Online Digital Issue FAQs

Vintage Guitar Opens Large Digital Back Issue Archives to All!

Subscribers to VG enjoy access to the magazine’s online digital archive of every complete issue going back to 2013. Now, to celebrate our 400th issue and help entertain homebound guitarists worldwide, we are waiving the subscription requirement and making the entire archive available to everyone for the next couple months (ends August 31, 2020.)

That’s over 86 complete issues. Catch up with your favorite artists and discover new ones, hone your chops with “Fretprints,” start those repair projects, find hundreds of albums to check, and soak up all the wonderful guitars and gear offered by VG’s advertisers. All in full color on any device.

Go to to get started.

How To Access VG’s Streaming Archives

You will use your email (which we need to have in the system) and a password (which we will send you) to have unlimited access.

We already have emails for many of you. If you are sure VG has your email, go to Step A. If you know we don’t, see Step C to get started. If you are unsure if VG has your email, see D.

A. Current VG Subscribers WITH an E-mail on file

  1. Go to and click “Login Here.”
  2. Click on “Forgot Password.”
  3. Enter the email VG has for you and click “Email Password.” Your new password will be sent to the email address you entered. If you recently updated your VG password (very few of you), that may be the password
  4. Click on “Return to Login” and enter your email and the new password sent to you in the boxes marked as such. And click “Login.” For ease of future access to VG Back Issues, you may want your device to remember the login.
  5. Go to and begin enjoying years of VG’s great back issues!

B. If you currently have a Digital VG subscription through itunes, please CLICK HERE

C. Current VG Subscribers WITHOUT an E-mail on file
If VG does not have your email on file, we will have to manually set you up. Start by
Vintage Guitar magazine Issue Label with Renew Code

  1. Email Martina at and provide her your name and the 6-digit Renew Code that is printed above your name on your VG magazine address label.
  2. Martina will reply to you with an email confirming she has entered your email address in the system. Keep in mind she will only respond doing our regular weekday hours, so it could take a couple days.
  3. Once she confirms, you can then set up your unlimited access to VG’s Streaming Archives by following the steps in A above.

D. If you are UNSURE whether or not VG has your email on file.

  1. Do the first three steps in A above.
  2. If VG has your email on file, you will receive the mentioned email in a few minutes. If you do get the email, simply continue on with the rest of the steps in A.
  3. If you don’t receive the email in a few minutes, that means VG does not have your email on file. Then you need to follow the steps in B above.

*To change the complicated password we gave you to something you can remember, go to our subscription portal HERE.

*For future ease of access to VG’s Streaming Archives, please bookmark the page on your device.

*When your subscription expires so does your access to VG Archives, so be sure to renew.


Starting April 1st, 2019, Vintage Guitar will no longer add new digital issues of the magazine to our app. You will still be able to view issues you have already received on the app, but we will not be adding new issues to it. Future issues will still be viewable on most devices, but will be streaming exclusively via a web browser.

You will be able to view the digital Price Guide and any magazine issues you have already received on the VG app until January 2020. If you want to maintain your current VG digital products past that date, please download them to the app on your mobile device.

Learn more about our new streaming service at the top of the page and how to connect to it.

Access Using Nxtbook and App (Effective until January, 1st 2020)

We apologize for any inconvenience you’re experiencing with the online digital issue of VG. We hope this list of frequently asked questions will address the issue. If your question isn’t addressed here, please fill out a product support form, view our feedback forum, Or send us an email.

Change/Forgot Password or email address

Access the online digital issue gateway. Here you can update email and password or access the “forgot password?” option.

Vintage Guitar App/Online Digital Issue FAQs

What should I do if the magazine/pages will not load (i.e. I  see an empty browser window)?

Check to see if you have an ad blocker or firewall installed that prevents Flash animations from loading in your browser. If you do,  configure it to allow animations to load from all domains. The interface (which was created by digital provider Nxtbook) requires Flash Player.

What can I do if the Vintage Guitar/Nxtbook application loads, but the pages of the digital publication are blank?

