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    Mark King extends birthday wishes to Stanley Clarke

    Level 42 bassist Mark King extends birthday wishes to his musical hero, Stanley Clarke, who turns 65 today. Mark’s Status Graphite Kingbass Paramatrix (with Rotosound strings) is running into a Radial Design DI through Logic Pro software. Keep up with Mark at www.level42.com.

    James Patrick Regan honors Sweet’s Andy Scott

    James Patrick Regan is a big-time fan of Sweet, and in honor of Andy Scott’s turning 67 today, here he jams on two of the band’s songs –“Love Is Like Oxygen” and “Action” – and tells a bit of Andy’s history. To spice things up, he also gives birthday shout-outs to Yngwie Malmsteen (53) and to Doyle Holly (1936-2007), bassist with Buck Owens and The Buckaroos. James’ gear includes his ’64 Strat, Swart Space Tone Atom amp, and an MXR Distortion on a Trailer Trash pedalboard wired with George L’s cables. Keep up with Patrick at thedeadlies.com

    Tyler Morris’ Birthday tribute Yngwie Malmsteen

    Check out Tyler Morris paying tribute to guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen, who turns 53 today. Tyler was on the bill at Yngwie’s Guitar Gods Festival last winter in Miami, and here plays several cool YJM licks using his Dean Thoroughbred with Fishman Fluence pickups into a Revv amp. Keep up with Tyler at www.tylerdmorris.com.

    Preamp tubes: two 7025, two 12AX7 Output tubes: two 6BQ5/EL84 Rectifier: GZ34 Controls: Bright channel: Volume, Treble, Bass; Normal channel: Volume, Treble, Bass; tremolo Speed and Intensity for both channels Speakers: two 10″ Oxford 10K-5 ceramic speakers in a closed-back cabinet Output: approximately 35 watts RMS We tend to think the EL84 didn’t become a


    Echoplex EP-2

    Sam Phillips didn’t invent tape echo with his mid-’50s recordings of Elvis, but he just as well may have. So influential, so inspirational were those songs – with their warm, glorious slap-back echo created in Sun’s control room by two jerryrigged tape recorders – that budding rock-and-rollers everywhere had to have it. With the arrival

    steve dawson1

    Steve Dawson

    Solid States and Loose Ends

    Steve Dawson shines as a session player and producer supporting other artists’ work. But when he hides away in his own studio and cuts his own tunes, his music truly comes alive. On his 2015 album, Rattlesnake Cage, he showed what he’s got on the solo acoustic front. Now he’s back, better than ever, with

    Brian Bromberg photo

    Andy Brown Quartet and Brian Bromberg

    Direct Call and Full Circle
    Two of the Best in Jazz

    Not every jazz guitarist who plays solo can also blow in a group context, and vice versa. Some adept at both include Tuck Andress, Joe Pass, Johnny Smith, George Van Eps, and Earl Klugh. Martin Taylor is arguably at the top of the solo heap, although he’s shown equally impressive facility backing Stéphane Grappelli and


    The Rickenbacker 4000

    The model 4000 was not only Rickenbacker’s first foray into the electric-bass market, it was decidedly different from Fender’s Precision – the original electric bass. Beyond frets, four strings, and their role in a musical combo, they have little in common. In the 1950s, F.C. Hall forged Rickenbacker into a modern guitar manufacturer. Striving to

    Blackstar HT Club 40

    Blackstar HT Club 40

    Monster of Rock

    Blackstar HT Club 40 Price: $699.99 (list) Contact: www.blackstaramps.com Standalone combo amplifiers that cover broad sonic terrain are popular with guitarists looking for quick, pedal-free stage setups. Blackstar’s HT Club 40 fulfills those desires by offering a foot-switchable, two-channel, 40-watt combo with two modes per channel, Master Volume, and a 12″ speaker. At just over


    The Siegmund Doppler Vibe

    The Faster We Go, the Rounder We Get

    Siegmund Doppler Vibe Price: $495 Info: www.siegmundguitars.com. It’s been said that Buddy Guy was the first guitarist to put his instrument through a Leslie rotating speaker. Supposedly, this was done in a pinch after his amp crapped out during a 1965 session for Junior Wells’ seminal Hoodoo Man Blues, but the result was a fresh


