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    Charlie Apicella Marks the Birthday of Charlie Christian

    To help mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Charlie Christian, Charlie Apicella used his Eastman AR405E (with Kent Armstrong pickup) running through a Poly Tone Mini Brute II to pick a bit of “Seven Come Eleven.” Behind Charlie are an Eastman Uptown, an Eastman T146SM (with Seymour Duncan Phat Cat), and a Guild Aristocrat. Check out the new album with his band, Iron City, “Payin’ the Cost To Be the Boss: A Tribute to B.B. King.”. Keep up with Charlie at www.ironcity.nyc

    James Patrick Regan Honors John Sykes and Charlie Christian

    James Patrick Regan flexes his knowledge – and riffage – in honor of birthday boys John Sykes (57) and Charlie Christian (born 1916). Using his ’76 Les Paul Custom through a Trailer Trash Pedalboard with an MXR Distortion+ and a Keeley compressor (wired courtesy of George Ls) into a DR Z Z-28, he plows through a few favorite Sykes licks – “Still of the Night” and “Slide It In” by Whitesnake, along with Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat.” Then, he cleans things up a bit for Christian’s “Less Is More.” Stay tuned for James’ special shout-out at the end! And see more of James and his band at http://thedeadlies.com/

    Jack Petruzzelli

    Fab Sideman For Osborne, Wainwright, Smith

    “The first time the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan, I was in my mother’s womb,” says Jack Petruzzelli. “That was February ’64, but then when they appeared the second time I was out of the womb.” What could be more appropriate for the guitarist/keyboardist of the Fab Faux, the spot-on Beatles tribute band featuring Jimmy


    Nalle Colt

    Keeping Old-School Alive

    Vintage Trouble has emerged as one of the hardest working bands on the music scene. Laced with an ultra-cool visual style and a soulful vision, singer Ty Taylor and guitarist Nalle Colt bring together groove, sweat, and sex. Their debut album, The Bomb Shelter Sessions , mixes ’60s rock-and-roll with the spirit of Otis Redding,

    Kay Jazz Special

    Kay Jazz Special and Value Leader

    Kay entered the electric bass market in the mid 1950s with the K162, which later morphed into the similar K5965 (VG, March 2011), and while each met with a modicum of success, in 1960, the Chicago-based instrument maker introduced two near-polar-opposite four-strings. The epitome of the aesthetic excess for which Kay’s electric basses became known,

    Ian Lemmy Kilmister. Moterhead

    Lemmy Kilmister

    In the 25-plus years that Motorhead has been purveying its fast, furious, high-decibel entertainment, there have been changes and there have been constants. The World’s Most Brutal Heavy Metal Band has been through five guitarists and four drummers, but has always been anchored by Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister. Another constant is the band’s effort to regularly


    Fender Competition Mustang

    Little Deuce Coupe. T-birds. Cars and the California lifestyle are inextricably intertwined… and of course, guitars figure in, too – just flash back to those mid-’60s Fender ads showing surfers and guitars on the beach. So it should come as no surprise that Fender would market a guitar – entry-level, of course – to potential


    Steve Cropper

    Homage to Lowman Pauling

    All but forgotten today, with his low-slung guitar, stylish rhythm licks, and tasty leads, Lowman Pauling was one of the great guitar heroes of the ’50s. Guitarist for the R&B doo-wop band the 5 Royales, not only did Pauling pick melody lines and play leads, he also composed many of the band’s songs, sang in


    Metal Pedals’ Raw Hide, Hard Core XXX

    Saddle Up!

