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    Gonzalo Bergara – Drinkin’

    Check out Gonzalo Bergara and his band jamming on “Drinkin’” from their album, Zalo’s Blues (reviewed in the March issue of Vintage Guitar). Gonzalo is playing a ’57 Strat through a 1960 Bassman, while rhythm guitarist Pablo Martinotti is playing a parts Tele through a ’66 Super Reverb. They’re joined by bassist Mariano D’Andrea on a Kay K5965 and Maximiliano Bergara on drums. The video is directed by Cristian Holzmann. Keep up with Gonzalo at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/GonzaloBergara.

    James Patrick Regan celebrates Bob Bogle

    James Patrick Regan and his Fender Tele Thinline (with strings by Dunlop, pickups by Nunley Wade and plugged into his Swart Atomic Space Tone through a George L’s cable) offer a birthday tribute to the late Bob Bogle, who would’ve been 83 today, with this jam on the Ventures’ “Slaughter on 10th Avenue” mixed with a bit of the “Batman” theme. His extra-credit turn this time is a “Spiders and Snakes” shout-out to Jim Stafford, who turns 73 today. Keep up with James at http://thedeadlies.com/.

    Reverend Guitars Ron Asheton Model Price: $1,079 Info: www.reverendguitars.com. If Ron Asheton had recorded just one album in his musical career – the Stooges’ 1969 debut – he still would be regarded as a legend. The Stooges’ proto-punk opus laid the blueprint for a thousand punk, alt-rock, and grunge bands that followed and featured the

    Steve Wariner’s ’62 Fender Jazz Bass

    An eye-popping collectible in its own right, this Olympic White ’62 Fender Jazz Bass scores a few points higher on the scale not only because it has been in the same family for decades, but mostly because it’s owned by star country picker/singer Steve Wariner. Wariner grew up in Fishers, Indiana, then a semi-rural small

    Johnny Marr

    Brit Gets a Git

    When pop-music fans in the U.K. talk about guitar heroes, they tend to put more stake in the way a player’s work fits, contextually, into that of his band. To wit, in a 2006 poll, BBC listeners were asked to choose the best guitarist to emerge since 1980, and many of the 30,000 who responded

    Michael Johnny Walker

    Michael Johnny Walker

    Vintage Attitude Required

    The term “vintage” isn’t always literal when it comes to gear, but it certainly can be used to describe attitude. Michael Johnny Walker has spent his career chasing tone and delivering vintage attitude in spades. The riff-laden, self-titled debut of his newest endeavor, Motobunny, as well as the latest Love Me Nots release, Sucker, both

    Anthony Phillips

    Anthony Phillips

    Progressive 12-String Master

    Ant Phillips was a founding member of Genesis and, along with guitarist/bassist Mike Rutherford, created the signature 12-string acoustic sound that marked the band’s classic albums. Phillips left the group after 1970’s Trespass album to study music, but his ’77 solo debut, The Geese and the Ghost, is regarded as a prog classic. It also

    Epiphone Coronet

    Epiphone Coronet

    This Epiphone Coronet from 1959 was probably a shocking sight to a guitar buyer of the late ’50s. Not only was a solidbody guitar out of character for the company that had built its reputation in the ’30s on archtop acoustics and electrics, but most people thought the Epiphone company had gone out of business

    Martin’s “12-Fret” 000-42

    Martin has never been a stranger to producing certain guitars in very limited quantities. But just how rare is the 12-frets-to-the-body 000-42? It has long been held that Martin has done a yeoman’s job of tracking its production through the years (few manufacturers have been so meticulous, especially going back so far), but it has

    Jack White

    The Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016

    These 26 recordings delve into the heart of the prolific song-smithing of Jack White, providing an eye-opening retrospective of B-sides and re-imaginings, and insight into White’s muse. It also features the previously unreleased “City Lights” and “Love Is The Truth.” Filled with tuneful performances, the collection begins in chronological order (by conception) with songs made