    Terry Burrows

    The Stratocaster Manual, The Les Paul Manual

    Two boards, three pickups, some hardware, and various electric bits and pieces: Stratocasters are simple creations at heart. But setting one up perfectly, repairing it – especially stageside in the heat of a gig – and modding it are all art forms. These two manuals offer hard-won wisdom. These are not books about how to

    Darin and Brooke Aldridge’s Family Album

    Darin and Brooke Aldridge’s Family Album

    Picture Perfect

    The husband-and-wife duo Darin and Brooke Aldridge are one of the hottest acts on the traditional bluegrass/Americana scene. The couple’s sixth release, Snapshots, is a musical scrapbook of contemporary bluegrass, traditional country and gospel tunes marked by spirited picking. We recently spoke to Darin about the album. What instruments did you use on Snapshots? A


    Wampler Effects Pedals

    Filling the Gaps

    Wampler Effects Pedals Price: $199.97 (Ego Compressor); $199.97 (Plexi-Drive British Overdrive) Contact: www.wamplerpedals.com Brian Wampler, who developed a reputation first for modding effects pedals, then for building originals including a custom overdrive for heavy-hitter country picker Brad Paisley, plays by the rules set forth by the best boutique builders: employ first-rate components, true-bypass wiring, and


    Reilander’s Muckbucker Pickups

    Fat, But Not Tubby

    Reilander’s Muckbucker Pickups Price: $199 (set) Info: www.reilandercustomguitar.com In the 1970s, great guitar-pickup winders began wrapping extra wire on humbuckers, touting the resultant higher output and greater low-end response. Though this approach to pickup construction makes it easier to “overdrive” certain amps, most neck pickups that were given this overwinding sounded muddy, and most such


    Gretsch Roots Collection: Jim Dandy Flat-top, Dixie 6 Guitar-Banjo

    Back to the Country

    Gretsch Roots Collection: Jim Dandy Flat-top, Dixie 6 Guitar-Banjo Price: $239 retail (Jim Dandy Flat Top) and $499 retail (Dixie 6 Guitar-Bajo) Contact: www.gretschguitars.com Cynics inclined to dismiss Gretsch’s Roots Collection as a crass ploy to hop aboard the current washboard-rock chuckwagon popularized by the likes of Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers will

    It was 27 years ago today

    27 years ago today the first issue of your favorite guitar mag came off the presses of a weekly newspaper in New Salem, North Dakota, a town 25 miles west of Vintage Guitar’s world headquarters in Bismarck. Publisher Alan Greenwood drove out late that Friday afternoon, after finishing up at his regular full-time job, and

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    Larry Alan Guitars’ The Harlot

    Siren Song

    Hot idea: pack a sturdy-yet-petite 1590B casing with specially selected parts rendering a powerful, variable guitar overdrive, add a couple of vintage-look knobs, a titillating pinup-girl graphic, and call it The Harlot. On second thought, include a pinup graphic inside the meticulously wired box. That’s right, there are two pinup girls. We know – we


    New Orleans Guitar Company Model 8

    Sonic Mojo

    New Orleans Guitar Company Model 8 Price: $2,999 Contact: neworleansguitar.com For over a decade, the New Orleans Guitar Company has been producing handcrafted electrics with an attention to design and detail possible only in a small shop. The vision of sculptor/luthier Vincent Guidroz was most eloquently conveyed in his Voodoo Custom and JB Custom guitars,

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    Top 50 Guitar Songs of the ’60s

    Data and info compiled by Alan Greenwood and Ward Meeker Vintage Guitar marked 25 years of publication with a year full of cool features that relied on feedback from readers who visit VintageGuitar.com. This month, we kick things off with the results of a poll to determine what readers believe to be the 50 coolest


    Mary Kaye

    Beyond the Stratocaster Connection

    Most informed guitar enthusiasts associate veteran “lounge” guitarist Mary Kaye with the unique ’50s Fender Stratocaster model (blond finish, gold hardware) that has assumed her proper name as its designation. However, it’s ironic that she never owned a “Mary Kaye” Strat in the time that she brandished one in publicity photos of the Mary Kaye

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    Ibanez PN1-NT

    Parlor for Pennies

    In recent years, the parlor guitar has exploded into popularity, reviving a 19th century instrument that was, as its name implies, played in the parlor – the small room used for entertaining guests or as a gathering place for family. In a diminutive space like that, guitarists didn’t need a booming, big-body guitar, hence the