Ray Cummins – Guitar Tutorial #8

    Ray Cummins’ eighth exclusive lesson for VG demonstrates how to play backward rolls (arpeggios) being used in an intro or ending and lightening fast pull offs. Ray is using his ’98 Gibson Country Gentleman plugged into an 80’s Boss DD-2 through a ’64 Fender Twin! Check out all of our Exclusive Lessons HERE!

    “Have Guitar Will Travel” host James Patrick Regan speaks with Bonnie Hayes, guitarist, songwriter, and head of the songwriting department at Berklee College. Bonnie grew up in a very musical family and two of her brothers are players who’ve backed superstars. She has written tunes recorded by Cher, Bette Midler, Bonnie Raitt, Natalie Cole, Robert

    Powered by Tech 21 SansAmp. No. 040 Check out more great content at VintageGuitar.com LAST EDITION! With the world moving ever closer to “normal,” we hope you’ll return to your favorite guitar dealers in your search for cool old (and new) gear. So, this will be the final edition of the Guitar Hot Sheet. Now,

    “Have Guitar Will Travel” host James Patrick Regan speaks with Ron Thorn, Principal Masterbuilder at the Fender Custom Shop. Before joining Fender, Ron established his own brand (Thorn Guitars) and supplied Fender with custom inlay work. An avid car guy, he shares the details behind the Saleen-inspired Strat he built for the NAMM show. They

    Ethan Brosh

    Ethan Brosh

    Living The Dream

    In case you were wondering, shred is not dead, and Ethan Brosh is determined to keep it that way. The Israeli-born Berklee grad is a young man with an old soul whose style harkens to the early musical fury of Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore. His second album is called Live The Dream, and Brosh

    Have Guitar Will Travel – 033 Featuring Pete Bernhard

    James Patrick Regan welcomes Pete Bernhard, guitarist with Devil Makes Three, to the latest “Have Guitar Will Travel” podcast. They rap about Pete’s path to forming the band with Cooper McBean and Lucia Torino and how they’re coping with the current state of music. They also talk guitars, musical influences, and how Pete’s family introduced

    Weller Guitars’ Stageliner

    Jetson Moderne

    More and more, guitar designers are digging deep, thinking out of the box, and using their imaginations to conjure hip, nontraditional designs. Strat, Tele, and Les Paul shapes are no longer the go-to templates. Among younger consumers, particularly, retailers see a move away from standard shapes to more futuristic profiles, early-’60s oddball, artsy flourishes, and

    The MXR M234 Analog Chorus and M87 Bass Compressor

    Opposite Ends

    MXR M87 Bass Comp and M234 Analog Chorus Price: $318 (M87 Bass Compressor), $170 (M234 Analog Chorus). Info: jimdunlop.com For decades, players in virtually every musical genre have been familiar with MXR pedals; the name connotes a solid road-warrior stompbox associated with great tones from ’70s through today. The Analog Chorus M234 is designed to

    Van Morrison

    ...It's Too Late To Stop Now...Volume I, II, III, IV, V & DVD
    Wild Nights

    In the history of live recordings, there are a handful widely considered to be all-time classics: B.B. King’s Live at the Regal is one, James Brown’s Live at the Apollo 1962 is another. And the original release of Van Morrison’s “..It’s Too Late to Stop Now…” is certainly a third – and interestingly also combines

    Have Guitar Will Travel 053 – Shane Theriot

    For the new episode of “Have Guitar Will Travel,” host James Patrick Regan sits with Shane Theriot, musical director and guitarist for Hall and Oates and the internet program “Live from Daryl’s House.” Theriot grew up just outside New Orleans and spent eight years as guitarist for the Neville Brothers. After moving to Nashville he

    Buddy Guy

    Keeping the Blues Alive and Definitely Kicking

    It was February 21, 2012. As part of the White House’s music series, “Red, White & Blues” featured a cavalcade of blues and blues-influenced greats including B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Keb’ Mo’, and guitar legend Buddy Guy. President Obama thanked the performers as they wrapped up the evening with

    Have Guitar Will Travel – 039 Featuring Lyle Workman

    In Episode 39 of “Have Guitar Will Travel,” host James Patrick Regan speaks with guitarist/composer Lyle Workman, whose new solo album was recorded at Abbey Road. After growing up in the South Bay of San Francisco, he played in Bourgeois Tagg, Todd Rundgren’s band, and became a go-to in the L.A. studio scene. For the

    Big Al Anderson

    Pawn Shop Guitars

    Since last spoke to him, songwriter and master of the Telecaster Al Anderson has been extremely productive. More than a dozen of his songs appear on Vince Gill’s new These Days, and Anderson recently toured as part of Vince’s band. In between his songwriting and touring responsibilities, Big Al has managed to put together a

    Bruce and Butter

    It would be an understatement to say that REO Speedwagon bassist Bruce Hall and his 1965 Fender Jazz Bass, dubbed “Butter,” have been through a lot. Born and raised in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, Hall, who has been with the band for more than 30 years, acquired this mainstay when he was 16. In an ironic twist,

    The Rickenbacker 4000

    The model 4000 was not only Rickenbacker’s first foray into the electric-bass market, it was decidedly different from Fender’s Precision – the original electric bass. Beyond frets, four strings, and their role in a musical combo, they have little in common. In the 1950s, F.C. Hall forged Rickenbacker into a modern guitar manufacturer. Striving to

    Dean Zelinsky Tagliare Z-Glide Custom

    Dean Zelinsky Tagliare Z-Glide Custom

    Future Tense

    Every so often, a builder gives the art of guitar design a firm shove into the future. The Dean Zelinsky Tagliare Z-Glide Custom certainly fits into that category. On the surface, it’s a high-performance “super Strat” with basic features that should seem familiar, but this solidbody aims to pack the features of two or more

    Vintage Instrument Research

    An Ever-Changing Landscape

    Fretted instruments can be examined in much the same way as zoological taxonomist or forensic pathologist would approach them. They fit well into a Linnaean taxonomic order, and in fact that is very much the approach we use in identifying and dating fretted instruments. In addition, these instruments can be examined much the same way

    Mosrite Basses

    The Golden Decade: Ventures and Beyond

    Mention the Ventures to a pop-music aficionado and the conversation will likely focus on the surf-music phenomenon of the early 1960s or – if that person also happens to be instrument-savvy – the band’s affiliation with Mosrite guitars and basses. Though the partnership lasted only a half-decade, the Ventures have been perpetually associated with Mosrite,

    Black River Delta

    Devil On The Loose

    Swedish disciples of pre-World War II blues Erik Jacobs, Erik Nilsson, and Pontus Ohlsson, hauled a bunch of gear up to a remote cabin and got down to business. The result is an album so full of genuine love for the genre, it’s impossible to dismiss. Sure, the band consists of three young Swedish guys

    James Williamson & Deniz Tek

    Stooge meets a Birdman

    The words “proto punk” arouse recollections of furiously strummed guitars and amps cranked to 10. For many, its sound and aggression were embodied by Iggy and the Stooges. But when Stooges guitarist James Williamson recently collaborated with renowned Radio Birdman axe-wielder Deniz Tek, each reached for an acoustic. Williamson replaced Ron Asheton in the Stooges