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    James Patrick Regan Honors George Johnson and Taj Mahal!

    James Patrick Regan used his ’77 Gibson Les Paul Custom to play the main riff from The Brothers Johnson song “Strawberry Love Letter #23” in honor of George Johnson, who turns 65 today. He also dishes out a bit of “She Caught the Katy” by Taj Mahal (who is 75 today), then shows us the lead break from “Strawberry…” James’ guitar is running through an MXR Carbon Copy then into his ’70s Music Man 112 RD. His strings are Dunlop Super Brights, cable by George L’s. keep up with James HERE!!

    Jake Andrews in the VG New Gear Yearbook 2018

    Check out Jake Andrews and Eric Johnson jamming on the classic EJ tune, “Zap,” during this year’s Dallas International Guitar Show. Jake is playing a ’58 Gibson ES-335 through a ’68 Marshall 50-watt plexi with overdrive from a vintage Tube Screamer. They’re backed by Tommy Taylor on drums and Kyle Brock on bass. Then, Jake plays through a Sir Henry pedal built by Dustin Sears, who techs for him and EJ as well as Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Doyle Bramhall, II, and the Experience Hendrix Tour. In the New Gear Yearbook 2018, Jake talks about the music and players who influenced him most, and explains how his first setup was a classic Fender guitar and tweed amp!  The “Yearbook” is sponsored by Sam Ash Music Stores Music Stores. READ NOW!!

    Billy Squier

    Recollections, Guitar Collection

    Much has been written and said about Billy Squier and how his 1981 album, Don’t Say No, provided the spark in the gap between 1970s hard rock and ’80s heavy metal. Indeed, when he rose to fame in the early 1980s on the strength of “The Stroke,” his mega-hit ode to glad-handing record executives, Squier

    The Tale of Bobby Whitlock’s D-35

    Storied Board

    The Tale of Bobby Whitlock’s D-35

    Plenty of musicians personalize instruments with their names or initials. So, it’s easy to assume that Robert “Bobby” Whitlock commissioned someone to inlay the “RW” in the fingerboard of his Martin D-35. Fact is, though, that another RW actually crafted the inlay work, unaware that his artistry would catch the eye of a rock star.

    The Drew & Sebastian Avenger


      At first glance, the D&S Avenger looks like a long-lost prototype from Leo’s shop, with its offset-waist shape and familiar pickup/hardware/control setup. The Avenger’s two-piece alder body sports a well-executed tobacco-sunburst finish and deep contours. Its one-piece 25.5″-scale bolt-on maple neck has a vintage C profile, aged/tinted poly finish with modern 9.5″-radius fretboard and

    1980 Renaissance T-200G Home thumb

    Renaissance T-200G

    What is it about Plexiglas? It’s so cool. You can see through it onstage. It’s dense, yet resonant. You’d think it would be the perfect medium for a mean rock and roll machine. And it’s not like people haven’t tried! But for some mysterious reason(s), practically every attempt to make a successful Plexiglas guitar has

    Metal Pedals JH-3

    Metal Pedals JH-3

    Swiss-Army Distortion

    Metal Pedals JH-3 Price: $235 (list) Contact: www.metalpedals.com Like a Swiss Army knife, the multifunction Metal Pedals JH-3 Johnny Hiland has more options than you’d expect in such a small package. Hiland, solo artist and session man for folks from Toby Keith to Hank III, was so inspired after playing through Metal Pedals’ Bomb Shell

    Jim Singleton

    Jim Singleton

    Clarksdale Collaboration

    A connoisseur of vintage gear, VG readers may know Jim Singleton as the main man at Jim’s Guitars, in Pennsylvania. His drool-worthy displays at guitar shows are habitually filled with fine classic instruments and amps. In addition to his business persona, Singleton is a talented guitarist and singer, and he recently released a blues album

