and high-quality acoustic sound together for the first time. From Gibson’s first electric “Spanish” guitar, the ES-150 of 1936, Gibson had fashioned an electric guitar by cutting a hole

    Airline Bojotar

    Airline Bojotar

    Hybrid G-String Machine

    There’s something about the Airline Bojotar that makes one ask, “What if Keef had added a high-G banjo string to the bass side of his five-string Tele?” With a scale length of 24.75″, the Bojotar’s strings are tuned G/D/G/B/D (low to high) and sit on a 1.5″ nut. A sixth string, tuned to G, is

    Happy Birthday Paul Gilbert

    Birthday congrats to Paul Gilbert, who today hits the big 5-0! Paul and his Trio are on tour in support of his album, “I Can Destroy.” They’ll play the U.K. and Europe through November 13, then return stateside for shows before going to South America in January and February. Details are forthcoming, so fans should