Rocky Athas

    Texas guitar slinger and former Bluesbreaker, Rocky Athas, jammin’ on his 1968 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty and vintage Lab Series L-5 with Vintage 30 Celestion speakers. Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Rocky in the VG New Gear Yearbook, sponsored by Sam Ash Music Stores! READ NOW!!

    Dominic Miller

    The oh-so-smooth Dominic Miller uses his son’s Taylor acoustic to play “Christiania,” from his new album, “Absinthe.” We speak with him about the album in the September issue. READ NOW!!

    Oz Noy – Chocolate Soufflé

    Oz Noy and his Fender Custom Shop Strat demo “Chocolate Soufflé” through his Two Rock TS1. He uses this rig and others on his latest album, “Booga Looga Loo.” Read our interview with Oz in the September issue. READ NOW!!

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    Nils Lofgren

    Great American Journeyman

    Nils Lofgren’s resumé stretches 47 years and counting. He joined Neil Young’s band at age 19 and was a member of Crazy Horse before his own band, Grin, landed a record deal in 1971. After Grin, he forged a solo career and in ’84 joined Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. His tenure with

    ZT Extortion Expressive Distortion

    Mutant Distortion

    ZT Amplifiers put their name on the map four years ago with the compact Lunchbox solid-state amp. Now they continue along the road less traveled with the Extortion Expressive Distortion. For a departure from tonal convention the pedal features an analog overdrive that can be used on its own or enhanced with a digital signal

    Steve Ripley In the studio with a miscellany of tools of the trade - everything fom his favorite Tele to a National resoglas.

    Steve Ripley

    First Takes & Extra Takes

    Ed. Note: Guitarist/producer/recording artist/guitar innovator (we could add more to that list!) Steve Ripley has passed away (January 3, 2019) at his home in Pawnee, Oklahoma after battling cancer. He was 69 (1950-20019). Most guitar players first became familiar with Ripley from the 1980s Kramer-Ripley Stereo Guitar, with a pickup where each of the six


    Santana IV

    This lineup reunites Carlos Santana with guitarist Neal Schon and other members of the 1970–1973 Santana band, reigniting their unique mix of Latin-rock, soul, jazz-rock fusion, and heavy Afro-Cuban beats. Listen to “Shake It” for a modern spin on old-school Santana, Carlos jamming on the wah-wah for the main track, while Schon is let off

    Lazy J 20

    Deluxe inspiration

    The Lazy J 20 Price: $2,700 (reviewed) Contact: www.lazyjprojects.com After moving to England and leaving behind the vintage Fender Deluxe he modified as a gigging amp, Jesse Hoff decided to build a new amplifier from scratch, using the modded Deluxe as his inspiration. After many requests from other players for one for his tweed-inspired creations,

    Ian Hunter

    New Music and a Mott Reunion

    Ian Hunter is upbeat when he discusses his newest album, Man Overboard, and the upcoming reunion with old friends in England for a series of 40th anniversary reunion concerts planned for this fall by Mott the Hoople, the legendary British hard-rock band Hunter fronted from 1969 to the mid ’70s. The album hints the veteran

    Perfect Curves Fender’s Stratocaster Turns 60

    Perfect Curves

    Fender’s Stratocaster Turns 60

    Sixty years down the road since its creation, the Fender Stratocaster is the default image of the electric guitar for nearly all the human race. From early adopters like Buddy Holly to pioneering masterminds like Jim Hendrix and living legends like Eric Clapton, it has been a stalwart, always at hand for superstars, bedroom pickers,

    Andrews Spectraverb 16

    No Limits

    Taking inspiration from Fender’s classic AB763 Deluxe Reverb, the hand-wired Andrews Spectraverb 16 uses a pair of JJ 6V6 power tubes (producing 16 watts), a GZ34 rectifier, two 12AX7 and two 12AT7 preamp tubes, a beefed-up output transformer with 4-, 8-, and 16-ohm outputs, glass-epoxy turret boards, and a tube-driven spring reverb with limiter circuit

    Robin’s ’80s Import Basses

    While the Robin guitar brand’s reverse “imported then domestic” chronology has been documented in this space, the basses shown here are the first import models marketed by the company (and one of them is from the very first shipment). Robin guitars were marketed beginning in 1982, and basses (all manufactured by ESP in Japan) followed

    Paul in the Family

    Chris Arena's Black '59 LP Standard

    “I wanna be a musician!” The declaration – typically from an adolescent family member – purses the lips of parents hopeful the child’s future would be more about picket fences and 2.1 offspring than hit songs and hedonistic excess. But that’s not how it was with family of one singer/songwriter/producer. Hoping his son would pursue


    Mega-Decibel Fuzz

    Anyone who digs fuzzed-out hard rock with amps pushed to their limit should add Boris to their play list. Hailing from Tokyo, the group has been fed and guided by meaty riffs and searing solos from guitarist Wata since its 1992 inception, with recordings such as Akuma no Uta (The Devil’s Song), Pink, and Altar,

    Dale Watson

    Dale Watson

    Keep On Truckin’

    The seeds of the latest album from Dale Watson were sown in 1998, when he released The Truckin’ Sessions . The Truckin’ Sessions 2 followed in 2009, and now he follows with a three-CD set, The Truckin’ Sessions Trilogy . Watson says it wasn’t planned. “I really didn’t think about it until I was on

    Croy and the Boys

    Hey Come Back

    There’s something about the Telecaster – as well as its forerunners and inspired imitators – that attracts musicians whose music then reflects the guitar’s straightforward character. It’s a guitar that speaks to players interested in getting right down to picking. Providing the instrumental spine to Corey “Croy” Baum’s smartly constructed, witty, often moving original songs,

    Ibanez M522S

    Ibanez M522S

    F-Style For Less

    Thanks to acts such as the Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and the Punch Brothers, the mandolin is suddenly hip again, particularly among guitarists interested in expanding their stringed horizons. While the lower-end mando market is pretty crowded, the Ibanez M522S is one of the few F-style instruments in the price range. Certainly, pear-shaped “A-style”

    Dan Fogelberg’s Gretsch White Penguin

    Dan Fogelberg’s success as a singer and songwriter far overshadows his reputation as a musician, but the man whose tenor voice and sentimental songs ruled the Adult Contemporary charts in the early 1980s was actually quite an accomplished guitarist. Evidence is on The Innocent Age and Windows and Walls – the albums that yielded his

    Nancy Wilson

    Beautifully Unbroken

    Responsible for guitar-laden classics such as “Crazy On You,” “Love Alive,” and “Devil Delight,” Nancy Wilson has been inspiring musicians for decades. Nancy and her sister, Ann, have churned out one well-crafted Heart record after another, followed by successful tours. This summer, they released a new album, Beautiful Broken and followed with the Rock Hall

    Have Guitar Will Travel- 003 David Victor

    David Victor wrote, recorded, and produced his first album in 1991, then later formed Velocity. A video of him doing Boston’s “Smokin’” led to joining that band. He also worked with Ronnie Montrose and today is lead vocalist and guitarist with David Victor: The Hits of Boston and More, Platinum Rockstars, David Victor’s Supergroup, and