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    Hamilton Loomis

    On his new album, “Basics,” Hamilton Loomis melds funk, soul, and riff-rock through 13 tracks that showcase his writing and guitar skills. Read our review in the February issue of Vintage Guitar. Click the “Hit List” link at the Bottom of the cover and READ NOW!!

    Tommy Castro

    Tommy Castro invited special guests to join the party while making his new album, Stompin’ Ground. John Heidt offers his thoughts on how Castro worked with fellow greats David Hidalgo, Mike Zito, Charlie Musselwhite, and others, in the February issue of Vintage Guitar. READ NOW!!

    Looking to finally make a real dent in Fender’s solidbody bass market, in the mid ’60s Gibson launched a line of electric guitars and basses that emulate Fender’s latest designs.

    Vintage Guitar is marking 25 years of publication with a year full of features. This month, using data compiled for The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2011, we continue the celebration with a list of the 25 most valuable basses. 1. 1960-’62 Fender Jazz Bass ($25,000 to $38,000 in custom-color finish) The holiest of Fender

    To mark VG’s 30th anniversary, we dig into the 30 most-valuable production guitars.

    Budda’s Baby Budda Amp Head Price: $1,199.99 (retail) Info: www.budda.com. Budda Amplification staked its claim in 1995 with the Twinmaster boutique amplifier. Its hand-wired construction and user-friendly tones were hits in the guitar community and led to a broader line of amplifiers that catered to modern guitarists who craved old-school touch responsive. The Baby Budda

    Music Man’s Hybrid Boogie Amp: The RD-50

    Say hey, fellow guitarists! If you live in the Northeast, it’s great to have a hobby that doesn’t require going outside. Two storms in five days of each other dumped a total of 41″ of snow in my backyard, that brings our ground total to 73″. We had to use just our acoustics after the

    Cliff Goodwin

    335 Reunion

    Cliff Goodwin was catapulted into the big time on a decade-long stint with Joe Cocker that began in the late ’70s and during which he relied heavily on an early-’70s Gibson ES-335. After growing up playing a Kapa Continental, a Silvertone Twin Twelve, and a Vox Super Beatle, Goodwin acquired a ’67 Gibson ES-335 –

    Jack Bruce

    Shadows and (Erstwhile) Short-Scale Basses

    Veteran bassist Jack Bruce is back in action with a new album and tour. Best known for his membership in the legendary British trio, Cream (with Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker), Bruce has stayed active over the decades, and his dynamic bass playing and searing vocal style are inimitable. In a recent conversation with

    Fender’s ’68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

    Fender’s ’68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

    Improving on a Good Thing

    Fender’s ’68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Price: $999.99 list Contact: www.fender.com In 1968, Fender gave its amp line what collectors today look back on as a major facelift when it introdued the silver-and-turquoise silkscreened faceplate and aluminum “drip edge” grille trim. The company recently reissued that classic look with its ’68 Custom Deluxe Reverb, but this

    Steve Gunn

    Steve Gunn

    Folk Rock’s New Visionary

    Steve Gunn’s Way Out Weather is a textured effort that takes cues from a diverse palette including John Fahey, Chicago blues, ’60s/’70s Americana, Philip Glass, world music, and improvisation. The Pennsylvania-born guitarist and songwriter offers a refreshing take on modern folk-rock. What were your main guitars on the new album? On “Milly’s Garden” and “Tommy’s

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    SynapticGroove’s SlackJaw OD/Boost/Fuzz

    Fuzz for Grown-Ups

    SynapticGroove’s SlackJaw OD/Boost/Fuzz Price: $239 Info: www.synapticgroove.com Last year SynapticGroove entered the stompbox arena with the Snapperhead Overdrive/Distortion, attracting high-profile users like Peter Stroud of Sheryl Crow’s band and Richard Fortus of Guns N’ Roses. This year SynapticGroove introduced the SlackJaw OD/Boost/Fuzz, a new pedal that packs a wallop with plenty of tonal features and

