Dusty Hill Dead At 72

    ZZ Top’s foundational bassist, Dusty Hill passed away today. Everyone at Vintage Guitar extends their condolences to his family, those in the ZZ universe, and especially his bandmates, Frank Beard and Billy F Gibbons. Thank you for holding down that groovin’ low-end in a lot of great music, Dusty! Photo courtesy of Ralph Arvesen/Wikimedia Commons. Please Leave your comments at facebook or instagram.

    This This month we feature Ray Benson’s Asleep at the Wheel, Neal Schon, Styx’s Tommy Shaw and James Young, Paul Gilbert, John Notto, Reverend Peyton, Earl Slick, Jimmy James, and Marc Bonilla, Rusty Young, Ronnie Montrose, Bruford, Julian Lage, John Hiatt and Jerry Douglas, Styx, Peter Frampton, Paul Gilbert, Tommy Emmanuel, The Who, and many

    The new episode of “Have Guitar Will Travel” features guitarist, composer and producer Mark Goldenberg, who studied with Ted Greene and has backed icons including Linda Ronstadt, Peter Frampton, Ringo Starr, Jackson Browne, Al Stewart, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, and many others. Host James Patrick Regan asks Mark about his early influences, his

    The continuing appeal of Hawaiian music through the past 100 years is based in part on the music itself, which evokes exotic images of life on a Pacific island, and in part on the fact that all you really need to get to that state of mind is a ukulele. As perhaps the easiest of

    Volt Electrics #004 Reverse

    Mirror Image

    From Johnny Winter and Stephen Stills to Scott Holiday, the Firebird has been turning heads since the early ’60s. Builders Sander de Gier and Ewout Nijman out of the Netherlands are two guitar freaks with a jones for old-school looks and modern appointments. They have a thing for Firebirds too. Their first series for Volt

    Carvin Audio VLD1 Legacy Drive

    Legend In A Box

    When Steve Vai needed a portable preamp to take on the road to emulate his signature amp tones, Carvin Audio obliged. Their VLD1 Legacy Drive is Vai’s Legacy amplifier in a box – and it travels a whole lot easier than a half stack. Using 12AX7 tubes and circuitry found in Vai’s signature amps, the

    Gibson’s 1941 SJ-100

    Second Coming

    Gibson 1941 SJ-100 Price: $3,868 (list)/$2,999 (street) Info: www.gibson.com Sporting a unique “stair step” headstock, the first Gibson SJ-100s began trickling out of the Kalamazoo factory in 1939. This original design lasted only two model years before it was replaced in 1941 with a second version that was itself soon discontinued, this time due to

    Victoria Silver Sonic

    Victoria Silver Sonic

    Sonic Intoxication

    For nearly 20 years, Victoria Amplifier Company has been making head-turning retro-styled amps. Mark Baier and his crew recently introduced the Silver Sonic, a lower-watt version of their popular Golden Melody amp that pulls together a host of features and circuit cues from the golden era of tweed amps. The Silver Sonic sports an elegant

    Supro Comet 1610RT

    Desert-Island Jams

    Supro’s Comet 1610RT just may be the perfect desert island amp – a high-gain, low-watt 1×10 combo that maybe doesn’t do it all, but does most everything you’ll ever need on your balmy isle paradise. Think ’30s Gibson EH-150, ’50s Fender tweed Champ, or ’60s Supro Bantam. The Comet is a small amp with big

    Supro’s 600R DeLuxe

    Supro’s 600R DeLuxe

    “The Magic of Concert Hall Sound”

    In the early days of reverb, no one was thinking about surf music; they were striving instead to replicate the warm, resonant, live sound of a concert hall. So, when Supro launched its two reverb-unit models in 1961, not only did the company’s catalog promise “The Magic of Concert Hall Sound,” the pledge was prominent

    David Grissom

    How It Feels To Fly

    One of Les Paul’s favorite aphorisms when assessing other guitarists was, “Can his mother pick him out on the radio?” Or as Albert Collins put it, “Does he have an identification?” David Grissom passed those tests decades ago. His tone is equal parts crunch and definition. His style melds blues, rock, and country with tinges

