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    Jake and Sam Kiszka from Greta Van Fleet

    Jake and Sam Kiszka from Greta Van Fleet grabbed their ’63 Gibson J-50 and ’84 Guild D-66NT for this exclusive acoustic jam on “Brave New World,” from their #1 album, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army.” Read our review in the January issue. READ NOW!!

    Paul McEwen

    Dig Paul McEwen’s sounds on “Bend Overture,” played on his Telecaster from the Fender Custom Shop. It has Parsons/White benders on the B and G strings and he’s plugged into a ZT Club Amp with effects courtesy of a Zoom 707. Catch our review of Paul’s latest ablum, “Telecrafter,” in the January issue. READ NOW!!

    Intended to be the masterpiece of a titan in guitar-amp design, Music Man amps of the mid/late ’70s are all too easily mistaken for copies or wannabes chasing a market leader. Far from it, however, this flagship model really is the final evolution in a sonic goal Leo Fender had been working toward for three

    2018 Readers’ Choice Awards


    Each year, readers choose new members for the VG Hall of Fame in the Player, Innovator, and Instrument categories, along with our annual awards for Album of the Year, Featured Artist of the Year, and Player of the Year in four categories – Rock, Blues, Country, and Jazz. See prior inductees… Enter your vote below

    Brian Tarquin

    No Idle Hands

    Brian Tarquin is more than keeping busy. In the space of six weeks, he recently released two very different instrumental CDs centered on his playing with a multitude of guests, and he published a coffee-table book about guitars. Guitars For Wounded Warriors is a tribute to those who have served. “I wanted to really give

    Jeff Beck

    Loud Hailer

    Since the late ’90s, Jeff Beck has been fusing equal parts blues, jazz-rock, and heavy-duty electronica; this time he’s added spoken-word sections and vocals over the big, throbbing grooves, thanks to singer Rosie Bones and co-guitarist Carmen Vandenberg. Carmen is a young Brit player, and her bluesy leads and elegant chords nicely complement Jeff’s raw,


    Gibson ES-335 Joe Bonamassa Signature Model

    A Semi-Hollow For Joe

    Gibson ES-335 Joe Bonamassa Signature Model Price: $3,335 (street) Contact: gibson.com. The collaboration of Gibson and blues-rocker Joe Bonamassa began with a limited run of goldtop Les Paul’s in 2009, followed by a more-affordable Studio version and another Custom Shop version, the latter sporting a beautiful flamed-maple top. Gibson and Bonamassa have teamed up again

    The Drew & Sebastian Avenger


      At first glance, the D&S Avenger looks like a long-lost prototype from Leo’s shop, with its offset-waist shape and familiar pickup/hardware/control setup. The Avenger’s two-piece alder body sports a well-executed tobacco-sunburst finish and deep contours. Its one-piece 25.5″-scale bolt-on maple neck has a vintage C profile, aged/tinted poly finish with modern 9.5″-radius fretboard and

    Vox Pacemaker V-3

    1965 Vox Pacemaker v-3 Preamp tubes: three Mullard ECC83 (12AX7) Output tubes: two Mullard EL84, cathode-biased, no negative feedback Rectifier: Mullard EZ81 Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Speed, Depth Speaker: gold 10″ Oxford “Vox Bulldog” Output: approximately 17 watts RMS No doubt the mere appearance of that Vox logo and the diamond grillecloth beneath it has

    Rodney Crowell

    Close Ties

    Rodney Crowell, who gained fame during country’s New Traditional era of the 1980s, has always drawn from his personal life for inspiration. He doubled down on that on his 2001 album The Houston Kid and continued a decade later in his autobiography Chinaberry Sidewalks. This new album continues that approach. Co-producers Jordan Lehning and Kim

    dunlop slash Way Vintage Guitar magazine

    MXR Slash Octave Fuzz SF01/Slash Cry Baby Classic SC-95

    Slash ’N Burn

    MXR SF01 Slash Octave Fuzz Price: $129 (street) Contact: www.jimdunlop.com Slash Cry Baby Classic SC95 Wah Price: $129 (street) Contact: www.jimdunlop.com MXR’s new Slash Octave Fuzz pedal employs three fuzz “flavors” – Sub-Octave, Fuzz, and Octave Up – that offer a palette of distinctive, utilizable sounds. The pedal, built with analog circuitry, true-bypass switching, and

