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    Jerry Douglas

    Dobroist extraordinaire Jerry Douglas demonstrates his fluid style as heard on “Live at the CMA Theater,” the latest album by The Earls of Leicester. Read our review in the February “Hit List.” READ NOW!!

    Steve Tibbetts

    Steve Tibbetts offers a glimpse of his recording studio, plays a bit on his Martin DM-12, introduces us to the crew at St. Paul Guitar Repair, then shows us inside Mairs Concert Hall (at Macalester College), where he recorded parts for his new album, “Life Of.” Read our interview with Steve in the February issue. READ NOW!!

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    CURRENT ISSUE We catch up with Steve Lukather, Doyle Bramhall, II, Elvin Bishop, Ana Popovic, Erik Schenkman, Dan Donegan, Steve Tibbetts, and Abe Ovadia. Wolf Marshall schools us on the history and licks of Hound Dog Taylor, “Pop ’N Hiss” dishes on Def Leppard’s Pyromania, and Dan Forte’s “Check This Action” features root-rock acts worth hearing. Our “Hit List” reviewers guide you to the best new music, while VG Approved Gear highlights toys for your jam room (or gig rig). You’ll love in the February issue, available now!

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    Travis Stever

    A Conceptual Break

    Few rock bands have explored the “concept album” format as thoroughly as Coheed and Cambria; the band’s first seven full-length discs followed a sci-fi story line (known as “The Armory Wars” and created by singer/guitarist Claudio Sanchez). But with its recent eighth studio set, The Color Before the Sun, the band opted out of the

    Peter Rowan

    Carter Stanley’s Eyes

    Peter Rowan spent 1963 through ’67 as lead singer/guitarist with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys before his own solo albums, his work with progressive bluegrass bands like Jerry Garcia’s Old and In The Way and Muleskinners, and rock bands Earth Opera and Sea Train. At one point Monroe and Rowan traveled to rural

    Bruce Kulick

    Star Board: Bruce Kulick

    Bruce Kulick played lead guitar in Kiss for more than a decade, and today stays busy as a solo performer and tours as a member of Grand Funk Railroad. Speaking of, here’s his primary pedalboard setup for that gig. “It’s simple and old-school,” he said. “I put them together with short cables, batteries only, and

    Thin Lizzy’s Scott Gorham and Vivian Campbell

    Live and Still Dangerous!

    Thin Lizzy has cemented its place in history as one of the most influential rock bands of all time. Recognizable by its harmonized twin-guitar leads and a hard-edged sound, Lizzy inspired generations of musicians in the U.K. and around the world. The classic and most identifiable lineup paired guitarists Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson, though

    Ampeg’s Jet Reverb Prototype

    Ampeg is frequently credited for being not only one of the first makers to put reverb in its amplifiers, but also for producing what was one of the consistently best-sounding reverbs of the 1960s. If we accept that the Ampeg reverb circuit is a noteworthy stop on any tour of tube-amp history, this is one

    John Pizzarelli

    McCartney Memo

    John Pizzarelli wasn’t surprised to receive a FedEx package from Sir Paul McCartney in 2014, given that he (and his dad, Bucky) had played on Kisses On The Bottom, McCartney’s album of pop standards. Since he appeared with McCartney on the 2013 Grammys, Pizzarelli assumed the box contained photos or video from that event. Instead,

    Home Feature Image

    Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo

    Endless Echo

    Like politics, religion, and overdrive pedals, echo boxes are sure to incite staunch views, heartfelt arguments, and perhaps even fisticuffs. But Strymon’s El Capistan is one worth fighting for. To get the squabble started, this pedal creates analog-inspired echo via DSP (digital signal processing) technology. If you’re an enemy of all things unnatural and digital,

    Newman Guitars Lake Placid Blue

    Portrait in Blue

    Excitement at the arrival of this offset beauty was dampened by the sad news that its creator had passed away July 1. Ted Newman Jones was known for building guitars in the 1970s for Keith Richards, who helped finance the workshop where Ted crafted customs for a who’s-who of players. While Newman arguably gained most

