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Clapton, Others Inducted to Blues Foundation HoF


The Blues Foundation announces the selection of three living performers to be inducted into its Blues Hall of Fame. Tommy Brown, Eric Clapton, and Little Richard join more than 130 who have been inducted since 1980. Clapton has been tapped for his many musical (more…)

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Morley Releases Cliff Burton Tribute Power Fuzz Wah


Morley’s Cliff Burton tribute Power Fuzz Wah combines classic wah with built-in fuzz. Its wah function has separate Level control, while fuzz has controls for Level and Intensity as well as a Modern/Vintage switch to select between types of fuzz. Wah and (more…)

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MXR Custom Shop Offers Sub Machine Fuzz


The MXR Custom Shop Sub Machine Fuzz is based on the company’s La Machine Fuzz and adds a sub-octave circuit with its own Level control. It also has a Series switch that runs sub-octave signal straight to the fuzz or alongside fuzz for a split-channel (more…)

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GHS Strings Launches NitroPack


GHS Strings is offering sets in the company’s new NitroPack, which it says ensures the strings arrive fresh. The packaging is tear-resistant, seals the strings in a “nitrogen environment.,” and is being used on Thin Core Boomers, Thick Core Boomers, and David Gilmour signature sets. GHS (more…)

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Fishman Debuts Platinum Analog Acoustic Preamps


Fishman’s Platinum Pro EQ and Platinum Stage acoustic preamps are all-analog and offer discrete, high-headroom Class A function with sweepable Mid and a switchable guitar/bass EQ mode. Features include adjustable volume boost, balanced XLR outs, effects loop, and sweepable notch filter. Footswitches activate volume boost or a chromatic tuner. For more, go to www.fishman.com. (more…)

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Seymour Duncan Intros Studio Bass Compressor


The Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor is a studio-grade/soft-knee compressor for bassists. It has a Low/Full/Mid switch that can restore dynamic range lost in compression and allows player to choose frequency or dial in full-range. It also fattens compressed signal or helps effected (more…)

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Nordstrand Offers Alnico III in Bass Pickups


Nordstrand Pickups is now offering Alnico magnets in its complete line of bass pickups, including Big Singles, BigMan, and Dual Coils. All are designed and built at the company’s shop in California. Learn more at www.nordstrandpickups.com. (more…)

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Carl Martin Dual Offers Dual Injection


The Carl Martin Dual Injection combines two transparent boosts, each with its own Level control and true-bypass footswitch. A toggle switches between Serial and Parallel modes. Serial engages an Input/Output 1, which places the boost anywhere in the signal chain. Parallel mode connects Output (more…)

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Sheptone Offers Alnico Blues Pickup


Sheptone’s Alnico Blues single-coil pickup is based on company’s AB Custom Stratocaster pickups. It is wound to late-’60s specs using 42-gauge enamel wire, beveled Alnico II magnets, and is available in vintage, modern, and flat-stagger versions. With an average resistance in the mid-6K ohm range, each pickup (more…)

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Celestion Introduces Cream, Fullback Speakers


The Celestion G15V-100 Fullback is a 100-watt/8-ohm speaker with sensitivity of 99db and a frequency range of 65 to 4,000Hz. It has a pressed-steel chassis, 2″ voice coil made of copper, and a ceramic magnet. The company’s new Cream model is a 12″/90-watt speaker with 100 db of sensitivity and a freqency range of 75 […]

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