Gospel Guitars

When he wasn’t crafting Mosrites, Semie Moseley could often be found on the road, providing music for evangelists. It makes sense that his aspirations and beliefs were manifested in these instruments.
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Music Man HD-130 Reverb

Intended to be the masterpiece of a titan in guitar-amp design, Music Man amps of the mid/late ’70s are all too easily mistaken for...

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols

Grown men wearing capes. Stadium concerts with self-indulgent instrumental solos. Lyrics that had nothing to do with reality. Rock stars living in castles. By...

Doug Fieger

The founding member of the Knack toured with the band while also battling cancer. His instruments reflect his musical influences, and are outstanding not only for their history, but for their condition.

Fender’s Musicmaster and Duo‑Sonic

Often forgotten, the diminutive student-grade duo went from concept to reality in short order to capitalize on teenagers taking up guitar to play along with “Rock Around the Clock.”

Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater

The Chicago resident has been exciting blues audiences worldwide for decades. But he built his reputation working the local club circuit, playing for African-American audiences and Chuck Berry-inspired rock for suburban white kids.

What’s So Special About Guitar Picks

You may have one in your pocket. They only cost about 25 cents. But if you have always used one to play guitar, you...

Easy Pickins

You collect guitar picks? Is this a joke? Umm, no...and in a world where books are dedicated to the collectibility of happy meal toys, why should an interest in guitar picks be so far-fetched? Plus, Eric Shoaf asks, “What’s so special about guitar picks?”

’53 Gibson Les Paul Junior

Gibson records say the Les Paul Junior was introduced in 1954. But this instrument has tone and volume pot codes from ’53. It also differs in regard to other specifications, most notably that its neck joint is unlike that on any other Junior.

The Fender Master Series

Dan Smith had an idea – a solidbody guitar with routed chambers that would provide unique resonant tonal characteristics. And he knew the shape...
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