George L’s Cable Giveaway Winner

John was the big winner of the George L’s cable giveaway! He sent this picture and said, “My cat, Berry Katzman, lead guitarist for The Catatonics, can now rest easy about his next gig in the Catskills thanks to the reliability of George L’s cables. Thank you, Vintage Guitar Magazine!”

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George L’s Cable Giveaway Winner

John was the big winner of the George L’s cable giveaway! He sent this picture and said, “My cat, Berry Katzman, lead guitarist for The Catatonics, can now rest easy about his next gig in the Catskills thanks to the reliability of George L’s cables. Thank you, Vintage Guitar Magazine!”

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Influenced by Robert Johnson, T-Bone Walker, Lightnin’ Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, and others including jump-blues saxophonist Louis Jordan, Freddie King was an integral piece of Chicago’s blues scene in the 1960s. King and his mother lived in Gilmer, Texas, where at age six he started learning country-blues on a general-store […]

Joanna Connor

Blue-Collar Virtuoso

Joanna Connor’s latest is her most-potent album to date. Best Of Me serves up a feast of guitar styles and genres, all under the banner of the blues. Special guests include Joe Bonamassa, Josh Smith, Gary Hoey, and Mike Zito, all bringing fiery fretboard interplay. But more importantly, Best Of Me is a window into […]

Effectrode Tube-Vibe Price: $429 (Tube-Vibe) Contact: www.effectrode.com Goran Fat Boy Price: $429 Contact: www.goranguitars.com In the annals of guitar stompboxes, there are no tones more elusive than the mystical swirls of a modulation pedal and the warm roar of an overdrive box. Builders big and small put their stamp on these two classic designs, tweaking […]

Walrus Audio’s Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo

Delirious Tremors

At some point, nearly every guitarist realizes they simply can’t function without an effects pedal that creates warm, pulsating modulation. Walrus Audio’s Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo not only works as a standard tremolo, but its Harmonic Mode provides even more options. The Harmonic/Standard toggle allows the user to change from a “traditional” tremolo sound (Standard) […]

The Clark Gainster

Trick Your Tweed

Before he got into the effects pedal biz, Michael Clark had a reputation for building killer tweed-inspired amps. In 2001 he utilized his tonal superpowers to devise the first version of his Gainster overdrive/boost pedal. Though he was mostly satisfied with the tones it made, he was bothered by the fact it was nearly as […]

Wally Stocker

A Baby Grows Up

After decades away from the music scene, guitarist Wally Stocker is back on his feet again and back where he belongs, playing lead guitar with a new lineup in The Babys. From 1977 to ’80, the group amassed a string of radio-friendly hits including “Isn’t It Time,” “Every Time I Think of You,” “Head First,” “Back […]

Penco A-15-JD

The 1970s is often called “the Copy Era” for the dominating presence and spectacular success of Japanese “copies” of popular American guitars, most notably of the Gibson Les Paul. Indeed, it was with these “copies” that many Japanese manufacturers honed their chops and became world-class guitar makers. In fact, it was a lawsuit filed by […]

Robben Ford

The Space Between the Notes

When it comes to blues, Robben Ford has always been inspired by the most profound practitioners of the form and gone his own way with the understanding that true blues is about honesty and individuality. His latest, Bringing It Back Home, joins his indelible style and touch with the compositional talents of Allen Toussaint, Earl […]

Tommy Emmanuel Straight Blazin’!

Fingerpicking mastery on “Son of a Gun Whoa…. Check out Tommy Emmanuel backstage at the Grand Ole Opry with his Pre-War Guitars Co. 000-28, (blazin’) on “Son of A Gun.” “The guitar is made of Brazilian rosewood with all the same specs as a ’30s Martin,” Tommy says. “It’s six years old but sounds 65!” […]

Jammy Instruments’ Jammy G

Digital Six

Digital, MIDI, and synth guitars have been around for decades. One newer entry in the field is the Jammy G, a digital guitar connected to an app that accesses its sounds and the ability to control MIDI instruments. It’s also highly portable for strumming on the go. Part of that portability is due to the […]

