Stephane Wrembel

    Watch Stephane Wrembel and his 1943 Busato (formerly owned by Joseph Reinhardt!) play an improvisation. He also uses a guitar made by Bob Holo, pickups by Ischell and Stimer, an Electro-Harmonix Octaver, an AER Compact 60 amp, and a Vox MV50. Read our review of his new album, “Django Experiment Volume IV,” in the June issue. READ NOW!!

    Steve Hackett

    Steve Hackett and his Les Paul play a bit of “Dancing With The Moonlit Knight” (from “Selling England By The Pound”) through an, iRig Nano and and a Tech 21 Sansamp. Read our feature interview with Steve in the June issue. READ NOW!!

    James Patrick Regan and Gibson


    In the latest installment of, host James Patrick Regan connects with James “JC” Curleigh and Cesar Gueikian to discuss their roles in the revamped Gibson guitar company. New CEO Curleigh is the former president/CEO of Levi Strauss and Salomon, and he has a reassuring message about Gibson’s direction and future. As CMO, Gueikian was in charge of establishing new leadership within the vaunted brand. A guitarist himself, he talks about what he has accomplished so far and what he’s striving to achieve. Available on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Check out all the episodes HERE!

    Win an autographed edition of “Into The Light” valued at $50! Ace music photographer and VG contributor Jérôme Brunet often shoots images contrary to convention, aiming his camera directly into the light. The results – as collected into this 20-year retrospective – are stunning. The large-format book features stellar reproduction of over 130 of Brunet’s

    Eric Krasno

    Blood From A Stone
    Funk Soul Brother

    Smart guitar players discover early on that if they want to control their musical destiny, it doesn’t hurt to learn how to sing. Even at the subterranean depths of the neighborhood blues jam scene, memorizing a few lyrics and carrying a tune can save you from the torment of the endless noodle fest. It’ll also


    Dynamic Amplifiers 2040 Series

    Tone to "Dy" For

    Dynamic Amps 2040 series Price:  $2,570 (VA Combo) David Carambula’s Dynamic 2040 series of amplifiers consists of three models: Vintage American (VA), Vintage British (VB), and the HG DynaLead. All use class AB single-channel design that can utilize a variety of output tubes, with output reduction, tube rectifier, tube-driven tremolo, spring reverb, welded-aluminum chassis, point-to-point

    Taj Mahal

    Labor of Love

    Taj Mahal plays all sorts of folk, keyboard, and percussion instruments – and just about anything with strings. His deceptively easygoing approach to music – a trot rather than a frenzied gallop – has made for a long fruitful career. As a bandleader, he introduced us to some truly fine musicians, including guitar greats Ry

    Coral Electric Sitar

    Coral Electric Sitar

    For centuries, Indian musicians have utilized the resonant sympathetic strings of the sitar to create the unique sounds of classical Indian music. Traditional sitar design combines a body fashioned from a large gourd with a long, hollow neck made of teak or tun wood and two bridges made of bone, horn, or ebony at the base of

    Ronnie Montrose

    Remembering Ronnie

    Phillips Finishes Guitarist’s Final Recordings

    Ricky Phillips has many fond memories of his friendship and musical association with Ronnie Montrose (1947-2012). The bassist is finishing a recording project by the late guitarist on which he had participated prior to joining Styx. Montrose and Phillips met in the early ’80s, but didn’t collaborate until 20 years later, when Montrose needed a

    Alday B-Blender

    Alday B-Blender

    One For The Masses

    Taylor 814ce Price: $129.95 (list) Info: www.b-blender.com Why aren’t we guitarists ever happy to have our guitars sound like guitars? We wanted to emulate a trumpet’s blare, so we invented the wah pedal. We had to have an organ’s warbling vibrato, so we cobbled together bizarre tremolo effects and rotating-speaker systems. And we wanted a

    Taylor T3

    Tone Poet

    The Taylor T3 Price: $2,998 Info: www.taylorguitars.com. Some guitar players never touch a tone knob, while others view it as the Holy Grail of guitar controls. If that sounds like you, put up your antenna and tune to the Taylor T3, a semi-hollowbody electric that provokes many tonal questions. Is it a rock axe? Jazz