    The Providence Velvet Comp, Red Rock OD, and Phase Force

    The Providence Velvet Comp, Red Rock OD, and Phase Force

    Tones of Destiny

    The Providence Velvet Comp, Red Rock OD, and Phase Force Price: $199 (per piece, list) Contact: www.providence.jp Providence is a Japan-based manufacturer of effects, cables, guitars, pickups, and audio-switching devices. Though an established brand in its home country for almost two decades, its products only recently found their way to the United States, including a

    The Vox AC30C2X and AC15C1

    Brit-Rock Mojo in a Box

    Fully appointed in classic Vox dress, the famed British amp maker’s new AC30C2X and AC15C1 both sport enough of that beloved AC30 look to make most any player yearn for Beatles boots and Fab Four suits. The AC30C2X is a 30-watt, 2×12 combo loaded with Celestion Alnico Blue speakers (there’s another version of this amp

    Kim Simmonds

    Kim Simmonds

    Back to Basics with Savoy Brown

    Under the aegis of founder Kim Simmonds, Savoy Brown has always been a band “subject to change.” Formed in 1965, some of its incarnations went on musical tangents, but the blues has been its keystone genre. The band’s most recent album, Goin’ to the Delta, is a return to basic electric blues, with Simmonds reassuming

    The Yamaha THR10

    Yamaha THR10

    Practice Perfection?

    Yamaha THR10 Price: $299 Contact: usa.yamaha.com. As a rule of thumb, practice amps are a compromise. Blissfully portable, they typically lack tone and features. Yet whether in a bedroom or hotel room, a practice amp should help inspire an artist by making practice more pleasure than chore. Yamaha’s THR10 is a definite step in the

    Lazer Lloyd

    Lazer Lloyd

    Blues in Israel – A Common Bond

    If you ask guitarist Lazer Lloyd, the state of Israel is an appropriate place for blues music. Originally known as Lloyd Paul Blumen, he lived in New York and Connecticut before emigrating to the Middle East more than two decades ago, and now goes by his Hebrew name, Eliezer Pinchas Blumen. “Lazer” is culled from

    Guild in the Post-Fender Era

    Guild in the Post-Fender Era

    Round and Round She Goes

    Since its beginnings in 1952, Guild has gone through many changes in ownership, location, marketing approach, and design philosophy. In the course of a change in ownership and three moves, the Guild line has seen major changes in materials, structural specifications, equipment, personnel, and techniques. It has been a strange odyssey, indeed. When Fender bought

    Hull Amplifiers’ Model H5

    Hull Amplifiers’ Model H5

    Pretty, Stunning

    Hull Amplifiers’ Model H5 Price: $3,199 (list) Contact: www.hullamps.blogspot.com A beat-up ol’ blackface amp can be a thing of beauty, like an old muscle car showing its miles in patches of gray Bondo. But there’s something to be said for an amplifier that’s truly as beautiful to look at as it is to play, with

    Ana Popovic

    Memphis via Belgrade

    Ana Popovic was but a toddler when she started to absorb major musical mojo through her father’s love of the blues, classic rock, and most importantly, thanks to the rec-room jams he would stage with buddies. By the time she was 14, the Serbia-born-and-raised Popovic was taking private lessons on classical guitar, but, “After a


    Kramer 84 and Pacer Vintage

    Tap, Shred, Dive!

    Kramer 84/Pacer Vintage Price: $1,166 (84); $1,267 (Pacer Vintage) Info: kramerguitars.com It’s hard to think of ’80s guitars as vintage, but since all things get older, the guitars of the shred generation have indeed acquired a certain patina. And of the many wild guitars of that epoch, arguably no other manufacturer exemplified the decade more

    Goodtone Roadrage PD, Mad Professor Golden Cello

    Secret Weapons

    Goodtone Roadrage PD, Mad Professor Golden Cello Price: $155 Info: www.goodtone.com. Goodtone Amps builder Norm Matthews has a rep for building noteable guitar amps, and more recently he delved into effects pedals. Matthews’ first box is the Roadrage PD, a true-bypass, two-stage MOSFET-based unit designed to deliver neutral clean gain boost or overdrive. In other