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    Alex Williams – Pay No Mind

    Alex Williams and Mike Eli use a couple of fine vintage pieces on this unplugged version of “Pay No Mind” from Williams’ album, “Better Than Myself.” Alex is playing a 1950 Gibson J-50, Mike a ’53 Martin D-18. Be sure to read our review in the January issue of Vintage Guitar. READ NOW!!


    The ROCKN STOMPN LLC RS-4 looks like a power strip, but it is really a state of the art, microprocessor based, multimode power sequencer with EMI/RFI noise filtering and power conditioning, and is a UL listed surge protector, and much more. www.rocknstompn.com

    B.B. King was inducted into the VG Hall of Fame in 1997. Deadline for entries is December 11, 2017. Double entries will be disqualified. By submitting a ballot, you will automatically be entered in our Readers’ Choice Awards Giveaway with a chance to win a Supro guitar/amp package worth $4,379! New inductees and contest winners will be announced in the April ’18 issue.

    The Soldano

    Super Lead Overdrive

    One of the leaders of what we might call the second wave of high-end high-gain tube amps, Soldano has been making a big noise since 1987 – the year Michael J. Soldano released his first production model, the Super Lead Overdrive (SLO-100). The SLO’s ability to churn out searing lead tones with a certain sonic

    The DGN Custom Guitars Paragon Standard

    In Search of Perfection

    DGN custom guitars paragon standard Price: $3,000 (base) Contact: DGNcustomguitars.com. For the past few years, luthier Dan Neafsey has been making a name for himself from his small workshop in southern Connecticut, and for good reason. The instruments from DGN Custom Guitars are customized, hand-made, and of very high quality. One of his newest models is

    Kirk Douglas

    Kirk Douglas

    Music In a Blender

    As guitarist on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” “Captain” Kirk Douglas has an enviable gig. He also performs on albums and stages around the world while backing everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Christina Aguilera. His love of heavy rock and funk has given him the chops to hold down guitar duties in one of

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    Singular Sound BeatBuddy

    Drums Even You Can Play

    Everyone knows a good drummer joke. Or two. Drummers are indeed a special breed. Singular Sound’s BeatBuddy drum-machine pedal, however, is no joke. And as the first drum-machine-in-a-pedal designed for guitarists, it, too, is special. The BeatBuddy provides Charlie Watts in a box – along with Buddy Rich, Al Jackson, Jr., and John Bonham thrown

    Michael Staertow

    Michael Staertow

    Gramm Backer

    You may not recognize the name, but Michael Staertow has been playing some of classic rock’s most memorable riffs for Lou Gramm, the voice of Foreigner. Hailing from Gramm’s hometown of Rochester, New York, Staertow also performed recently with the Buffalo Philharmonic, and at the 2014 Rochester Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, sharing the

    Michael Sweet

    Frontman, Shredder

    The yellow-and-black attack of the Christian-metal band Stryper has returned. The band’s new album, Second Coming, helps mark 30 years of preaching their metal gospel and selling more than 10 million albums worldwide. The band returns to the spotlight with a renewed sense of vigor and passion. Second Coming is 16 tracks including re-recordings of

    George Kilby, Jr.

    The Succinct Approach

    George Kilby, Jr.’s Six Pack is, he says, a “collection of singles” rather than an EP or album. Kilby graduated from Princeton, where his mentor, J.K. Randall, introduced him to Pinetop Perkins, legendary pianist for the Muddy Waters Band. “The main thing Pine gave me in terms of style and sound is economy,” Kilby recounted.

    DiMarzio’s Black Angel Pickup

    Got a Sweet...

    Back in the old days, adding a pickup to an acoustic guitar was a major operation that required a luthier’s services. There was one exception, however – the spring-loaded magnetic pickup from DeArmond. It was easy to install and very effective at making an acoustic sound more like an electric. DiMarzio’s new sound-hole mounted pickup,

    David Allen Bazooka Overdrive

    David Allen Bazooka Overdrive


    David Allen Bazooka Overdrive Price: $250 (list) Contact: www.dallenpickups.com An Internet search for “overdrive pedals” yields 1,610,000 hits, indicating a well-saturated market. The Bazooka Overdrive stands out from the crowd. Pickup maker David Allen offers a broad line of guitar and bass pickups, all lovingly tweaked to achieve what he calls “The Sound.” Who better,

    Bobby “Blue” Bland

    The Guitarists of Blues’ Crown Prince

    On June 23 of last year, the blues lost one of its greatest singers with the death of Bobby “Blue” Bland at age 83. Best known for a 20-year run with Duke Records that yielded such classics as “I Pity The Fool,” “I’ll Take Care Of You,” and his reworking of T-Bone Walker’s “Stormy Monday

    Various Artists

    Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan and Dominic Miller

    Bill Frisell is a living jazz icon, famed for his ethereal tone and snaking post-bop lines. Here, he partners with Thomas Morgan for a live set – just guitar and standup bass – cut at the Village Vanguard in New York. It’s intimate and beautiful, as you’d expect from ECM. “It Should Have Happened A

    1933 Gibson L-5 “Special”

    Though many collectors focus on instruments in fine original condition, every so often one emerges that, regardless of condition, is no less exciting than a paleontologist finding the “missing link.” Everything there is to know about the Gibson L-5 designed by Carl Kress can be learned from this example, with the model designation “Special” hand-written

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    Top 50 Guitar Songs of the ’70s

    By the Readers and Staff of Vintage Guitar Vintage Guitar marked 25 years of publication with a year full of cool features that relied on feedback from readers who visit VintageGuitar.com. This month, we offer the results of a poll to determine what readers believe to be the 50 coolest guitar-driven songs of the 1970s.

    Bill Frisell

    Bill Frisell

    For the December ’14 issue of Vintage Guitar magazine, Dan Forte interviewed Bill Frisell. Here’s a look at the many guitars used by the ultra-versatile superpicker. The issue is available at www.store.vintageguitar.com. This article originally appeared in VG‘s December 2014 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

    EHX’s Bad Stone Phase Shifter, C9 Organ Machine, and Pitch Fork Polyphonic Pitch Shifter

    Pedal Heaven

    When it comes to stompboxes, there are the standard go-to effects that every guitarist, whether a gigging musician or a bedroom noodler, seems to have in his or her arsenal. Then there are those pedals that push an electric guitar’s sonic possibilities even further into the stratosphere. Recently, three boxes from Electro-Harmonix landed on our

    The Pigtronix Envelope Phaser 2


    Pigtronix Envelope Phaser II Price: $249 (street). Contact: Phone (631) 331-7447; Pigtronix.com. Pigtronix effects are known not only for their tones, but their sophistication. So it’s no surpise that the Envelope Phaser II has a potentially daunting array of control knobs and switches, some with familiar names (Sensitivity, Depth, Speed), others less common (Resonance, Staccato,

    The Fender Bullet Deluxe/JP-90

    No Frills, Didn’t Fly

        Fender has tried more than once to market basses with a low-budget vibe. And while the idea is laudable, most of the offerings never really caught on. In the early ’80s, Fender – then owned by CBS – was on a downward slide thanks in part to quality-control issues and uninspired products. And

    Rodney Crowell

    Close Ties

    Rodney Crowell, who gained fame during country’s New Traditional era of the 1980s, has always drawn from his personal life for inspiration. He doubled down on that on his 2001 album The Houston Kid and continued a decade later in his autobiography Chinaberry Sidewalks. This new album continues that approach. Co-producers Jordan Lehning and Kim