Blues Mandolin Lesson with Andrew Hendryx

    Blues Mandolin Lesson with Andrew Hendryx

    Explore the G blues scale with acclaimed mandolinist Andrew Hendryx on Vintage Guitar’s Facebook page. Andrew will go live this Sunday, April 5th at 3:00 PM (EDT) and will be exploring blues riffs, scale shapes,  and answering questions. Download our G blues chart in advance HERE. GRAB YOUR MANDOLIN AND TUNE IN!

    VG’s 400th Issue Celebration Sale!

    April 2020

    To celebrate the milestone of our 400th issue, Vintage Guitar will offer various specials to our friends during the month of April.

    Founded in the summer of 1986 by publisher/owner Alan Greenwood, the magazine has been in continuous circulation under the same ownership for over 33 years.

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    Charlie Apicella Plays “Groove Machine”

    Charlie Apicella lays it down on “Groove Machine” and “Along The Southern Coast.” His ’68 Guild CE-100, Honey Child, is fitted with a hand-made pickup by Tom Brantley and custom electronics by Dylan McKerchie. His amp is a ZT Custom Shop Jazz Club. Keep up with Charlie at www.ironcity.nyc.

    Zakk Wylde

    Stripped Down BLS for Unblackened

    When Zakk Wylde was asked to record a new DVD/CD package, he decided to give his Black Label Society fans something different – Unblackened, a live acoustic/electric performance featuring Wylde on guitar and piano, with BLS bandmates bassist John Deservio, guitarist Nick Catanese, drummer Chad Szeliga, keyboardist Derek Sherinian, and vocalist Greg Locascio. The package

    Spectrum 5

    Joining playful mid-’60s cultural icons such as the Ford Mustang, NBC’s “The Monkees,” the Beatles’ “Nowhere Man” and Cassius Clay, the Teisco Del Rey Spectrum 5 was the high-water mark of original Japanese design from the era. It’s also one of the most sought-after import guitars – with good reason. Debuting circa 1966 and lasting only a


    The Albums

    Take Five When one thinks of bands with two (or more) lead guitarists, groups like the Eagles, Buffalo Springfield, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Wishbone Ash, the edition of Fleetwood Mac featuring Peter Green and Danny Kirwan (and Jeremy Spencer on slide), and of course the Allman Brothers Band’s Dickie Betts and Duane Allman come to mind

    Peerless Retromatic

    Peerless Retromatic

    Modern Vintage

    Peerless Retromatic Price: $1,699 Info: www.peerlessguitars.eu While many new guitars of the last decade have touted authentic (or semi-authentic) “retro” features, the Peerless Retromatic represents an evolution in the retro-guitar revolution. That’s because in addition to its sexy design and vintage-inspired accoutrements, the Retromatic is refreshingly modern, giving its player the choice between a humbucker

    BC Audio Amplifier No. 10 Mk. II

    BC Audio Amplifier No. 10 Mk. II

    Big-Tone City

    BC Audio Amplifier No. 10 Mk. II Price: $2,495 (list) Contact: www.bcaudio.com Bruce Clement is known for his quality amp work, including models housed in military ammo cans. One of his 50-watt heads, the Amplifier No. 10 Mk. II, might not be quite that unique, but it sports fresh features in a crowded “boutique” market.

    Kay’s K161 Thin Twin

    Post-war Blues Box

    In his day, Jimmy Reed was a huge influence on everyone from Eric Clapton and Mike Bloomfield to the Rolling Stones and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Among its reissues, Kay Guitar has included the K161 Thin Twin, the guitar irrevocably associated with the legendary Chicago bluesman. Strapped on, the Thin Twin is a hefty axe for

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    Knaggs Guitars’ Chesapeake Severn Tier 2 Trembuck

    All-Genre Style

    Knaggs Guitars’ Chesapeake Severn Tier 2 Trembuck Price: $ 5,600 (list)/$4,300 (street) Info: www.knaggsguitars.com. Maryland-based Knaggs Guitars was founded five years ago by former PRS luthier Joe Knaggs and business marketer Peter Wolf. The pair build high-quality set-neck guitars using handpicked tonewoods and state-of-the-art processes. Available in a variety of color and finishes, Knaggs guitars

