Elmira Vintage Guitar Show

April 22, Woolwich Memorial Centre, 24 Ave S, Elmira, ON, Canada. Show hours 11-4. For more info visit www.ontarioguitarshows.com.

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Summer Ohio Guitar Show

June 24, Makoy Center, 5462 Center St., Hilliard, OH. Show hours 11:30-5. For more info, March (740)797-3351, alexmack@ohio.net, www.ohioguitarshows.com.


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Tom Teaches the Blues!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIUlq_CbEKc] Vintage Guitar is teaming with Collings Guitars and Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop to present an exclusive eight-part series on beginner fingerpicking. Hosted by...

The Peoples’ Guitar

Many aren’t aware that some of the archtop guitars Gibson produced during the Depression were marketed under different brand names, including Kalamazoo, Recording King,...