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October 2012


We tell you about Gary and Gail Nichols, a guitar-collecting couple who recently added a nice historical touch to their gathering. We also speak with Mark Tremonti, the hard-playing co-founder of Creed and Alter Bridge, whose latest project puts him out-front. We then catch up with Paul Kossoff’s famed sunburst Les Paul, and deliver the usual array of detail-laden […]

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July 2012


As his peers in other rock bands of the ’80s donned superstrats, Billy Duffy stuck to what worked for him – a Gretsch White Falcon. We ask him why, and talk about the new album from The Cult. Then, we talk about why a Gretsch 6120 in sunburst is such a cool diversion, as is the super-rare Gretsch Stereo […]

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May 2011


  This month in VG We feature the 25 greatest guitar songs of the ’70s, as chosen via a poll at We also review the greatest guitar tracks of Gary Moore, along with previously unpublished interview with the Irish guitar hero who passed away February 6. We also tell you about an amazing exhibit […]

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April 2011


FEATURES The 25 Most Valuable Guitars There are few collectibles in modern pop culture that are as cool as guitars. They’re functional, tactile art that inspires players and music fans alike. But beyond fond memories, for some, guitars serve as investments. Here’s a look at 25 guitars that, thanks to certain players, songs, and the […]

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March 2011


FEATURES 25 Great Guitar Songs of the ‘60s We asked readers to interact via and tell us which songs from the 1960s stand out in their minds for great guitar parts. Here’s what they told us! By Alan Greenwood and Ward Meeker Bud-Electro Serenader Guitars Rarities from the Pacific Northwest Produced by the Seattle-based […]

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February 2011


FEATURES Gretsch Gets With It! The Birth of the Duo Jet After Leo Fender introduced the Broadcaster and Gibson with the Les Paul, Gretsch quickly jumped aboard the solidbody bandwagon with the “Gretsch Electromatic Solid Body Guitar,” a.k.a. the 6128 Duo Jet. By Edward Ball Mary Osborne Charlie’s Angel Citing Charlie Christian as her mentor, […]

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January 2011


FEATURES Ron Wood Stone Solo The longtime guitarist for the Rolling Stones has also collaborated with legends ranging from B.B. King to David Bowie to Aretha Franklin. He recently released his seventh solo album, complete with no-frill rock-and-roll guitar sounds and an impressive cast of fellow rock renegades. By Elliot Stephen Cohen Movie Star, Rancher […]

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December 2010


FEATURES Into The New Rising Sun Speculating on Jimi Hendrix’s Later Career Moves It has been 40 years since the passing of Jimi Hendrix. In his honor, this month we look at two unexplored aspects of his life and work, including the largely untapped oeuvre of Jimi’s later studio work. By Pete Prown Decades of […]

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November 2010


FEATURES The Heavenly Guitar of Carlos Santana His latest CD could be viewed as the artist playing it safe, or it could be a risky move. Using guest singers ranging from Joe Cocker to Chris Cornell to India.Arie, he tackles classic guitar-driven songs, along the way proving there is still only one Carlos Santana. By […]

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October 2010


FEATURES Albert Lee The Gypsy Spirit Of A Country-Guitar Hero We talk in-depth with the man Eric Clapton calls, “…a great, great player, fluid, lyrical and free, like a jazz musician but with country scales, like Django, but with a bluegrass past.” And, he has some impressive instruments, too! By Dan Forte Taking Stock A […]

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