    Lemmy Kilmister

    Lemmy Kilmister

    Lessons in Longetivity (and Loud Music)

    Motörhead bassist/vocalist and heavy metal icon Lemmy Kilmister will, in a few years, be 70. But the enthusiasm for his craft – and the decibel level at which his music is presented – remain undiminished and unimpeded. Kilmister has attempted to maintain the band’s policy of releasing an album a year, and in recent times it has

    Ceriatone’s OTS Mini 20 Overtone Lunchbox

    Meal Ticket

    For years, Ceriatone fans have suggested the amp maker offer its stellar Overtone Special sound in a scaled-down, affordable package. The OTS Mini 20 was Ceriatone’s answer. The control layout is classic Dumble topology, with the familiar voicing switches, Ratio pot (sort of a blend control for the clean and dirty channels), and the Mid

    Mel Bay D’Aquisto

    Teacher’s Aid

    Melbourne “Mel” Bay (1913-1997) began his musical career at the age of 13 in his hometown of Bunker, Missouri. Largely self-taught, as a teen he performed on guitar, tenor banjo, Hawaiian guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. At 20, Bay moved to St. Louis seeking work as a professional sideman with traveling bands and on radio. To

    Meet The GitWik

    Cooperative Cognition

    When it comes to identifying guitars, basses, amps, and effects, nobody knows it all. Anyone save for the true specialist, whose interest is focused on a particular model, make, or era, knows there’s an impossible mountain of detail concerning materials, specs, and luthiery techniques for the thousands of vintage models. By itself, the heralded triad

    Blackstar Fly 3

    Best In Show... And More

    While listening to AC/DC’s Back in Black on a small, audiophile-grade table radio, Blackstar Amplification CEO Ian Robinson had an epiphany: small amps don’t have to sound crappy. Previously, there had been a number of discussions at Blackstar about entering the sub-$100 market. After a year of development, they introduced the Fly 3 battery-powered amp

    Henretta Engineering Pedals

    Henretta Engineering Pedals

    Good Things, Small Packages

    Henretta Engineering Pedals Prices: Green Zapper, Bluebird, and Purple Octopus, $125 each; Chord Blaster, $140 Info: www.henrettaengineering.com. Bigger is not necessarily better – especially when you have a pedal board full of stompboxes, but still need room for just one more effect. In this case, miniscule can rule. Enter Henretta Engineering and its unique lineup;

    Maestro Fuzz-Tone

    Fuzz. It’s the sound of fury, aggravation, indignation, and – considering the history of the most famous fuzzbox of all time, Maestro’s Fuzz-Tone – dissatisfaction. It’s also fitting as some of the first recorded electric fuzz guitar was heard via Howlin’ Wolf guitarist Willie Lee Johnson, who cut tracks like 1951’s “How Many More Years”


    Mark Tremonti

    Rock Star, Amp Snob!

    Many of the people we today consider “guitar heroes” – Eddie Van Halen and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to name a couple – spent more than their fair share of time stowed away in their bedrooms, playing guitar while other kids in the neighborhood played baseball, kick the can, or spin the bottle. Rock guitarist Mark

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    Larry Alan Guitars’ The Harlot

    Siren Song

    Hot idea: pack a sturdy-yet-petite 1590B casing with specially selected parts rendering a powerful, variable guitar overdrive, add a couple of vintage-look knobs, a titillating pinup-girl graphic, and call it The Harlot. On second thought, include a pinup graphic inside the meticulously wired box. That’s right, there are two pinup girls. We know – we

    Walrus Audio Iron Horse Distortion V2

    Versatile Beast

    Like virtually every distortion pedal on the market, Walrus Audio’s Iron Horse Distortion V2 will produce enough distortion to molest anyone’s ears, but this box differentiates itself from the distorting herd with its versatility. Three updated controls allow the user to fine-tune the Level, Tone, and amount of Distortion. The V2 can provide just a

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    Ibanez PN1-NT

    Parlor for Pennies

    In recent years, the parlor guitar has exploded into popularity, reviving a 19th century instrument that was, as its name implies, played in the parlor – the small room used for entertaining guests or as a gathering place for family. In a diminutive space like that, guitarists didn’t need a booming, big-body guitar, hence the