    Fender Mustang II Amp

    Practiced Past

    When you check out an amp like the Fender Mustang II, you may wonder if the term “practice amp” still applies anymore. Once upon a time, a practice amp was a small solid-stater with few EQ controls and perhaps basic reverb and overdrive effects. The Mustang II, however, comes with a full array of amp

    The Howlin’ Brothers

    Like a long-lost radio show from the ’50s suddenly coming to life on your radio in the late nighttime hours, this hard-driving string trio summons forth the sounds of old-time bluegrass, vintage country, and roaring rockabilly. The Howlin’ Brothers have one foot tapping time in tradition, the other kicking down the doors. The howling here

    Michael Schenker

    Temple Of Rock

    Michael Schenker has had the kind of stormy past that could give Keith Richards a run for his money. He will forever be tied to iconic bands such as The Scorpions, UFO, and The Michael Schenker Group, but he’s his own man. Along with newfound sobriety, Schenker’s latest solo album, Temple Of Rock, ushers in

    Hussong to be Honored by Dayton Blues Society and WYSO

    The Dayton (Ohio) Blues Society and WYSO 91.3 radio will honor David Hussong, proprietor of Fretware Guitars and a longtime contributor to Vintage Guitar, during a ceremony October 25 to commemorate 30 years of broadcasting his “Shakin’ Dave Hussong’s Hall of Fame Blues” program. The event, at Gilly’s Jazz, 132 S. Jefferson Street, Dayton, will be

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    John Page Classic Ashburn

    Turn the Page

    With the creation of John Page Classic Guitars in 2006, the guitar builder, designer, and co-founder of the Fender Custom Shop opened a new chapter in his already illustrious career. After launching a line of custom guitars earlier this year, Page teamed up with HRS Unlimited and a Japanese manufacturer to build a more-cost-friendly “custom

    New Orleans Guitar Company Model 8

    Sonic Mojo

    New Orleans Guitar Company Model 8 Price: $2,999 Contact: neworleansguitar.com For over a decade, the New Orleans Guitar Company has been producing handcrafted electrics with an attention to design and detail possible only in a small shop. The vision of sculptor/luthier Vincent Guidroz was most eloquently conveyed in his Voodoo Custom and JB Custom guitars,

    Z.Vex Fuzz Probe

    Z.Vex Fuzz Probe


    The Z.Vex Fuzz Factory pedal unleashed sonic possibilities ranging from a horde of wasps to the (presumed) sound of the end of the world and became a go-to stompbox for extreme-rock and heavy metal guitarists. The company’s latest twist, the Fuzz Probe, takes the Fuzz Factory and adds a Theremin-like proximity control, giving its user

    Clapton’s Fool

    History’s Greatest Guitar?

    Eric Clapton’s The Fool. A name immediately recognizable to guitarists, yet baffling to others. What is Clapton’s Fool? Very simply, it is one of the most important and famous electric guitars in the history of the instrument. In the hierarchy of guitars, the bottom of the pyramid’s capstone is made up of guitars that are

    The Jayhawks

    Paging Mr. Proust
    Power Pop With Twang And Thunder

    Those with only a casual ear to the pavement will likely file the Jayhawks under murky signifiers such as “Americana” and “Alt Country.” While those tags were once perfectly apt, the truth is they’ve been thoroughly inadequate since the second Clinton administration. In 1995, Jayhawks co-frontman Mark Olson bailed abruptly, though amicably, leaving guitarist Gary

    Trey Gunn

    Touch-Guitar Tip of the Hat

    When profiled by Vintage Guitar in 1992, Trey Gunn was playing a Chapman Stick alongside guitarist Robert Fripp in a band called Sunday All Over the World. Gunn’s two-handed tenacity soon landed him in a gig with a revitalized King Crimson that lasted until 2003, as well as numerous collaborations and solo projects. While remaining

    Spacey T

    Spacey T

    Eclectic Journeyman

    Tracey Singleton, better known as Spacey T, is a post-Hendrix guitar wizard with an eclectic soul and chops to match. In the 1980s, he and his group, Sound Barrier, held the distinction of being the first all-African-American metal band to sign with a major label. He has also cast his spell in several ground-breaking bands.