    The Mike Eldred Trio

    Baptist Town

    The Mike Eldred Trio’s latest was recorded at Memphis’ hallowed Sun Studios, but the deep blues are straight outta the Delta. Eldred needs little introduction here. The former Fender Custom Shop manager, he’s now focused on his guitar picking and songwriting skills. This is his third CD – and it’s a big step up in

    Dave Stewart

    Six-Strings, Studios, and Songs

    Guitarists often cite instruments as sources of inspiration. For musician, songwriter, and producer Dave Stewart, it wasn’t a ’57 Strat or a ’Burst that recently caused a creative flurry, but a guitar far more pedestrian. Stewart and bandmate Annie Lennox rose to fame in the early ’80s as the Eurythmics, a pop duo that, especially

    Charlie Parr

    A Muse From Olden Times

    Charlie Parr makes new music from olden times. And he makes it the old way – not only using just the simplicity of a National resonator, a bottleneck slide, boot-stomping rhythms, and his voice, but also traveling like a modern-day Delta blues man. Instead of Robert Johnson’s Hudson Terraplane, though, Parr is driving – and

    Buzz Feiten Blues Pro

    Buzz Feiten Blues Pro

    Cantankerous Tones

    Buzz Feiten Blues Pro Price: $2,395 (list) Contact: www.buzzfeitenguitars.com Buzz Feiten is a Woodstock alumnus who has played with a who’s who of music artists and lent his guitar artistry to some of music’s most acclaimed albums. A recording artist in his own right, Feiten has worked with artists including The Rascals, Aretha Franklin, Rickie

    Epiphone Emperor Swingster

    Juke-Joint Jammer

    Though its high-point in terms of popular exposure may have occurred when McCartney, Lennon, and Harrison “discovered” the Casino, Epiphone has historically been most known for its archtop guitars. Today, that legacy is largely carried by the Emperor model and its variants. The new Emperor Swingster is based on the popular Emperor Regent, with a

    IK Multimedia iRig HD

    Pocket Rocket

    Ain’t technology grand? With a device like the iRig HD, you can plug your guitar into an iPhone, iPad, or a computer and rock out with shockingly good sounds. The device itself is stone-simple to use and comes with the appropriate cables for phone, tablet, or USB connectivity. Just register the iRig online and download

    Ray Cummins demonstrates Chet Atkins fingerstyle tune “Good Old Summertime”

    Chet Atkins – Good Old Summertime

    Ray Cummins demonstrates Chet Atkins fingerstyle tune “Good Old Summertime” In his first exclusive video tutorial for VG Online, Ray Cummins demonstrates a few jazz-chord substitutions along with some pull-offs in the melody to the Chet Atkins fingerstyle tune “Good Old Summertime.” Grab your semi-hollow, set the amp clean, and enjoy! Keep up with Ray

    Kenny Lovelace

    The Killer’s Axe Man

    Playing behind the Killer, you wouldn’t want to hit a wrong note. Kenny Lovelace has picked his guitar with Jerry Lee Lewis for 47 years and counting, so he must be doing something right. It wasn’t always that way, however. “The first time I played with Jerry Lee, in 1966, I was standing right next

    Fender Princeton, Deluxe, and Tremolux

    Three Small Tweeds

    Fender Princeton, Deluxe, and Tremolux

    From 1954 through ’59, the Fender Electric Instrument Mfg. Co. built guitar amplifiers with controls mounted atop using “chickenhead” knobs that go to 12, and covered with “the finest airplane luggage linen.” This line represents the company’s classic “tweed era,” and from the diminutive Champ to the mighty Twin, it remained virtually unchanged throughout the

    Wolf Strat

    A Legend’s Guitar, Discovered

    After possessing it for several years, curiosity finally got the best of the owner of this 1963 Stratocaster. He had to know: Who is Lil’Bill?

    McElroy OM Model

    OM, Gee!

    McElroy OM Model Price: $7,500 (base; $8,500 as reviewed) Info: www.mcelroyguitars.com. Brent McElroy is a Seattle luthier specializing in high-quality acoustics. One of them, the OM Model from his Generation 2 series, is inspired by old-school Martins. The concert-body guitar sports a bear-claw Adirondack spruce top (so named for its wide, raked grain), Madagascar rosewood