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    Greg Martin honors Leslie West

    To honor Leslie West on his 71st birthday, Greg Martin plugged a ’59 Les Paul Junior into his 50-watt ’72 Marshall half-stack (which stays in his basement). “Leslie is one of my biggest rock influences,” Greg said. “His playing with Mountain captivated me from the first time I heard ‘Mississippi Queen’ on the radio in 1970 and their ‘Climbing!’ album should be in every guitarist’s record collection. Leslie’s playing in Mountain and West, Bruce & Laing taught me the importance of finger vibrato and big tone. For me, he’s up there with Clapton, Hendrix, Beck, B.B. King. and others.” Keep up with Greg at www.kentuckyheadhunters.net.

    • Preamp tubes: two 12AY7, one 12AX7. • Output tubes: two 6V6, cathode-bias. • Rectifier: 5Y3 • Controls: volume for each channel, shared tone. • Speaker: Jensen Special Design P12R. • Output: approximately 16 watts RMS. Behold, this specimen that checks off all the right boxes for fans of vintage amps; beautifully clean, it has


    MXR Slash Octave Fuzz SF01/Slash Cry Baby Classic SC-95

    Slash ’N Burn

    MXR SF01 Slash Octave Fuzz Price: $129 (street) Contact: www.jimdunlop.com Slash Cry Baby Classic SC95 Wah Price: $129 (street) Contact: www.jimdunlop.com MXR’s new Slash Octave Fuzz pedal employs three fuzz “flavors” – Sub-Octave, Fuzz, and Octave Up – that offer a palette of distinctive, utilizable sounds. The pedal, built with analog circuitry, true-bypass switching, and


    Jimmy Vivino


    Growing up in New Jersey, Jimmy Vivino was, in many ways, a typical Italian-American kid. His life centered arou nd family – his parents, siblings, and extended relatives – all of whom not only played key roles in his life, but were vital to his development as a musician. One of three sons born to an


    Mike Beigel

    Resurrection of the Mu-Tron III

    Mike Beigel is no guitarist. But that never held him back in crafting one of the most legendary of all guitar effects pedals, the famed Musitronics Mu-Tron III envelope filter. When players think “funk,” they recall Beigel’s masterpiece stompbox. Bootsy Collins plugged in his Space Bass to craft his Parliament-Funkadelic sound. Jerry Garcia, Frank Zappa,

    Mu-FX TruTron 3X

    ToneVille Amplifiers Broadway

    Red-Carpet Ready

    ToneVille Amplifiers Broadway Price: $2,295 Contact: www.tonevilleamps.com What is it that drives boutique amp builders to expend gallons of skull sweat striving for a more-perfect union between the pluck of steel strings over wire-wound magnets and obsolete 1950s audio technology? If you have to ask (or if you can’t appreciate the differences between an overdriven

    Charis Acoustic SJ

    Charis Acoustic SJ

    Spirit in the Wood

    Charis Acoustic SJ Price: $4,800 (base); $7,100 (as reviewed) Info: www.charisacoustic.com. The spiritual aspects of music perhaps originate with the creation of the musical instrument. To that end, Charis Acoustic builds guitars under luthier Bill Wise’s stated mission to reflect his spiritual commitment with the love and care that he puts into his craft. The


    Cort Z44

    Single-Cut Shuffle

    Cort Z44 Price: $569 list/under $400 street Contact: cortguitars.com Just about everywhere you look these days, manufacturers are devising new spins on the single-cutaway solidbody. Cort has been a player on the import scene for decades and, with its Zenox-series Z44, shows it’s serious about being a player in the world of the single-cut. The

    Harmonic Design’s VP-90

    Harmonic Design’s VP-90

    Tone with Intent

    Harmonic Design’s VP-90 Price: $100 Contact: www.harmonicdesign.net Harmonic Design must be doing something right. Specializing in replacement pickups, they boast a roster of satisfied customers that includes folks like Redd Volkaert, Otis Rush, Bill Frisell, Robben Ford, and Neal Schon. One of their latest offerings, the Harmonic Design VP-90 (for Vintage Plus) is intended as

