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    Matthew Stubbs

    Watch Matthew Stubbs dig into his Squier Vintage Modified Baritone with his band, The Antiguas, as they play “Dancing With the Bull,” from their new self-titled album. Read about Matthew and his impressive history in Dan Forte’s “Check This Action” column in the June issue of Vintage Guitar. READ NOW!!

    Giveaway #167

    $300 Value!

    Enter to win a Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo, valued at $300! The Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo delivers foot-sweepable tremolo control, all without taking your hands off the guitar. Each component was carefully designed for the highest sound quality and performance available. The sleek, compact design maximizes playability, while minimizing the footprint on your pedal board.

    deLisle Nickel Box

    A Nickel For Your Chops

    deLisle Nickel Box Price: $609 (list); $729 (as tested) Info: www.delisleguitar.com Low-watt amplifiers have enjoyed a run of popularity. Offering saturated power-tube distortion at volumes that should keep the neighbors from showing up at midnight with tallow torches and pitchforks, they can be ideal for practice and recording. Given the number of choices available, one

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    Greg Howe

    Return to Rock with Maragold

    Greg Howe continues to evolve, pushing his artistry into fresh territory. One of the most successful artists on Shrapnel Records, Howe is following his unique vision and has created a catalog built on his unique style and diverse musical interests. With a stack of killer solo records and collaborations with Richie Kotzen, Victor Wooten, Dennis

    Gibson Style J Mando-bass

    Decades before Audiovox or Leo Fender dreamed of making a fretted electric bass, Gibson started manufacturing fretted acoustic mando-basses that were tuned the same as an upright bass. Joe Spann, author of Spann’s Guide to Gibson 1902-1941 has assembled serial and work-order number information documenting Gibson’s production prior to World War II, which indicates mando-bass

    John Jorgenson

    John Jorgenson’s Gypsy Jazz Orchestra

    Call it a “Gypsy jazz wall of sound.” John Jorgenson’s new album, Istiqbal Gathering, features the master guitarist backed by the full Orchestra Nashville – strings, woodwinds, brass, even percussion. The result would make Django Reinhardt himself envious. For Jorgenson, it all came naturally. “Recording solo guitar with a full orchestra is very different than

    Johnny Moeller and Mike Keller

    Two for T(-Birds)

    Every fan of blues music is familiar with the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Founded in 1974 by two guys who would go on to become Texas musical legends, guitarist Jimmie Vaughan and vocalist/harpist/front man Kim Wilson, the band spent its first decade building momentum around the south before tasting international stardom in 1986, when their first album

    Tom Feldman Vintage Guitar magazine Video Lessons

    Tom Feldmann: Son House – “Death Letter Blues” Riff

    Using his concert-sized 1930s Stella Decalcomania with mother-of-toilet-seat (MOTS) fretboard, Tom Feldmann shows you how to play the main riff from Son House’s classic “Death Letter Blues.” Check out Tom’s “Guitar of Son House” at www.guitarvideos.com Submit riff lesson requests at tom@tomfeldmann.com See more lessons, we are adding new lessons monthly!

    Chordal Colorations

    Iconic Axes of Different Hues

    Though their colors are complementary, Brian May’s Red Special and Brian Setzer’s ’59 Gretsch 6120 couldn’t be more different in terms of their origin or their roles in helping to create legendary music. One is home-made, the other represents the innovation of its era. One appeared on stages worldwide, rendering purist tones of a bygone

    Fender’s Mid-’50s Precision Bass

    The "In-Between" Version

    In the world of electric basses, the 1952 Fender Precision is the one that started it all. While it’s true that Gibson, Rickenbacker, and Audiovox all built electric basses some years earlier, the instrument developed by Leo Fender and George Fullerton has always been considered the progenitor of the modern electric bass. The Precision was

    Hard Rock Cafe

    Guardians of Grandeur

    The Men Who Tend to the Guitars of the Hard Rock Cafe

    “A lot of people think I go in [to a sale] with an open checkbook, but that’s not the case; we’re very strategic.” – Jerry Fraize When Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett opened the first Hard Rock Cafe in London’s Mayfair district in 1971, they simply wanted to introduce American culture and cuisine – good

    Jim Marshall

    Father of the Mighty Marshall Stack

    When it comes to guitar amplifiers, two names stand tall beyond the others: Leo Fender and Jim Marshall. Even “civilians” recognize these names. Two names, from two different countries, with two very individual sounds. Although Marshall’s original amplifier designs were largely influenced by Fender’s original Bassman, the resulting amplifier later took on a whole new

    Paul Gilbert

    All About Vintage - Import Style

    Paul Gilbert was a teenager when he appeared on the music industry’s radar after Mike Varney of Shrapnel Records introduced him in Guitar Player magazine’s “Spotlight” column. After attending Hollywood’s Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT), Gilbert unveiled Racer X to the mid-’80s shred generation and made his mark as a top player in the genre.

    The Dean Ween Group

    The Deaner Album

    The Dean Ween Group’s debut showcases all the genre-hopping shenanigans that became the stock in trade of Ween’s first band – the prolific and eponymously named indie weirdos Ween. While it’s busy serving up Dean Ween’s eclectic songwriting, The Deaner Album is also pushing his guitar chops to the fore. After all, there’s a pair

    JHS’ SuperBolt and Morning Glory Pedals

    Zep in a Box

    Started with a quick repair to a Boss pedal in Josh Scott’s Mississippi apartment, JHS has evolved into a well-regarded and growing boutique pedal company thanks to offerings like their SuperBolt and Morning Glory. The SuperBolt is one of those pedals that tube hounds crave, one that reacts with a good amp rather than smothering

    30 Most Valuable Guitars

    To mark VG’s 30th anniversary, we dig into the 30 most-valuable production guitars.

    Falbo Alpha Series Hollowbody

    Falbo Alpha Series Hollowbody

    Top Dog

    Falbo Alpha Series Hollowbody Price: $3,450 (base); $6,250 (as reviewed) Info: www.falboguitars.com Frank Falbo set the acoustic guitar world on its collective ear in 2012 with a revolutionary string-anchoring design that reduces or eliminates the string pull that attempts to tear the bridge right out of the top of acoustic guitars. By attaching the ball


    Most Bizarre Guitar Effect of All Time?

    Led Zeppelin’s final studio album, 1979’s In Through The Out Door, opens with an eerie, otherworldly drone that weaves and winds its way before segueing into the searing Stratocaster riffs of “In The Evening.” In the past, Jimmy Page played his Les Paul with a violin bow and waved his hands like a wizard over

    Fanny’s June Millington

    Grrrl Power’s First Flash in Rock

    Before The Runaways, before the Go-Go’s and Bangles, and before there were Riot grrrls, there was Fanny. One of the first all-female rock groups signed to a major label, the California quartet released five albums of harmony-rich, danceable, boogie-based rock and roll, and scored a couple of minor hits for Reprise Records in a run