    Bryan Sutton

    Bryan Sutton

    Into His Own

    Bryan Sutton ranks as one of the most accomplished and in-demand acoustic players in Nashville. In 1991, fresh from high school, he joined the gospel group Karen Peck and New River. In ’93, he moved to Nashville and joined the band Mid-South for several months before studio work started to dominate his time and began

    Van Morrison

    ...It's Too Late To Stop Now...Volume I, II, III, IV, V & DVD
    Wild Nights

    In the history of live recordings, there are a handful widely considered to be all-time classics: B.B. King’s Live at the Regal is one, James Brown’s Live at the Apollo 1962 is another. And the original release of Van Morrison’s “..It’s Too Late to Stop Now…” is certainly a third – and interestingly also combines

    Ethan Brosh

    Ethan Brosh

    Living The Dream

    In case you were wondering, shred is not dead, and Ethan Brosh is determined to keep it that way. The Israeli-born Berklee grad is a young man with an old soul whose style harkens to the early musical fury of Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore. His second album is called Live The Dream, and Brosh

    A Master’s Pallet

    George Fullerton’s Fender Jazzmaster

    A Master's Pallet

    This Jazzmaster is an interesting example of what went on behind the scenes at the Fender factory with the research and development of body shapes and materials, and during the pre-production phase for new models in the late 1950s and early ’60s. After having great success with the Esquire, Telecaster, and Stratocaster, in 1958, Fender

    Vivian Campbell

    Back In Line

    When singer Ronnie James Dio chose Belfast native Vivian Campbell to form Dio in 1982, the young guitarist was filling big shoes in the eyes of his new boss, who’d worked with two of heavy metal’s all-time greats in Ritchie Blackmore (in Rainbow) and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath). The gamble paid off, and Campbell’s guitar

    Dave Edmunds

    Dave Edmunds

    Full Solo Circle

    The career of Welsh guitarist Dave Edmunds has included hits and collaborations with other notable musicians, including Rockpile, with bassist Nick Lowe. First, though, he drew notice in his home country while fronting the trio Love Sculpture; the band’s 1968 version of the classical tune “Sabre Dance” became a hit thanks to British disc jockey


    The Kids Are Back in Philly

    The south-Philly band Marah, led by brothers Dave and Serge Bielanko, has always danced to the backbeat of its own drummer. Now, they’re releasing a remastered and expanded version of their masterpiece 2000 album, Kids in Philly – on vinyl – and playing a series of reunion shows, of sorts. Marah never broke up, you


    Horses of Another Color

    1) This ’57, from batch 253xx, has the added intrigue of a gold G-cutout tailpiece in place of the Bigsby vibrato. In addition to the standard Amber Red stain on the 6120, the Bigsby was requisite on the Atkins-endorsed models. Having a 6120 that lacks both the finish and the vibrato seem to constitute heresy!

    Yamaha’s Revstar RSP20CR

    Mod Rocker

    Having spent the last 120 years perfecting righteous guitar tones, Yamaha has set out to increase their coolness quotient. The design of their latest guitar line – the Revstar Series – was inspired by café racer motorcycles popular in 1960s London. Made in Japan, the RSP20CR is a handsome retro machine with all the comforts

    Felix Martin

    Mechanical Nations

    Sometimes six strings just ain’t enough. Venezuelan Berklee alum Felix Martin uses 14 and sometimes 16 strings to explore the contrapuntal galaxy of progressive melody and rhythm. Sounding like a Chapman Stick player, Martin totes a real guitar – but with a lot more strings! A left-handed guitarist, he designs his own instruments to create

    Steve Stevens

    Atomic Idol

    As Billy Idol’s longtime guitarist and songwriting partner, Steve Stevens’ unique approach – flamenco stylings and the occasional ray gun – have rocked stages worldwide for four decades. Throughout his career, he has also recorded and performed with Michael Jackson, Vince Neil, Robert Palmer, and as a solo artist, having just wrapped a successful European