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    Steve Kimock

    Musical chameleon Steve Kimock has played with Ratdog, Kingfish, Heart of Gold Band, the Other Ones, Rhythm Devils, and the Missing Man Formation. For this clip, he grabbed his fretless Continental Tri-cone resonator and plugged into a Two Rock TS1 to play “Careless Love.” He also shows us some key – and very cool – instruments! Read our exclusive interview with Steve in the October issue. READ NOW!!

    Each year, readers choose new members for the VG Hall of Fame in the Player, Innovator, and Instrument categories, along with our annual awards for Album of the Year, Featured Artist of the Year, and Player of the Year in four categories – Rock, Blues, Country, and Jazz. See prior inductees… Enter your vote below

    Bonnie Raitt

    Dig In Deep
    Struttin' Her Stuff

    The adjective “smooth” can sometimes get a bad rep, but as the new album by Bonnie Raitt readily shows, it can be a good thing, too. Her latest is the perfect blend of soul, technique, and brassiness that, as the great lead cut, “Unintended Consequence Of Love,” states “resurrects our strut.” The record is pretty

    Maestro Rover R0-1

    The UFO of Rotating Speakers

    To record “Little Wing,” Jimi Hendrix plugged his Stratocaster into his usual amplifier, then did the unthinkable; he ran guitar signal into an organ speaker – a Leslie rotating-speaker cabinet. Inventor Donald Leslie had designed the unit for Hammond organs, offering a swirling, otherworldy sound ideal for church services, scary or watery sonic effects for

    Roy Orbison & Friends

    Black & White Night 30

    The year 1987 saw Roy Orbison in the midst of a triumphant resurgence. His ’60s recording “In Dreams” was featured in the hit film Blue Velvet. He joined Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne in the Traveling Wilburys. And that September, he taped the Cinemax special A Black & White Night at Hollywood’s

    Brimstone Audio Crossover Distortion XD-1

    Bi-Amping in a Box

    Brimstone Audio Crossover Distortion XD-1 Price: $299.95 Info: www.Brimstoneaudio.com. Brimstone Audio is a relatively new company that hit the ground running, entering the stomp-box arena with some innovative ideas that offer tone geeks unparalleled aural flexibility. The XD-1, for example, is essentially two amps in a box. It allows the user to generate the kind

    Jazz Player of the Year

    Allan Holdsworth Awarded in 2017 Holdsworth’s liquid style was first noticed in Tempest and then a succession of ’70s fusion-oriented bands like Gong, Soft Machine, Tony Williams New Lifetime, and Jean-Luc Ponty. Whispers of his genius exploded at the end of the decade, when he joined two hugely influential bands – U.K. and Bruford. Find

    Five Classic Amps

    Five Classic Amps

    A Tone-Spotter’s Arsenal To Cover It All

    When it comes to classic guitar tones – whether it’s blues through a Dumble, country through a Fender, rock through a Marshall, or jazz through a Roland – every player knows there’s a magical potion concocted of guitars, amps, and fingers. But, is it possible to cover the sonic spectrum of all genres with just

    ToneTron Feature Home

    ToneTron’s Billy-Rocker

    Best Amp You've Never Heard of

    ToneTron’s Billy-Rocker Price: $1,200 Info: www.tonetroamps.com. On a quiet residential street in Minneapolis lives a mad scientist. Erstwhile rockabilly guitarist Jeffrey Falla is the brains behind ToneTron. And from his laboratory come some of the best-sounding amps you’ve never heard of. Falla began modifying and building amps as a ’70s teen, launching his custom-build ToneTrons

    Lazer Lloyd

    Lazer Lloyd

    Blues in Israel – A Common Bond

    If you ask guitarist Lazer Lloyd, the state of Israel is an appropriate place for blues music. Originally known as Lloyd Paul Blumen, he lived in New York and Connecticut before emigrating to the Middle East more than two decades ago, and now goes by his Hebrew name, Eliezer Pinchas Blumen. “Lazer” is culled from