    Blues Player of the Year

    Joe Bonamassa Awarded in 2016 Old-school genres like the blues are about tradition – make an album every couple/three years, tour, take a break. Joe Bonamassa don’t play that. Find all the details in the 2016 VG Readers’ Choice Awards. B.B. King Awarded in 2015 When B.B. King passed in May of 2015, VG fielded

    Fender’s 1957 Precision Bass

    Fender’s 1957 Precision Bass

    When an instrument maintains the same basic design and profile for more than a half-century, it’s safe to say that in terms of design and execution, it was “done right.” Introduced in late 1951, the Fender Precision Bass was a completely new instrument, with a 34″ scale and four strings tuned an octave below a

    Adrian Legg

    Adrian Legg

    The Wizard of Strings

    Aside from witty asides on social issues, natural disasters, and Renaissance history, Adrian Legg’s formidable fingerstyle and deep musicality remain his calling card. His latest album, Dead Bankers, continues the bedazzlement. On “Marco’s Bounce,” you put a piece of foam under the strings to create a percussive effect. I owe the foam trick to [Brazilian

    National Style 3 Hawaiian

    Metal-bodied guitars built by the National String Instrument Company before World War II represent a giant leap in guitar design and technology. When they debuted in 1926, they were startling in both appearance and sound; there was simply nothing else like them. Throughout the ’20s, the guitar gained popularity with rising prominence of radio artists

    Echoplex EP-2 Feature Home Page Vintage Guitar magazine

    Echoplex EP-2

    Sam Phillips didn’t invent tape echo with his mid-’50s recordings of Elvis, but he just as well may have. So influential, so inspirational were those songs – with their warm, glorious slap-back echo created in Sun’s control room by two jerryrigged tape recorders – that budding rock-and-rollers everywhere had to have it. With the arrival

    Martin’s “12-Fret” 000-42

    Martin has never been a stranger to producing certain guitars in very limited quantities. But just how rare is the 12-frets-to-the-body 000-42? It has long been held that Martin has done a yeoman’s job of tracking its production through the years (few manufacturers have been so meticulous, especially going back so far), but it has

    Toronzo Cannon

    Blues The Chicago Way

    “I’m not trying to be a starving artist at 48 years old,” says blues man Toronzo Cannon when asked if he’d consider playing blues full-time. A bus driver for the Chicago Transit Authority by day, as a guitarist he headlines local blues clubs, plays festivals, and goes on frequent tours to Europe. He recently signed

    Frenzel FM-DP1 Tube Preamp

    Old-School Bang Without Breaking the Bank

    For five decades after he built his first guitar amp in 1952, Jim Frenzel designed tube and solidstate equipment for the military, FAA, and Texas Instruments. But it wasn’t until 2001, after his retirement, that he returned to tube guitar amps. Frenzel’s philosophy is pretty straightforward; he designs and builds amps that easily dial up

    Keeley Electronics Seafoam Chorus

    Keeley Electronics Seafoam Chorus

    Side Effects

    Keeley Electronics Seafoam Chorus Price: $229 (list) Contact: www.robertkeeley.com In a world of proliferating effects pedals, discovering one that does what it promises well can be a rewarding discovery. Finding one that does what it promises and rewards experimentation with some unexpected sounds can invoke bliss. Housed in a small-footprint design and resplendently painted in

    Coco Montoya

    Hard Truth

    It’s been awhile since Coco Montoya’s last studio effort, but he comes out firing here. From the Albert King-style blast that kicks off the opener, “Before The Bullets Fly,” to the loud, raucous blues rock of the closer, “Truth Be Told,” He is spot on. The tunes here cover a lot of ground. “I Want

    Golden State-Lone Star Blues Revue

    Golden State-Lone Star Blues Revue

    Welcome to a cross-country meeting of blues minds. The first release from this group of veteran California and Texas bluesmen features guitarists Little Charlie Baty, an Alabama-to-California transplant grounded originally in Chicago blues and erstwhile leader of Little Charlie and the Nightcats, and Anson Funderburgh, acolyte of fellow Texans like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Freddie King.