    Mick Ralphs Home Thumb

    Mick Ralphs

    Back To Bad Co., And Beyond

    Guitarist Mick Ralphs, whose pulverizing riffs were first heard in the late ’60s in the original Mott the Hoople, has charged back into the limelight. Mott was a ferocious quintet, and one of the most highly-underrated bands of that era. Ralphs’ six-album experience in the band was followed by his tenure in Bad Company, a

    Colby Amplification Park 45

    Colby Amplification Park 45

    Put It Here

    Colby Amplification Park 45 Price: $2,500 (list) Contact: www.colbyamps.com There are legends that gear fanatics all know, and then there are hidden treasures known to only a few. Park amps were designed by Jim Marshall and produced in limited quantities. More consistent in construction and design than the ever-evolving Marshalls, the Park line had the

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    Beyond the Parlor

    Part Two: Man and Machine

    Ed. Note: In part two of his series on the guitar in 19-century America, Tim Brookes addresses the common belief that the guitar was strictly a ladies’ parlor instrument by finding guitars being made – and played – by men. “Over the last century,” began a recent guitar history, parroting conventional wisdom, “the guitar has evolved from a


    Hall of Fame – Players

    From 1994 to the present — read about each Readers’ Choice Awards Players.


    Bill Kirchen

    Telemaster Offers A Word To The Wise

    Trying to top 2006’s Hammer Of The Honky-Tonk Gods, Bill Kirchen’s eighth solo album, would seem a mighty tall order. Then again, he set what would have been a surprisingly high bar for anyone else with his ’94 solo debut, Tombstone Every Mile. Word To The Wise (Proper American) manages to push the Tele-toting “King

    EVH Wolfgang WG Standard

    EVH Wolfgang WG Standard

    Atomic Punk

    EVH Wolfgang WG Standard Price: $799.99 (list); $599.99 (street) Contact: www.evhgear.com Decades after the release of the first Van Halen album, universal acceptance of Edward Van Halen as the last musician to revolutionize the electric guitar periodically rises and falls. About every five years or so, renewed admiration and respect is often followed by indifference


    Brad Paisley

    Keep Pushing Play

    Ten years into what has become a stellar career, when Brad Paisley hits your town to play a show these days, it’s with nine semi tractor-trailer rigs and a fleet of buses. His five studio albums have all reached multi-platinum status and he has volleyed 12 songs into the #1 position on the country charts.

    E.W.S. Little Fuzzy Drive

    E.W.S. Little Fuzzy Drive

    Tiny Footprint, Huge Sound

    E.W.S. Little Fuzzy Drive Price: $160 (list); $130 (street) Info: www.ews-us.com. At 1.5″ x 3.5″, the E.W.S. Little Fuzzy Drive looks fun and toy-like, but, when plugged in, thoughts of cuteness disappear. Designed to use half the space on a pedalboard, the Little Fuzzy Drive (LFD) is sturdy despite is size, and is capable of

    Michael Staertow

    Michael Staertow

    Gramm Backer

    You may not recognize the name, but Michael Staertow has been playing some of classic rock’s most memorable riffs for Lou Gramm, the voice of Foreigner. Hailing from Gramm’s hometown of Rochester, New York, Staertow also performed recently with the Buffalo Philharmonic, and at the 2014 Rochester Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, sharing the

    SCOTTY MOORE's GIBSON ES-295 Vinatge guitar Magazine

    Scotty Moore’s Gibson ES-295

    First Guitar of Rock and Roll

    Like a hound dog hit by lightning, the first notes of rock and roll blasted out of radios across the country in July of 1954, courtesy of Elvis Presley’s supercharged-hillbilly singing on “That’s All Right” and “Blue Moon Of Kentucky,” backed by Scotty Moore’s guitar. It was the twang heard ’round the world. That guitar