Axe-Calibur Guitar Stand

While guitar stands are a dime a dozen, few bring a sense of style nice enough for the living room. Axe-Calibur’s stand combines functionality with good looks. U.S.-made from oak and available in natural finish or Mid-Knight (black) gloss, their proprietary swivel head is designed to fit any guitar. Assembly is easy and the finished […]

Acoustik Attak Picks

Each of Acoustik Attak’s three guitar picks has a different raised formation that alters the way it interacts with strings; the intent is to provide enhanced upper-midrange and distinct snap. The Ambush has the most effect, the Blade is more subtle, and the Attak fits squarely in-between. There’s a bit of an adjustment curve, but […]

The Electro-Harmonix Germanium 4 Big Muff Pi

Smooth Successor

Electro-Harmonix Germanium 4 Big Muff Pi Price: $133 (list)/$99.75 (street). Contact: ehx.com. The Big Muff Pi overdrive is the effect stompbox that put Electro-Harmonix on the map, and in the decades since its introduction, it has undergone changes both subtle and substantial. Today, the company’s lineup includes no fewer than 10 versions including the newest, […]

Dan’s Guitar RX: Restoring a Vintage Jazz Bass

Mashed Fender

The owner of a ’62 Jazz Bass recently sent it to my shop for repair and renovation. He’d bought it new when he was 14 and, when customized guitars became cool, routed the body for a Gibson EB pickup and its wiring – a move he now regrets, of course. As much as possible, he […]

Gibson SG Les Paul

Classic shape that filled big shoes... for awhile

In 1961, Gibson replaced its Les Paul series with a new line of lightweight, ultrathin, all mahogany, double-cutaway solidbodies the SG (for solid guitar). Developed under the aegis of Ted McCarty and introduced as the “new Les Paul,” the SG heralded new directions and a new marketing emphasis for Gibson; trends exemplified only two years […]

Marshall’s EH-1 Echohead, RG-1 Regenerator & RF-1 Reflector

Little Marshalls, Big Tones

Continuing the tradition set forth by the stout little metallic gray/gold boxes of the GV-2 Guv’nor Plus, BB-2 Bluesbreaker II, VT-1 Vibratrem, and others, Marshall recently introduced the EH-1 Echohead delay, RG-1 Regenerator modulation & RF-1 Reflector digital reverb effects pedals. All share the same aesthetic elements and basic functionality; each is housed in a […]

John Hart

Exit from Brooklyn

“Unsung” is a good word to describe John Hart. He’s been part of the jazz-guitar scene for more than two decades, but rarely is he mentioned in conversations about the cream of the crop. That’s a shame, because, as his new trio record shows, he’s an amazingly inventive soloist and composer who is not afraid […]

James Patrick Regan talks to blues-rocker Jared James Nichols

Have Guitar Will Travel – 008 Featuring Jared James Nichols

In this episode of “Have Guitar Will Travel,” host James Patrick Regan talks to blues-rocker Jared James Nichols. Known for his high-energy performances and “pickless” technique, he exudes the influence of Lesley West, Tommy Bolin, Joe Walsh, and other imaginative ‘70s players. Jared and his band recently opened for John 5. Each episode is available on […]

Mighty Poplar

Ace: Mighty Poplar

The term “supergroup” is overused in every musical genre, but Mighty Poplar is one; mandolinist Andrew Marlin is part of the folk duo Waterhouse, bassist Greg Garrison hails from Leftover Salmon, guitarist Chris Eldridge and banjoist Noam Pikelny hail from Punch Brothers, and fiddler Alex Hargreaves backs Billy Strings. Unlike their regular bands, Poplar specializes […]

The D’Angelico Excel 59

Hybrid Hotshot

Some might see it as a Frankenstein’s monster, while others will view it as the best of all worlds. The D’Angelico Excel 59 is a throwback to an original John D’Angelico design from 1959 – a 3″ archtop mounted with P-90s. However, this modern take puts the body on a diet and brings updated pickups. […]

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