You most likely have a firewall installed that is preventing the page assets from being loaded from our content delivery network. Make sure your firewall allows you to load content from all domains, e.g.,,,, etc.

How do I log in and view my online digital issue? (subscription-based issues only)

When you sign up to for Nxtbook (or are signed up as a gift), you should immediately receive an email with a receipt of your order and a link to your first issue. Simply click on the link provided and it will take you to a login screen. Your username is either your email or your account number. Your password is either provided for you in the original email, or in most cases, you have chosen it yourself. Please input these in the selected fields and hit the “ok” button. The book should load. New pages are viewable by clicking on the corners of each page to flip to the next one, and clicking anywhere on the page to zoom in and out.

Note: Nxtbook Media produces and hosts the online digital issue. VG is not involved in this transaction, thus, it cannot renew, cancel, or extend orders.

How do I recover my username and/or password?

When you click on the link to open the magazine, you will notice a login box. This box will have two links near the bottom. One is for forgetting your password, and the other for forgetting your username. Using these links will have an automated email sent to you from Please make sure you add this to your friend list so it does not get marked spam or bounced. If you do not receive an email within three days, please send us an email with your name, email address, book title, and subject line of, “I forgot my username/password.”

Why do I get an error message about accessing from too many computers?

Solution 1: If you are getting this message, the publisher has set a limit on the number of computers or mobile devices on which you can view your nxtbook. Usually that limit is set at two (2) devices. Limits are set to protect content, and it is why you were provided with a login. If you use multiple computers, or open it at multiple locations, you will most likely hit your limit. Keep you access to two devices, or contact us with your name, email, book title, and a subject line of “Hit limit” for more help. If you’re using fewer than two devices, move on to…

Solution 2: When a Nxtbook is opened on your computer or mobile device for the first time, it leaves a cookie. This cookie allows the magazine to be opened repeatedly on that device without having it count against the limit publishers set on devices. If the cookie is deleted, the next time you open your magazine, another cookie will drop, and it will be as if you opened the magazine on a completely new device. Do this more than once, and you’ll exceed the limit. To solve this, do NOT delete cookies from your computer. Check that no background program is set to delete them as well. For additional support, please contact us with your name, email, book title, and subject of “Hit limit” and we’ll gladly look at your account for you.

Solution 3: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users only: If you are not deleting cookies, your device’s cookie setting is most likely incorrect. Go into settings, then choose Safari. On the right side should be a row for cookies. You want the setting to be “from visited.” If this does not help, please email us with your name, email, book title, and a subject of “Hit limit” for more support.

How do I save my online digital issue?

Saving an offline copy is a standard feature in the nxtbook product, but some publishers elect to have that feature removed. If your book allows saving, you can follow these steps:

Computer: Open the nxtbook in your web browser. Across the top will be a toolbar with several options. (Please note: If you do not see a top toolbar, it is hidden by request. Simply mouse over the top of the window and the bar should drop down.) The toolbar will have icon pictures or words. If yours has icons,  look for the square icon on the right that looks like a floppy disk. If it’s a text-based toolbar, look for “Save” or “Download.” Click this to open a new screen, which will have several download options. “What is the difference between AIR, PDF and Zip downloads?” will help you select the best option.

iPad/iPhone: To save your nxtbook on Apple devices, open it in your browser (Safari). Tap the magazine in the upper left hand corner, and a drop box will appear with a list of blue links. The last one is a PDF download. This will save a copy of your magazine to your device.

Android: To save your nxtbook on an Android device, open it in your browser. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see a bar with “PDF” inside. Clicking this will download the PDF onto your device (any android device running 1.7 or earlier may have some trouble opening a Nxtbook).

Not all magazines can be saved, and some can only be saved on a computer. This is publisher-dependent.

What is the difference between AIR, PDF and Zip downloads?

AIR, PDF and Zip are all different types of offline download. Based on your download speed, one may be better than another for you. They are outlined below.