    Metal Pedals’ Raw Hide, Hard Core XXX Price: $175 (Raw Hide); $230 (Hard Core XXX) Info: www.metalpedals.com. For many discerning players, Dave Pantaleone at Metal Pedals is a well-known stompbox builder. His latest offerings are two distinctly different animals that offer pro-level sound and carry on with his established M.O. of solid construction, die-cast aluminum

    Pat Travers

    Pat Travers

    Full Blast

    It’s an elite class – rock guitarists who crossed the Atlantic to achieve their rock-star dreams. Somewhere between the mid-’60s sojourn of Jimi Hendrix and that of Brian Setzer in the late ’70s came Pat Travers, who in 1975 left his home in Ottawa to find fame abroad. Born of emigres – his mother British,


    Lollar’s Gold-Foil Pickup

    After the Gold Rush

    Lollar’s Gold-Foil Pickup Price: $180 (list, each) Info: www.lollarguitars.com Gold-foil pickups are exotic beasts – just like many of the 1960s Japanese-made Teisco guitars that sport up to four of them crammed between neck and bridge. These pickups may look like the grille of a ’59 Eldorado, but Teisco aficionados will tell anyone that original


    Wishbone Ash

    Powell, Manninen, and Elegant Stealth

    Fans of Wishbone Ash will consider the group’s newest release, Elegant Stealth, the type of innovative guitar music they’ve grown to expect. Since 2004, guitarist/vocalist Andy Powell and his V-shaped instruments have been accompanied by Finnish guitarist Jyrki “Muddy” Manninen. In the liner notes for Elegant Stealth , Powell cites himself as a singer first.


    Reilander’s Muckbucker Pickups

    Fat, But Not Tubby

    Reilander’s Muckbucker Pickups Price: $199 (set) Info: www.reilandercustomguitar.com In the 1970s, great guitar-pickup winders began wrapping extra wire on humbuckers, touting the resultant higher output and greater low-end response. Though this approach to pickup construction makes it easier to “overdrive” certain amps, most neck pickups that were given this overwinding sounded muddy, and most such


    John Brinkmann, 1937-2013

    Pioneering Promoter of the Vintage-Guitar Market

    John Brinkmann, an innovator of the guitar show concept and a pioneer in helping create the vintage-guitar market, passed away October 8. He had been battling diabetes and a heart condition. Brinkmann was one of the first people to advance vintage-guitar sales from early “car trunking” at flea markets to organized, promoted events where instruments

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    Steve West

    Life Since “Louie, Louie”

    What constitutes a Guitar Hero? Is it Hendrix or Van Halen, or is it your seminal six-string inspiration? Or what about someone whose solo on an iconic hit is forever engrained in your head? The latter category is where you’ll find Steve West, lead guitarist on Paul Revere and the Raiders’ classic version of “Louie,


    Ruppert Acouswitch and Basswitch IQ DIs

    Switching Up

    Ruppert Acouswitch and Basswitch IQ DIs Price: $600 each with gigbag Info: www.rmi.lu. Part DI, part preamp, and part A/B switcher all rolled into one pedal with a big emphasis on quality, versatility, and reliability, Ruppert Musical Instruments’ flagship Basswitch and Acouswitch share an 8.5″ x 6.25″ x 1.5″ heavy-steel chassis, Lehle actuator-style footswitches, Lehle


    D’Angelico’s EXL-1 and EX-SS

    Deco Redux

    3rd Power Solo Dream/Switchback amps Price: $1,859 list/$1,149 street (EXL-1); $1,999 list/$1,409 street (EX-SS) Info: www.dangelicoguitars.com. Images of John D’Angelico crafting masterpieces in his Little Italy shop haunt guitar enthusiasts to this day, implying an era of lost glory. Happily, D’Angelico guitars, long inaccessible to average guitarists, are being revived and reinterpreted in a manner


    Fender’s “First-Gen” Strat

    The Fender Stratocaster is arguably the most popular electric guitar model in the world. From the time of its introduction in 1954, no other electric has outsold its archetypical design. And unlike its fellow archetype, the Gibson Les Paul and its numerous variants including the Junior, Special, Standard, and Custom, the Stratocaster was always been


    Effector 13 Improbability Drive

    “Beam Me Up, Jimi” - The Effector 13 Improbability Drive - spacey, fuzzy, and funky

    Effector 13 Improbability Drive. We understand how you might react. “Another drive pedal?” There are so many… a lot of them similar, or nearly identical? But then again, some are different… (Cue Captain Kirk voiceover…) Prepare, then, gearhead followers, to embark on a journey of drive, fuzz, and distortion unlike anything you’ve experienced before! Just