    Grant Geissman

    Grant Geissman

    Jazz-Rock Renaissance

    ’70s culture may have provided a target-rich environment for parodied depictions of giant Afros, bell-bottom jeans, and Saturday Night Fever, but anyone who was alive then remembers Chuck Mangione’s Feels So Good. Huge in 1977, the album remains symbolic of the jazz-pop that was strong at the time. The extended guitar solo on the title

    Leslie West

    Still Climbing

    Upon first viewing you’ll notice that The Sound and the Story is different. The new video from guitarist Leslie West stands apart from other instructional guitar DVDs in that, while West is more than happy to show how to play some of his classic songs and discuss how he learned to play, his gregarious personality

    Dave Stryker

    Dave Stryker

    Fits To a T

    The latest project from jazz guitarist Dave Stryker, Messin’ With Mister T, is a tribute to late saxophonist Stanley Turrentine, with whom Stryker played for more than a decade. A project long on his mind to do, Stryker said the success of his 2014 album, Eight Track, inspired him to follow with “something special.” “I

    Chris Spedding

    Chris Spedding

    Convergence of Legends and Friends

    The career of guitarist Chris Spedding has spanned more than four decades and included a commendable solo career, a stint in bassist Andy Fraser’s first post-Free venture (Sharks), and later, an association with Roxy Music. Spedding has always been primarily a studio musician, but has recorded several albums of his own music. He recently released

    Fender Princeton, Deluxe, and Tremolux

    Three Small Tweeds

    Fender Princeton, Deluxe, and Tremolux

    From 1954 through ’59, the Fender Electric Instrument Mfg. Co. built guitar amplifiers with controls mounted atop using “chickenhead” knobs that go to 12, and covered with “the finest airplane luggage linen.” This line represents the company’s classic “tweed era,” and from the diminutive Champ to the mighty Twin, it remained virtually unchanged throughout the

    Metal Pedals JH-3

    Metal Pedals JH-3

    Swiss-Army Distortion

    Metal Pedals JH-3 Price: $235 (list) Contact: www.metalpedals.com Like a Swiss Army knife, the multifunction Metal Pedals JH-3 Johnny Hiland has more options than you’d expect in such a small package. Hiland, solo artist and session man for folks from Toby Keith to Hank III, was so inspired after playing through Metal Pedals’ Bomb Shell

    Martin Turner

    Low-End Unorthodoxy

    When he transitioned from playing guitar, former Wishbone Ash bassist Martin Turner kept a pick in his right hand and developed a style that combined fluid, melodic lines with an overdriven sound reminiscent of John Entwistle and Chris Squire. On his third solo album, Written in the Wind, he showcases instrumental skill as well as

    Supro’s Thunderbolt S6420+

    Supro’s Thunderbolt S6420+

    35 Watts on a Gold Platter

    Supro’s Thunderbolt S6420+ Price: $1,599 (list) Contact: www.suprousa.com Upon introduction in 1964, the Valco-made Supro Thunderbolt Model S6420 was a misfit. Like Fender’s 4×10 Bassman, it was designed “exclusively for the electric Bass guitar [sic],” according to catalog copy. Further, the Thunderbolt was decked out in special silver-blue “rhino hide” tolex, signifying through a honking

    Gibson Style R Harp Guitar Feature Image

    Gibson Style R Harp Guitar

    Harp guitars with a standard six-string guitar neck and varying numbers of sub-bass harp-style strings have been made by a variety of American builders. Some of the best-known include Gibson, Joseph Bohmann (of Chicago), Knutson (Seattle), and the Larson brothers (Chicago), who made them primarily under the brand of Dyer (a distributor based in St.

    First ’Burst

    In May of 1958, a worker at the Gibson factory pulled two Les Paul guitars – serial numbers 8 3087 and 8 3096 – off the line and sprayed their bodies yellow in the center, bordered in red. The result of months of experimentation, Chicago Musical Instrument Company (Gibson’s parent) hoped the look would imply