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Fender Offers Adam Clayton Jazz Bass


Fender’s Adam Clayton Jazz Bass is inspired by the ’65 Jazz used by the U2 bassist. It has Fender Custom Shop pickups and a Sherwood Green Metallic finish with matching headstock, maple neck with a C-shaped profile and vintage-style truss adjustment, 9.5″-radius rosewood (more…)

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Neunaber Offers Seraphim Stereo Shimmer


The Neunaber Audio Effects Seraphim Stereo Shimmer combines wet reverb with a shimmer effect that can be switched on the fly. Other features include stereo or mono input and output, controls for Effect Mix, Reverb Depth and Shimmer Level, a Mix knob that can go to (more…)

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EVH Launches 5150III Combo


The EVH 5150III is a 50-watt all-tube combo with three channels – clean, crunch and lead and a Celestion speaker. It’s powered by seven JJ ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes, two JJ 6L6 power tubes, and has front-panel-adjustable power output from 50 watts to one watt, (more…)

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PRS Offers Archon 25 in Combo Format


The PRS Archon 25 offers 25 watts output switchable to 13 watts using a 6L6, EL34, or 5881 output tube. Each of its two channels has controls for Volume, Treble, Middle, and Bass, along with Master Volume control for each channel and global Depth and (more…)

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TC Electronic Offers Flashback Triple Delay


TC Electronic’s Flashback Triple Delay has 12 different delay types and allows the player to use them in parallel or series, as well as three simultaneously. It has a tap-tempo switch, stereo in/out, MIDI connectivity, and an expression-pedal input. Learn more www.tcelectronic.com. (more…)

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Reunion Blues Adds Double-Instrument RBX Gig Bags


Reunion Blues has expanded its line with double gig bag models for electric guitars and basses. Constructed using the company’s RBX Protection System, it has a lightweight, ultra-protective multi-layer foam surround with padded lining, strategically placed impact panels, a dense foam neck cradle, (more…)

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Dynaguide String Tree/Guide


The Dynaguide is a new concept in string tree/guides. Instead of fighting friction between the string and guide, it relies on that friction to swivel a square ring in the base near to the headstock. Its inventor says the design eliminates tuning problems, particularly on guitars with flat (more…)

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DOD Offers Compressor 280


The DOD Compressor 280 employs an electro-optical circuit that varies the pedal’s dynamic compression using a light-dependent resistor and internal LED. At lower settings, its Compression knob adds a subtle volume-leveling effect that adds a touch of evenness to the guitar’s signal, raising the level (more…)

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Dean Zelinksy Teams with Guitars 4 Vets


The non-profit Guitars for Vets (G4V) organization, which provides free guitars and lessons to veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), has announced a “Buy One, Give One” partnership with Dean Zelinsky Private Label guitars. Zelinsky is producing an exclusive G4V-branded guitar. With every (more…)

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Dweezil Zappa Victim of Theft


A Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster used by Dweezil Zappa on the Experience Hendrix tour earlier this year was recently stolen during the current tour with his band, Zappa Plays Zappa. A precise location of the incident is unknown, as the guitar wasn’t called on for use until a later tour stop, at which time it was […]

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