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Kazuo Yairi, Founder of Yairi Guitar Company, Passes


Kazuo Yairi, owner and president of the Yairi Guitar Company, passed away in his hometown of Kani, Japan, on March 5. Yairi’s company was one of the first to export professional-grade acoustic guitars to the United States, and became the primary manufacturer of Alvarez and Alvarez-Yairi guitars, which are now owned by St. Louis Music. […]

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R.C. Allen Passes


R.C. Allen, a noted luthier who built archtops for local and regional players of note and was a fixture at vintage-guitar shows in Southern California, died March 2. The last of the original SoCal electric-guitar builders, Allen was renowned for sharing his secrets of building, and for the archtops he made  for Merle Travis, Del Casher, […]

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Fargen Introduces PA Tumbleweed Pedal


The Fargen Pete Anderson Tumbleweed is a compressor and clean boost pedal. Its comp side has controls for Level and sensitivity, while the clean boost has a Level control and three-way toggle switch with Brit, Cali, and Jazz voicing. Separate bypass switches allow the two functions to be used together or as individual units. It’s […]

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Keeley Adds Seafoam Chorus Pedal


Keeley Electronics’ Seafoam Chorus pedal uses a new design with controls for modulation Rate, Depth, and Tone. It also has a new Blend control that enables players to toe the line between pure vibrato or chorus sounds. It is hand-built in the U.S. using high-quality components and construction,  housed in a power-coated enclosure, and wired […]

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Armor Gold Intros Pancake Patch Cable


Armor Gold’s new Pancake Patch Cable is assembled using the same industrial-strength/medium-low capacitance wire as the company’s instrument cables. Their connectors are flat, and the outer mesh is removed for increased flexibility. Available in 6.5″ and 12″ lengths for connecting individual pedals, as well as 24″, 32″, and 40″ for connecting rows of pedals to […]

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TV Jones Preps Limited Edition Humbucker


TV Jones is set to release its Limited-Edition Humbucker pickup. The company’s take on the famed “PAF,” it is designed to fit into any stock humbucker cavity and is U.S.-made using only domestic parts. The bridge pickup is wound to 8.3K resistance, the neck to 7.0K, and both are wired with four-conductor leads and are […]

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DLS Effects Intros Reckless Drive


DLS Effects’ Reckless Drive is a two-channel overdrive/distortion effect with independent Volume, Gain, and Mix controls for each (Normal and Boost).  It also has master controls for Bass and Treble, an Attack switch that adds brightness. It offers true-bypass switching with a 3P3T switch, Amphenol jacks, and its die-cast aluminum housing is finished with powdercoat and […]

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TailPeace Dsignz Offers Twist on Traditional Tailpiece


TailPeace Dsignz guitar tailpieces replace a guitar’s standard stud-/bar-type tailpiece with sculpted pieces of varying design. They install with no modifcation to the instrument and do not contact the surface of the guitar. Made in the U.S., they are available in chrome, nickel, black, and gold finishes. Read more at

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Seymour Duncan Releases Vapor Trail Analog Delay


Seymour Duncan’s Vapor Trail is a true analog delay pedal that uses Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs) the company says give it an authentic, vintage sound, but with a clarity that keeps it from getting lost in a mix. It has Rate and Depth controls, a TRS insert jack, and a translucent Delay knob with a blue LED that […]

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Rotosound Introduces Six Pedals


Rotosound has introduced six new retro effects pedals; the Wobbler tremolo, King Henry phaser, Pusher compressor, Crusader chorus, Aftermath analog delay, and Leveller EQ. All were designed in conjunction with John Oram, of Vox and Trident. They are hand-wired in the U.K. using authentic components, and housed in pressed-steel boxes with powdercoat finishes. Visit

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