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George Fullerton, whose decades-long association with Leo Fender earned the two early electric-guitar innovators a place in history, He died July 4, 2009 at the age of 86. He succumbed to heart failure at St. Jude Medical Center in...

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Savorin’ Steve

Thanks for the feature on Steve Kimock. I’d like to remind your readers that he also did a couple albums for Relix Records with a band called Zero – Here Goes Nothin’ and Nothin’ Goes Here. The first featured John Cipollina, Alex Ligertwood, and Donna Godchaux-MacKay, but they are both excellent recordings. When I opened the Here Goes Nothin’ CD and saw the photo of Steve with the Explorer, I immediately recognized it as a Charlie LoBue instrument; in the late ’70s I used to hang in Charlie’s shop and chat for hours with him and Ralph Novak, both great guys.

Keep up the great work, I’m about to cancel my subscriptions to all the other guitar mags, as they lately have been paling in comparison.

–Joe Tammaro from Locust Grove, Georgia

A Pluthier’s Praise

"As a player and luthier (pluthier?), I welcome and appreciate the monthly arrival of VG, with its variety of historical and practical articles. I especially look forward to Wolf Marshall’s “Fretprints,” featuring myriad guitarists – some well-known, some neglected. His writing is always keen, and his insights to the backgrounds, styles, and instrumentation lead neatly to precise transcriptions of the artist’s signature work. I’ve especially enjoyed his recent pieces on rockers such as Terry Kath and jazzers like Bobby Broom; some are familiar, others launch me on a voyage of discovery. The January issue highlighted Bruce Forman, and I’ve had eclectic Forman tracks playing in my shop. Thank for the discoveries."

– John Cross from Westminster, Colorado