    Epiphone Emperor Swingster

    Juke-Joint Jammer

    Though its high-point in terms of popular exposure may have occurred when McCartney, Lennon, and Harrison “discovered” the Casino, Epiphone has historically been most known for its archtop guitars. Today, that legacy is largely carried by the Emperor model and its variants. The new Emperor Swingster is based on the popular Emperor Regent, with a

    MXR Slash Octave Fuzz SF01 and Slash Cry Baby Classic SC-95 Home Big

    MXR Slash Octave Fuzz SF01 and Slash Cry Baby Classic SC-95

    Slash 'N Burn

    MXR SF01 Slash Octae Fuzz Price: $129 (street) Contact: jimdunlop.com MXR’s new Slash Octave Fuzz pedal employs three fuzz “flavors” – Sub-Octave, Fuzz, and Octave Up – that offer a palette of distinctive, utilizable sounds. The pedal, built with analog circuitry, true-bypass switching, and a heavy-duty housing, sports custom artwork with Slash’s famed tophatted-skull-and-crossbones motif.

    FireBelly Amplifiers’ Tweed 1955SE, PR3512SE

    FireBelly Amplifiers’ Tweed 1955SE, PR3512SE

    Tale Of Two Princetons

    FireBelly Amplifiers’ Tweed 1955SE, PR3512SE Price: $949 (Tweed 1955SE); $1,595 (PR3512SE) Contact: www.firebellyamps.com The quest for vintage tone continues, and while budgetary concerns might keep many guitarists from owning the real deal, the demand has created a market for affordable hand-built amplifiers with old-school sounds and specs. The father-and-son team of Steven and Scott Cohen

    Saint Blues

    St. Blues Bluesmaster, Blindsider, and Delta Blues Box

    Straight from the Delta

    Saint Blues Bluesmaster/Blindsider Price: $2,399 (Bluesmaster); $2,550 (Blindsider) Info: saintblues.com St. Blues’ history stretches back to the days when its founders customized guitars for the likes of Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, and Duane Allman as their tours passed through Memphis. Today the company has a storefront just a few yards from the legendary Sun Studio,

    Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster

    Flipped Axis

    Pity the poor right-handed masses. Emulating the vibe of Jimi’s various Strats has always been tough on them. Some players chase down one of the precious few vintage left-handed Strats, flip it over, restring it, and suffer the oddities. Others swap lefty necks onto righty guitars. Either way, it’s never quite right (pun intended). Fender’s

    Electro-Harmonix Epitome, Tone Tattoo

    Tone to the Third Squared

    The Electro-Harmonix Epitome, Tone Tattoo Price: $491.84 list (Epitome) and $292.35 list (Tone Tattoo) Info: www.ehx.com The concept is smart yet so obvious it’s a wonder no one came up with it sooner. With both the Epitome and the Tone Tattoo, Electro-Harmonix manages to cram three effects into a single housing. Did life just get

    Gibson GA-83S Stereo-Vib

    Gibson GA-83S Stereo-Vib

    If you hung around the audio world’s collective R&D room long enough in the late 1950s and early ’60s, you’d have thought that, very soon, everything would be happening in stereo. And why not? Who wants drab, flat mono when life could be happening in multi-dimensional stereo? And soon, it most often was… other than

    Mu-FX Phasor 2X

    Next Phase

    Mastermind effects mad scientist Mike Beigel is back with another re-creation of a classic Musitronics effect. The Mu-FX Phasor 2X is a time machine back to the bad old ’70s that includes several smart upgrades which make the future look a little bit brighter. In case you weren’t paying attention back in ’72, Beigel was


    Journey of Dreams
    No Guitar, No Problem

    They were a band like no other – either before or since. That was the inevitable description of the rock trio Morphine, from critics to TV hosts to fellow musicians like Henry Rollins and Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin. The band’s self-described “low rock” hit you in your pelvis instead of your head, as stated by