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    Crack the Sky

    Watch Crack the Sky jam during sound check at a recent U.S. gig. Read our review of thier new album, “Living inReverse and Crackology,” in the March issue. READ NOW!!

    Eddie Heinzelman

    Eddie Heinzelman previews fresh licks from a song he calls “Tremolo Soul.” He’s playing a ’94 G&L ASAT Classic running through a Keeley Compressor+, a Timmy overdrive, and his signature Keeley Verb o Trem then into his Shaw Audio Full Tilt 30 amp. Read our review of latest new album, “Wherever You Go,” in the March issue. READ NOW!!

    Various Artists

    Orchestral Maneuvers

    Yes’ Chris Squire didn’t intend to make a masterpiece with 1975’s Fish Out of Water, but he inadvertently did – and knew it. For the ensuing 40 years, the late bassist never dared make another solo album, well aware he couldn’t top himself. Fortunately, the landmark is now reissued with 5.1 Surround remix, vinyl, and

    Wangs #2204 HW

    Chinese Rocks

    Even as new technology spawns new sounds, ease of use, and portability, there remains among guitarists a predilection for technologies of old. New sounds are inevitably compared to the earthy musical landscape of the classic era. After all, amp manufacturers got it extremely right in the 1960s and 1970s and an entire industry has ballooned


    Gretsch Rancher

    “A spectacular model in real he-man outdoor Western finish with powerful appeal for Hill-billy and Cowboy bands.” This is how Gretsch first introduced the Rancher Jumbo – offspring of the 1940s Synchromatic models – in its 1955 catalog. The triangular (or “French”) sound hole has been seen on most Gretsch flat-top guitars from wartime to the

    Lazy J Cruiser Deuce

    Lazy J Cruiser Deuce

    Revved Up

    Lazy J Cruiser Deuce Price: $420 Info: www.lazyjprojects.com. The Lazy J Cruiser Deuce is more complex than your classic stomp-and-go pedal, though its functionality is intuitive. The Cruiser Deuce’s brown finish and cream knobs (Gain, Volume, Drive, and Sat, i.e., saturation) give it a vintage look; In/out jacks on the side, two footswitches, and a

    Reggie Young

    Memphis R & B to Nashville Studios

    Reggie Young passed away on January 17, 2019. Here is an extensive interview he did with VG in 2001. Reggie Young is one of the most recorded guitarists in history. His tasty style has opened doors for him to play onstage and in the studio with every style of music possible; early rockabilly, rhythm and

    Out-Stratting the Strat

    Out-Stratting the Strat

    The Story of the G&L S-500

    It would be an understatement to say that Leo Fender, with the help of George Fullerton, was prolific in the years after he sold Fender Electric Instruments. The tag team designed an astounding number of guitars and basses at G&L; Fender developed new pickups, circuits and hardware, while Fullerton designed a guitar or bass for

    Lollygagger FX Canaglia Overdrive

    Rude ’Tude

    Sean Wright’s love for guitars and electronics has resulted in a family business that realizes his vision of stompbox perfection. Throw in the business savvy of wife Colette, and Lollygagger FX is turning heads with handmade pedals featuring rugged tones and unique aesthetics. Lollygagger FX’s flagship model is the Canaglia Overdrive. Advertised as a gain-shaper

    Scotty Moore’s Gibson ES-295

    First Guitar of Rock and Roll

    Scotty Moore’s Gibson ES-295

    Like a hound dog hit by lightning, the first notes of rock and roll blasted out of radios across the country in July of 1954, courtesy of Elvis Presley’s supercharged-hillbilly singing on “That’s All Right” and “Blue Moon Of Kentucky,” backed by Scotty Moore’s guitar. It was the twang heard ’round the world. That guitar

    Greg Douglass and the Accomplices

    Flight of the Golden Dragon

    For years, Greg Douglass was San Francisco’s best-kept guitar secret. At the dawn of psychedelia, his band, Country Weather, made a demo to get bookings, and it got substantial airplay on underground radio. Sadly, the group never released an official album. Douglass went on to play with Steve Miller, John Cipollina, Van Morrison, Greg Kihn,

    The Fender Stratocaster

    Aiming High

    In 1953, Leo Fender started planning a new standard guitar – the Stratocaster. His partner, Don Randall, who headed Fender Sales, Inc., came up with the name before the design was even completed. Of course, the new Fender would compete with Gibson and Epiphone professional models. But Leo intended even more. He believed his continued

    Giffin Vikta

    Feelin’ Special

    Giffin Vikta Price: $2,295 Contact: www.premierbuildersguild.com Roger Giffin is a guitarmaker to the stars, having built for Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle, Mark Knopfler, Andy Summers, David Gilmour, and many others. He also ran the Gibson Custom Shop in California for many years before striking out on his own. Now producing his own

    The Supro “Model 24”

    Okay, Zep police, sound the alarm and prepare to loose the hounds – we are finally about to lift the lid on the Jimmy Page amp. Well, maybe not the Jimmy Page amp, but almost certainly a Jimmy Page amp, and even this claim should be enough to get the keys clacking and the internet


    Gibson ES-335 Joe Bonamassa Signature Model

    A Semi-Hollow For Joe

    Gibson ES-335 Joe Bonamassa Signature Model Price: $3,335 (street) Contact: gibson.com. The collaboration of Gibson and blues-rocker Joe Bonamassa began with a limited run of goldtop Les Paul’s in 2009, followed by a more-affordable Studio version and another Custom Shop version, the latter sporting a beautiful flamed-maple top. Gibson and Bonamassa have teamed up again

    Ampeg’s Jet Reverb Prototype

    Ampeg is frequently credited for being not only one of the first makers to put reverb in its amplifiers, but also for producing what was one of the consistently best-sounding reverbs of the 1960s. If we accept that the Ampeg reverb circuit is a noteworthy stop on any tour of tube-amp history, this is one

    John Pizzarelli

    McCartney Memo

    John Pizzarelli wasn’t surprised to receive a FedEx package from Sir Paul McCartney in 2014, given that he (and his dad, Bucky) had played on Kisses On The Bottom, McCartney’s album of pop standards. Since he appeared with McCartney on the 2013 Grammys, Pizzarelli assumed the box contained photos or video from that event. Instead,


    The Morley Rotating Wah

    Chromed Tone

    There was a time in the mythic ’70s when guitarists were real men and lugged around 15-pound Morley Rotating Wah pedals to gigs and studios. And if they weren’t real men, they had roadies who were! From the accelerator-like pedal to the chrome-plated chassis, Morley’s RWV and the firm’s other super-duty pedals were the American


    Godin’s A4 and A5 Ultra SA

    Brave New Basses

    Godin A4/A5 Ultra SA Price: $1,395 (A4 Ultra SA fretted); $1,645 (A5 Ultra SA fretless) Info: godinguitars.com. For years, Godin Guitars has been finding creative ways to improve guitar and bass design, often by working directly with musicians. This has resulted in numerous breakthroughs typically packaged in traditional-appearing instruments. A good example is their A

    Gibson ES-Les Paul

    ES-Les Paul

    F-hole with soul

    ES-Les Paul Price: $2,799 to $3,199 (list) Contact: www.gibson.com Gibson’s latest version of the Les Paul isn’t the first with f-shaped sound holes. Various Florentine models have been offered, but this semi-hollowbody makes a greater effort than its predecessors to thread the needle between the Les Paul and ES-335. The result is an interesting guitar