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Vintage Guitar is the largest magazine dedicated to those who love the great guitars of yesterday and today. Each monthly issue contains features on collectible instruments, great collections, interviews with players, technical articles, brand and model histories, product reviews, and much more. Each issue also has over 300 ads from dealers and manufacturers from all across the U.S. and from overseas. That means Vintage Guitar advertising works! And it’s very affordable. Over 34,000 copies of VG are distributed each month to subscribers, musical instrument stores, large book chains, newsstands, and guitar shows. With an average of 1.9 readers seeing each copy of the magazine, your ad is exposed to almost 70,000 people, and if they’re reading Vintage Guitar, every one is a potential customer!

Vintage Guitar magazine Mechanical Requirements

Price guide covers

VG Price Guide 2017

Thousands of guitar enthusiasts buy the VG Price Guide and use it continuously throughout the year. Thousands more are referring to it at guitar shows, guitar shops and of course at the local bookstore with a cup of java. Their heart is racing in anticipation of finding the guitar of their dreams listed among the thousands of entries. If only you could be there every time, to assist these people in owning that instrument. You can! Get ’em while they’re in the mood, put your ad right in the face of the buyer. When they look up their favorite instrument, your ad is in their hands. Who are they going to call?

Advertising in the Price Guide is an easy and profitable way to sell more gear. The fact that space is very limited (less competition), gives you even more exposure. Call now while there’s still space available.

VG Price Guide 2017 Mechanical Requirements


VG Website

Vintage Guitar offers you three simple ways to connect with the customers you want and with more than 110,000 unique users per month, advertising on www.vintageguitar.com makes good business sense.

Banner Ads

If customers can’t find your website, all the work you put into setup and maintenance is wasted. But a banner ad on the VG website puts your name and image at the forefront. You can even choose where your banner is presented. If you already have a banner ad, chances are we can use it. Also, we can design one for little additional cost. Call or write for a price quote – we’ll put a package together that’s just right for you.

VG Website Mechanical Requirements

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