    Stephen Ulrich

    Stephen Ulrich

    Film Noir Guitar

    The instrumental music of Big Lazy echoes of Hollywood soundtracks – scores from gritty detective flicks, suspenseful prison breakouts, and spaghetti Westerns. Guitarist Stephen Ulrich amps this up with an array of retro parts interweaving post-war jazz, blues, country, and rock and roll. In his hands, it all becomes guitar playing you can see as

    Dad’s Day 2017

    VG’s Annual Ode to Fathers Who Inspire

    This article originally appeared in VG August 2017 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

    The Yosco No. 2

    Tenor Banjo

    The banjo and American music cross paths in a remarkably entangled web of complexity. The banjo was brought to the New World – conceptually, at least – by African slaves who used it to create music subsequently appropriated by 19th-century white entertainers, who created blackface minstrelsy, which became the basis of Vaudeville and a great

    Kevn Kinney

    Kevn Kinney

    Small 'n Happy

    As any fan of Drivin ’N Cryin can attest, Kevn Kinney at his creative best surrenders little to the greatest singer/songwriters in pop – his message is delivered in succinct, pointed turns of phrase transmitted by a voice like no other and accompanied by riffs that sink deeper than a treble hook. As any fan

    Frenzel FM-DP1 Tube Preamp

    Old-School Bang Without Breaking the Bank

    For five decades after he built his first guitar amp in 1952, Jim Frenzel designed tube and solidstate equipment for the military, FAA, and Texas Instruments. But it wasn’t until 2001, after his retirement, that he returned to tube guitar amps. Frenzel’s philosophy is pretty straightforward; he designs and builds amps that easily dial up

    Fenders American Vintage Series

    Devilish in Detail

    Fender American Vintage Series Price: $2,400 retail/$1,999.99 street (’52 Telecaster); $2,874 retail/$2,299.99 street (’59 Stratocaster); $2,874 retail/$2,299 street (’65 Jazzmaster and ’56 Stratocaster) Contact: www.fender.com When it introduced the American Vintage reissue guitars (one Telecaster, two Strats) in 1982, Fender put itself back the game among serious players. In the three decades since, the series

    Vox’s AC10C1

    Vox’s AC10C1

    Blast of the Past

    Few amps give such an instant jolt of history as a Vox. The golden nameplate, that distinctive crisscross speaker fabric, that black or fawn Vynide basket-weave covering, that tone – it all instantly evokes the Beatles, the Stones, Queen, and so many more greats. Way back in 1959, Vox introduced its AC10 to bridge the

    Mark Elf

    Mark Elf

    After the Storm

    The latest album from guitarist Mark Elf shot to the top of the jazz charts, but the route to success for Mark Elf Returns 2014 wasn’t so easy. “I was supposed to record in December of 2012, but Superstorm Sandy hit; my house and many others were flooded. I lost everything on the first floor

    IK Multimedia iRig HD

    Pocket Rocket

    Ain’t technology grand? With a device like the iRig HD, you can plug your guitar into an iPhone, iPad, or a computer and rock out with shockingly good sounds. The device itself is stone-simple to use and comes with the appropriate cables for phone, tablet, or USB connectivity. Just register the iRig online and download

    Vintage Guitar magazine Tom Feldmann demonstrates one of Lightnin’ Hopkins trademark riffs

    Lightnin’ Hopkins trademark riff

    Vintage Guitar magazine presents Tom Feldmann Lightnin’ Hopkins trademark riff Tom demonstrates one of Lightnin’ Hopkins trademark riffs on his Collings 002H, in standard tuning. The lick and progression are heard on several Hopkins tunes – it’s truly the bread and butter of Hopkins’ style in E position. Submit riff lesson requests at www.tomfeldmann.com. See more lessons,