AIR: Adobe AIR is a program that allows you to experience the feel of the online nxtbook without the browser. To open your nxtbook with Adobe AIR, click on the “Install Now” box. AIR will begin its installation, and a pop-up will appear: click “open.” Next, you want to choose “Install,” pick a destination (the easiest being your desktop), and hit continue. The last pop-up, you want to hit “open” and it will open the AIR. (Please note: If you saved it to your desktop, you will see the round nxtbook bubble logo there.)

PDF: A PDF is a flat document download that allows you to scroll through the book offline, but without the magazine feel. It is static images of the pages that can be downloaded to your desktop and read offline. To access the PDF, look at the bottom of the download page, and click the last blue link that says, “click here to download the PDF.” In the pop-up box, make sure you have “save file” checked, and click ok. It should download into your downloads folder.

Zip: A Zip file is an alternative download method for people who have slower connections. It does take longer, but it contains an alternative AIR file that works the same way as Adobe AIR. To download a Zip file, click on the link to download an alternative offline version. This link will open a pop-up with information regarding where you want to save the file. One you have it downloaded, it should appear as a folder. You want to choose either open on Mac or open on Windows.

How do I print my online digital issue?

Printing is a standard feature in the nxtbook product, though this feature can be removed at the publisher’s request. Most books allow printing to a PDF document or straight to paper. To print pages from your nxtbook, look to the immediate right of the book. You should see a vertical bar with several icons. If the publisher has allowed printing, one of the icons will look like an abstract printer. (Please note: If you are unsure, mouse over the icons for a text label to appear.) Clicking on this icon brings up a print box where you can select the page range you wish to print. Select the range, and then hit “ok.” This will bring up the page setup for printing. Next, choose one of the following print formats:

Paper: If you wish to print the Nxtbook as a hard copy, continue the page setup as you would normally. When you hit “ok” it will take you to the final box, where you choose the printer and layout. After your selections are complete, hit “print.”

*Please Note:* Printing a whole nxtbook requires a lot of memory, and in many cases, the printer will fail. Your best choice is to print small batches at a time, usually no more than eight pages. If your printer still fails, try a smaller number.

PDF: If you wish to have the Nxtbook printed as a PDF, change the selection in the “Format For” drop down to Adobe PDF, then hit “ok.” In the next box, do not touch anything except for the button in the lower left corner that says “PDF.” Click on that button and choose “Save as PDF.” You will have to fill out a title, and a destination, and then click save. This method does take some time. If it does not save correctly, your best bet is to save the PDF in sections.

How can I access my new issue or past issues in my subscription?

Current Issue: If you have a online digital issue subscription, you will receive an email every time a new issue goes live. These emails are computer-generated and are sent to the email address we have on file for you from when you subscribed. If you are not receiving these emails, please check your spam/junk folder, and please make sure you are checking the same email account that you gave to sign up for the online digital issue. If you still cannot find the links, please contact us with your name, email, book title, and a subject line of “Unable to find email with issue links.”

Past Issues: Most subscriptions will allow you to view past issues of your online digital issue, and these old issues are archived with every new issue release. To find your past issues, open the nxtbook and look at the bottom of the screen. Across the bottom you will see tabs, and one of them will say “archives.” Please click on this tab and then choose the issue you are looking for. If you are still unable to find the archived issues, contact us with your name, email, book title, and a subject line of “Unable to locate archives” for more help.

How do I turn off the flipping sound/center shadows/page animations?

Open your online digital issue and look at the top of the window, below any browser tabs or bookmarks in your browser toolbar. There you should see a bar with words or icons on both the left and right side. On the left side, you will see two arrows, one points to the left, one points to the right. Below that is a smaller arrow pointing down. Click on this arrow to open a drop down box. Uncheck the boxes you want, and then click on the arrow again to make the box disappear.

I cannot install the AIR application: “The application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged”

Create the log files and try the install again, then send us the files for examination. If you still need assistance, please visit our support page to submit a request.