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    Each year, Vintage Guitar asks fans to select Readers’ Choice winners for Player of the Year in four categories, Album of the Year, and Artist of the Year, which is drawn from artists featured in the magazine. Included are selections for the VG Hall of Fame, which annually inducts two players, an innovator, and an instrument. In 2018, nearly 5,000 votes were tallied via the magazine’s traditional written ballot and online at VintageGuitar.com. Here, we proudly present this year’s winners.

    After decades of jumping from one guitar manufacturer to another, Greg Howe recently began working with Carvin (more specifically, Kiesel) on a signature guitar. Carvin passed manufacture and sale of its guitars and basses to Kiesel Guitars. The reason for the change isn’t immediately obvious, though it makes more sense if you know that Carvin

    Cimarron Guitars’ Model P

    From the Parlor to the Stage

    Cimarron Guitars has being making custom instruments since 1978 in the dry, mild climate of southwest Colorado. The company’s Model P guitar gets its name from its parlor-guitar-sized body (“parlor” guitars were popular in the late 19th/early 20th century, when small social events often occurred in parlors where music was played; the instruments typically were

    Lee Ritenour

    Lee's Six-String Theory

    Lee Ritenour’s career accomplishments are the stuff of greatness. With thousands of classic recording sessions and more than 40 albums bearing his own name, Ritenour continues to work his magic straddling the world of jazz, rock, fusion, and Latin music. Ritenour’s Yamaha Six String Theory Guitar Competition recently came to a close, and 16-year-old guitarist

    Fender’s ’57 Custom Pro-Amp

    Big Brother

    When most guitarists consider Fender’s famed vintage tweeds, the first that come to mind are the 5E3 Deluxe and 4×10 Bassman. The 1×15 Pro-Amp? Not so much. It’s perhaps the least well-known of the line. That’s good news for Pro-Amp fans, who have long loved the amp’s distinct voice. It’s got the guts and tone

    Blackstar Fly 3

    Best In Show... And More

    While listening to AC/DC’s Back in Black on a small, audiophile-grade table radio, Blackstar Amplification CEO Ian Robinson had an epiphany: small amps don’t have to sound crappy. Previously, there had been a number of discussions at Blackstar about entering the sub-$100 market. After a year of development, they introduced the Fly 3 battery-powered amp

    3rd Power Dream Weaver

    Tone Cubed

    3rd Power Dream Weaver Price: $3.299 Info: www.3rdpower.com. Purchasing a new amp is much more than buying a piece of gear – think of it as hiring out a job. In most cases, you hope this new employee will help you sound great, cover the required tonal bases, prove reliable, and have the right amount

    Epiphone Zenith Fretted and Fretless Bass

    New Groove Territory

    For decades, guitar players have known the name Epiphone. Renowned for making great-sounding jazz boxes like the Zephyr and Emperor Regent, which have been seen in the hands of major artists, and models like the Texan and Casino were key to the sound of The Beatles. Even blues legends like John Lee Hooker flocked to

    Etched in Time

    “Signature” Gibsons from the Early Days of Cable

    In 1984, Christian Roebling went from being just another guy watching TV to creating what was likely the first television program to focus on and feature guitar players and builders. Though few outside of New York City knew of its existence, in its six years on the air, “The Guitar Show” played host to some

    Border Crossing

    C.F. Martin and the Influence of German and Spanish Guitar Designs

    It has often been said that today’s Martin guitars are direct descendants of the instruments made in Vienna by Johan Georg Stauffer, whose apprentices included one C.F. Martin, Sr. It is indeed true that about 25 percent of the earliest Martins labeled with the New York address (made after he moved from Germany in 1833)

    Gibson GA-200 Rhythm King Vintage Guitar magazine

    Gibson GA-200 Rhythm King

    Preamp tubes: two 12AX7, one 12AY7, two 6BJ8, two 6SK7, one 6V6 (used as a voltage divider) Output tubes: two 6550 Rectifier: GZ34 Controls: Ch1: Volume, Treble, Bass; Ch2: Volume, Treble, Bass, Compressor Speakers: two 12″ Norelco/Phillips twin-cone speakers Output: approximately 60 watts RMS We generally love amps of the tweed era for their ability

    Maintenance, Man

    Basic Skills for Every Player

    Acquiring and owning musical equipment is an expensive proposition. Used regularly, guitars and amps require maintenance that can lead to “overextraction” of paper from your wallet, especially if it involves professional techs. Conversely, learning basic maintenance and repair can mean saving money and having equipment that’s in great shape. There’s a short list of things


    Gibson ES-335 Joe Bonamassa Signature Model

    A Semi-Hollow For Joe

    Gibson ES-335 Joe Bonamassa Signature Model Price: $3,335 (street) Contact: gibson.com. The collaboration of Gibson and blues-rocker Joe Bonamassa began with a limited run of goldtop Les Paul’s in 2009, followed by a more-affordable Studio version and another Custom Shop version, the latter sporting a beautiful flamed-maple top. Gibson and Bonamassa have teamed up again

    Phantom Guitarworks’ Teardrop

    Droppin’ In On The ’60s

    Phantom Guitarworks is dedicated to producing odd-shaped guitars based on designs introduced in the early 1960s like the Vox Mark VI “Teardrop,” which helped the company make a name in guitars. While Jack Charles at Phantom is painstakingly true to the originals, this limited edition Teardrop hollowbody, in all of its purple-and-chrome glory, ups the

    Korg Nuvibe

    Korg Nuvibe

    Big Box

    Korg Nuvibe Price: $499.99 (street) Contact: www.korg.com Korg is not known as a guitar company, but to their great credit they worked with Fumio Mieda – developer of the original Uni-Vibe from 1968 – to resurrect his classic modulation effect as the Nuvibe. A late-’60s Uni-Vibe is like the snow leopard of guitar effects; seldom seen and

    Oddfellow Caveman Drive

    Oddfellow Caveman Drive

    Tone Evolution

    Oddfellow Caveman Drive Price: $174.99 (list) Info: www.oddfellowfx.com. Handmade in California, the Oddfellow Caveman Drive is a boutique pedal whose simple layout belies its tonal complexities. But even before hooking this stompbox into your signal chain, right off the bat, you have to dig the cardboard box in which it comes. Sure, this looks like

    Elvin Bishop

    Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio

    Fun is the key word here. It’s amazing how Elvin Bishop has managed to keep things interesting in a career that now spans more than 50 years. The trio is Bishop on guitar and vocals, Bob Welsh on guitar and piano, and Willy Jordan on vocals and percussion. No bass, but Welsh fills that slot

    PRS Alex Lifeson Signature

    PRS Alex Lifeson Signature

    Grand Designs

    PRS Alex Lifeson Signature Price: $8,999 (list) Contact: www.prsguitars.com What do you call the most beautifully made production acoustic you’ve ever seen? You might consider calling it the Paul Reed Smith Alex Lifeson Signature acoustic guitar. With a European spruce top that has enough bear-claw figure to lead one to suspect they brought in a

    M&V Guitars and Pickups Atlas Large-Pole Precision Bass Pickups

    Big Bottom

    M&V Guitars and Pickups Atlas P Bass-Style Pickups Price: $75 Info: www.mvguitars.com. Let’s face it –  when it comes to boutique pickup options, bass players have gotten the short end of the stick. And as for the venerable Fender Precision Bass, well there’s only so many ways you can put a new harness on the