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    James Patrick Regan celebrates Steven Van Zandt, Ron McClure and Rod Price!

    James Patrick Regan made a stop at Napa Music Supply so he could plug a reissue Fender Starcaster into a ’65 Deluxe Reverb (using a George L’s cable) and play this birthday tribute to Steven Van Zandt, bassist Ron McClure, and the late Rod Price. James wraps his jam with an homage to the Beatles! Keep up with James at thedeadlies.com/

    In today’s world of proliferating boutique pedals, guitarists have a staggering array of divergent options. Case in point, the Black Cat Vibe and TWA Triskelion Mk. II make for a pair of pedals, which couldn’t be more different. The Black Cat Vibe is based on the original Uni-Vibe of the 1960s and ’70s, evoking that

    Jimi Hendrix

    Morning Symphony Ideas

    James Marshall Hendrix is undoubtedly the greatest rock guitarist who ever lived, and Experience Hendrix LLC is now releasing a vinyl version of this original 2000 collection. The original release consisted of studio jams and home demos recorded between 1969 and ’70, and featured Buddy Miles on four tracks and Billy Cox on one. This

    Nils Lofgren

    Great American Journeyman

    Nils Lofgren’s resumé stretches 47 years and counting. He joined Neil Young’s band at age 19 and was a member of Crazy Horse before his own band, Grin, landed a record deal in 1971. After Grin, he forged a solo career and in ’84 joined Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. His tenure with

    Steve Miller

    Some People Call Him Rock Icon

    Not until after he turned 40 did it occur to Steve Miller that he never really needed to fear whether he’d “make it” in the music business. That may sound like an odd bit of neurosis coming from the mind of a rock superstar whose hit songs saturated airwaves in the early days of FM

    ZVEX Woolly Mammoth 7

    Fuzzy Beast

    Zachary Vex masterminds some of the most radical and downright fun pedals known to mankind. And as he states in the user’s manual to the Woolly Mammoth 7, “Because why not.” Exactly. Why not offer guitarists and bassists fuzz ranging from domestic kitty-cat purr to Ice Age growl? Why not add a Marshall-style tone stack

    Singleton Guitars Capella

    Shining Bright

    Mark Singleton holds the distinction of being a smokin’ guitarist as well as, for the past 24 years, a builder of boutique guitars and basses. One side of the coin influences the other, with Singleton’s real-world playing experiences informing his colorful guitar and bass designs. Located at the simpler end of the Singleton lineup, the

    The Epiphone Excellente

    The Epiphone Excellente

    When Gibson acquired Epiphone in 1957, the plan was to introduce a new line of Epis that would be made in the Gibson factory but designed to be slightly less expensive than the equivalent Gibson model. It worked out that way in the electric line of the 1960s, where the more expensive Epis had mini-humbuckers

    Croy and the Boys

    Hey Come Back

    There’s something about the Telecaster – as well as its forerunners and inspired imitators – that attracts musicians whose music then reflects the guitar’s straightforward character. It’s a guitar that speaks to players interested in getting right down to picking. Providing the instrumental spine to Corey “Croy” Baum’s smartly constructed, witty, often moving original songs,

    Jethro Tull

    Stand Up: The Elevated Edition

    Released in the summer of 1969, Stand Up was Tull’s first album with guitarist Martin Barre and showed them honing their blend of proto-hard rock and heavy blues, psychedelic, and folk-rock ideas, the latter heard in “Back To The Family.” This two-CD reissue includes a remix by producer Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), famed for his


    Godin’s A4 and A5 Ultra SA

    Brave New Basses

    Godin A4/A5 Ultra SA Price: $1,395 (A4 Ultra SA fretted); $1,645 (A5 Ultra SA fretless) Info: godinguitars.com. For years, Godin Guitars has been finding creative ways to improve guitar and bass design, often by working directly with musicians. This has resulted in numerous breakthroughs typically packaged in traditional-appearing instruments. A good example is their A

    Peter Stroud and Audley Freed

    Two Guys, Many Guitars, One Big Hat

    Many a noteworthy rock and roll band from the Cotton Belt has been propelled by guitar-playin’ good ol’ boys with names that ring through music lore in (sometimes) poetic-sounding tandems – Allman and Betts, Collins and Rossington, Caldwell and McCorkle, Petty and Campbell, Hlubeck and Roland (or Holland!), Medlocke and Hargrett, Van Zant and Carlisi,

    Perfect Curves Fender’s Stratocaster Turns 60

    Perfect Curves

    Fender’s Stratocaster Turns 60

    Sixty years down the road since its creation, the Fender Stratocaster is the default image of the electric guitar for nearly all the human race. From early adopters like Buddy Holly to pioneering masterminds like Jim Hendrix and living legends like Eric Clapton, it has been a stalwart, always at hand for superstars, bedroom pickers,

    Carol Kay, Vintage Guitar magazine Home main image

    Carol Kaye

    Think "Extensive"

    Contrary to what some aspiring bass players might think, the world’s most recorded electric bassist isn’t some modern-day L.A. dude purveying “NAMM chops” (to quote John Pattitucci) aplenty with the thumb and fingers of both hands flying all over his instrument. And they don’t have a custom neck-through bass (with five or six strings) and

    Golden State-Lone Star Blues Revue

    Golden State-Lone Star Blues Revue

    Welcome to a cross-country meeting of blues minds. The first release from this group of veteran California and Texas bluesmen features guitarists Little Charlie Baty, an Alabama-to-California transplant grounded originally in Chicago blues and erstwhile leader of Little Charlie and the Nightcats, and Anson Funderburgh, acolyte of fellow Texans like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Freddie King.

    EVH Stripe Series Star

    Romeo Delight

    There was time when guitarists waited for new Van Halen records like ferrets on crack. After all, in the early ’80s, Edward Van Halen was a huge deal – a revolutionary upstart who inspired young guitarists to think outside the blues box and diverge from the blues-rock sounds of Nugent, Clapton, and Page. Every new

    Goodtone Roadrage PD, Mad Professor Golden Cello

    Secret Weapons

    Goodtone Roadrage PD, Mad Professor Golden Cello Price: $155 Info: www.goodtone.com. Goodtone Amps builder Norm Matthews has a rep for building noteable guitar amps, and more recently he delved into effects pedals. Matthews’ first box is the Roadrage PD, a true-bypass, two-stage MOSFET-based unit designed to deliver neutral clean gain boost or overdrive. In other

    The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and John McEuen

    Circlin’ Back: Celebrating 50 Years and Made in Brooklyn

    The Dirt Band celebrates five decades in style with a host of new releases. The ensemble’s Ryman Auditorium all-star show from March 2016 originally aired on PBS TV, lending the DVD and separate CD high quality visuals and sound. It’s almost easier to list who wasn’t at the show. Among the stars performing with the