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    Leon Rhodes

    Country-Jazz Genius, Terrific Texas Troubadour

    Leon Rhodes 1932-2017 We are saddened to hear of the passing of guitar legend Leon Rhodes, one of the most-beloved players from the golden age of country music. Leon emerged in the early ’60s with Ernest Tubb’s Texas Troubadours, his jazzy style usually played on a semi- or hollowbody thinline that helped create a distinctive

    B.B. King was inducted into the VG Hall of Fame in 1997. Deadline for entries is December 11, 2017. Double entries will be disqualified. By submitting a ballot, you will automatically be entered in our Readers’ Choice Awards Giveaway with a chance to win a Supro guitar/amp package worth $4,379! New inductees and contest winners will be announced in the April ’18 issue.

    We’ve seen some pristine vintage pieces in these pages over the years, but as far as time-capsule amps go, when you consider age-to-condition ratio, this National-Dobro Model C might very well take the cake. “This amp is untouched, mint, and working perfectly after [nearly] 80 years under its original cover,” says owner Duke Kelso. As

    Setting Up Effects

    Certain Guidelines Apply to a Signal Chain, But Your Ears Are the Ultimate Judge

    One question frequently asked by guitar players is how to set up effects and arrange them in a 
proper signal path. While there isn’t any “one and only” correct setup for effects, there are certain configurations that can produce better results in achieving specific types of sounds. Some work better than others, but anything is

    Pretty Things, Procol Harum, David Bowie, and Various Artists

    Let’s Go Down and Blow Our Minds: British Psychedelic Sounds of 1967

    For all the British psych bands you do know – such as the Move and Small Faces – you’ve probably never heard of dozens more. This three-CD set brings together more than 75 fairly obscure, but joyous tracks from acid-tripping England in 1967. You’ll hear long-gone acts like the Marmalade, Peter and the Wolves, and

    Recording Acoustic Guitars

    The Art of Home Recording

    Recording an acoustic guitar is very different from recording an electric, employing different microphones, placement, and technique. Here are a few essential steps.

    Nathan East


    Nathan East’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing in 40 years. Offered gigs with Quincy Jones, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and Daft Punk, he’s crisscrossed genres from pop to jazz. His smooth yet percolating bass lines have underpinned a generation of music. As a founding member of Foreplay, he has an indelible foot print within contemporary

    Pete Anderson

    Disciple of the Hook

    Detroit native Pete Anderson made a name for himself in the ’80s, playing a ton of twang while Dwight Yoakam sang. In the last 20 years, though, he has become known as an player who can adroitly back virtually any act, a first-rate music producer, and a record-label head. A disciple of ’50s rock-and-roll and

    Chris Dreja

    Yardbird Recall

    Chris Dreja had a front-row seat to rock-and-roll history, playing rhythm guitar and bass in the Yardbirds behind Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. Today, Dreja still plays with the vaunted Brit-pop group, co-leading the band with original drummer Jim McCarty and cranking out ’60s anthems like “For Your Love” and “Heart Full of

    The Leilani Lap Steel and Amplifier

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    Home Feature Image

    Knaggs Guitars’ Chesapeake Severn Tier 2 Trembuck

    All-Genre Style

    Knaggs Guitars’ Chesapeake Severn Tier 2 Trembuck Price: $ 5,600 (list)/$4,300 (street) Info: www.knaggsguitars.com. Maryland-based Knaggs Guitars was founded five years ago by former PRS luthier Joe Knaggs and business marketer Peter Wolf. The pair build high-quality set-neck guitars using handpicked tonewoods and state-of-the-art processes. Available in a variety of color and finishes, Knaggs guitars

    ’68 Truetone by Kay/Valco

    The year 1968 was not a good one for American manu­facturers of stringed instruments. M.C.A. closed the original Danelectro, and what was left of Kay and Valco was locked in a tailspin. Valco bought the remnants of Kay in ’67, and attempted to combine the brand with their own products, but to no avail. This

    Jorma Kaukonen

    Hot Tuna, Part 1

    Guitarist Jorma Kaukonen and bassist Jack Casady have been playing music together for 53 years – 40 of them as Hot Tuna. What started as an acoustic splinter group from their gig with Jefferson Airplane morphed into both acoustic and electric variations and myriad combinations.Released on the heels of Tuna’s successful “blues tour” with Charlie

    The Vox Bruno TB35C2

    Yankee Doodle Tony

    When it comes iconic guitar tone – especially “British” tone – Vox and its flagship AC30 are at the top of most players’ list. After all, the Vox AC30 is one of the most widely recorded amps, used by countless artists in nearly every genre, on both sides of the pond. Vox recently partnered with

    Kurdt Vanderhoof

    These Go to XI

    When it comes to thrash metal, the “Big 4” – Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax – get credit for popularizing the style. But there were other trailblazing bands at the dawn of thrash, including Metal Church. The band recently issued its 11th album, XI, which included a reunion with singer Mike Howe. We recently spoke

    Ron Wood

    Stone Solo

    “I’ve always wanted to rock,” gushes 63-year-old Ron Wood, whose journey from the shy 10-year-old washboard player in older brother Ted’s ’50s skiffle group to the renowned veteran guitarist in “The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band” has been one wild joyride. Born Ronald David Wood on June 1, 1947, in London’s Hillingdon section to

    Loretta Lynn

    Full Circle, Still A Mountain Girl
    Standing Proud

    Loretta Lynn, who turned 84 this year, first became famous for her plain-spoken, proudly twangy hits in the ’60s and ’70s, many of the standout original compositions based on her life. Her best-selling autobiography Coal Miner’s Daughter and the 1980 film adaptation that won Sissy Spacek an Oscar made Lynn iconic. After years or relative

    The Musical Instrument Museum

    Blooms in the Desert

    When traveling the American desert southwest, one should expect the unexpected. Visit in the springtime and you might witness the elusive flowering of the torch cactus, which happens on just one day each year. No matter when you visit, though, you can see 1,000-year-old Native American pueblos (complete with ball courts), marvelous relics of long-lost

    Paul Nelson

    Main Man to the Blues Man

    Paul Nelson is not only Johnny Winter’s second guitarist, but the blues icon’s musical director, producer, songwriter, and – many say – life saver. Fans who have recently seen Winter will attest to Nelson’s guitar prowess and ability to complement Winter. The resulting fireworks provide some of the best shows of Winter’s long career. The

    1924 Martin 00-45

    1924 Martin 00-45

    When trying to determine originality, guitar dealers and collectors have a tendency to study instruments with the care of a forensic pathologist. Still, modifications can be difficult to detect, and manufacturers’ records are often the only way to map an instrument’s history and determine whether it has been repaired or modified. No matter how skilled