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    Walter Trout

    Enjoy a bit of Walter Trout’s live set during last summer’s Fargo Blues Festival, and be sure to read our exclusive interview, in which he discusses recording his new album, “We’re All In This Together.” It’s in the January issue of Vintage Guitar magazine. READ NOW!!

    Vintage Voltage amplifier company


    Maurice Skogen started the Vintage Voltage amplifier company in 2012, after obtaining an engineering degree and playing guitar in blues/rock bands for 50 plus years. Vintage Voltage Engineering builds and repairs/restores classic tube amplifiers so you experience superior, inspirational tone! Mission statement: Quality should always be the first thing we think about and the last thing we sacrifice. vintagevoltageengineering.com

    Jeff Senn Original Senn Model One

    Making Perfect Senns

    For 15 years, Jeff Senn has been building, repairing, and modifying guitars for Nashville’s touring and studio elite. His double-cutaway Fullerton and single-cut Pomona are in the hands of guys like Tom Bukovac, Jedd Hughes, Rob McNelly, John Fogerty, Steve Wariner, Bruce Springsteen, and Audley Freed After building tribute guitars, Senn recently returned to his

    Charlie Parr

    A Muse From Olden Times

    Charlie Parr makes new music from olden times. And he makes it the old way – not only using just the simplicity of a National resonator, a bottleneck slide, boot-stomping rhythms, and his voice, but also traveling like a modern-day Delta blues man. Instead of Robert Johnson’s Hudson Terraplane, though, Parr is driving – and

    Waterloo WL-14

    Waterloo WL-14

    Modern Johnson

    Waterloo WL-14 Price: $2,100, $1,890 (street) Contact: www.collingsguitars.com or www.waterlooguitars.com Robert Johnson slid into a photo booth, dangling a cigarette from his lips and holding a flat-top guitar. What brand was he smoking? Who knows? But scholars think he was holding a Gibson-made Kalamazoo KG-14. And acoustic blues guitarists want to know what Mr. Johnson


    Brad Paisley

    Two Vital Guitars From the Collection of a Modern Superpicker

    Brad Paisley’s 2011 book, Diary of a Player: How My Musical Heroes Made a Guitar Man Out of Me, is essentially an autobiography. But really, it’s not so much about him. Anyone who has ever spoken with Paisley will tell you the “aw shucks” humbleness he exhibits on awards shows, in concert, and in the

    Wolf Strat

    A Legend’s Guitar, Discovered

    WHO IS LIL’ BILL? That was the question swirling through the mind of guitarist/collector Tom Guerra after he acquired a 1963 Fender Stratocaster from a player who lived outside of Chicago. “The guy had bought the guitar at a garage sale 30 years prior,” Guerra recalled of the instrument, which he bought in early 2000.

    Allan Holdsworth

    The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever!

    With a career spanning 45 years, Allan Holdsworth’s blistering, bop-fueled legato radically altered our approach to electric guitar, and he’s now the recipient of this 12-CD retrospective (for those in the cheap seats, check out the two-CD version, Eidolon). Listen to “Checking Out” from 1982’s I.O.U. album and you already know he’s moving into new

    Supro’s Thunderbolt S6420+

    Supro’s Thunderbolt S6420+

    35 Watts on a Gold Platter

    Supro’s Thunderbolt S6420+ Price: $1,599 (list) Contact: www.suprousa.com Upon introduction in 1964, the Valco-made Supro Thunderbolt Model S6420 was a misfit. Like Fender’s 4×10 Bassman, it was designed “exclusively for the electric Bass guitar [sic],” according to catalog copy. Further, the Thunderbolt was decked out in special silver-blue “rhino hide” tolex, signifying through a honking

    Les Paul Remembered

    Les Paul Remembered

    When news of the passing of Les Paul spread through the guitar community August 13, 2009, reaction was swift and heartfelt. Claimed by complications of severe pneumonia at a hospital in White Plain, New York, Paul was 94. His name is synonymous with Gibson’s early solidbody electric guitars, and for a time he was one

    Echoplex EP-2 Feature Home Page Vintage Guitar magazine

    Echoplex EP-2

    Sam Phillips didn’t invent tape echo with his mid-’50s recordings of Elvis, but he just as well may have. So influential, so inspirational were those songs – with their warm, glorious slap-back echo created in Sun’s control room by two jerryrigged tape recorders – that budding rock-and-rollers everywhere had to have it. With the arrival

    Seth Walker

    Gotta Get Back

    Seth Walker has issued a string of fine records that come together in his latest. Walker and Dave Gross man the six-strings on a collection of strong cuts, and while the approach offers plenty for guitar-music fans, it’s subtle. Electric licks are prominent on the funky “Fire In The Belly” and the funky New Orleans

    Cliff Goodwin

    335 Reunion

    Cliff Goodwin was catapulted into the big time on a decade-long stint with Joe Cocker that began in the late ’70s and during which he relied heavily on an early-’70s Gibson ES-335. After growing up playing a Kapa Continental, a Silvertone Twin Twelve, and a Vox Super Beatle, Goodwin acquired a ’67 Gibson ES-335 –

    Scott Holiday

    Unrivaled Son

    Regardless of the state of pop or rock music, it’s invigorating when a group comes along to remind us what rock and roll sounds like when it’s written from the soul, played from the gut, and delivered with conviction. Offering all but the smell of the hot EL34s, Rival Sons’ latest album, Great Western Valkyrie,

    Home Feature Image

    Cast Engineering Texas Flood OD

    Bring On The SRV

    Tube Screamers, those famed overdrives from Ibanez, have been screaming off the shelves ever since guitarists first learned the little green machines were key to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s tone. But no Tube Screamer model on its own, including the early TS-808, TS-9, or TS-10, will get you very close to SRV territory. Neither do the

    Ibanez Artcore AF105NT

    Class Axe

    Ibanez has always had two distinct personalities – first as a purveyor of shreddy solidbodies for the hard rock/metal crowd, but also as a maker of fine archtops, thanks to famous users like George Benson, Pat Metheny, and John Scofield. In the ’90s, the company started to brand many of its low-/mid-priced hollowbodies as the

    Standard in Custom

    Schecter’s Custom Shop Marks 35 Years

    Riding high after 35 years with an array of original instruments, an impressive artist roster that started early with Pete Townshend and Mark Knopfler, and a line of high-gain amplifiers, Schecter Guitars has come full circle. Established as Schecter Guitar Research by David Schecter in 1976, the company began repairing guitars and selling parts to

    Tim Lerch

    Tim Lerch

    Tele Jazz Master

    If you watch any of Tim Lerch’s videos online, his virtuosity is immediately apparent. What may throw you is his use of a Telecaster, an axe more closely associated with blues, country, and rock. But in Lerch’s hand, it becomes a killer jazz-blues machine, perfect for his tasty single-note runs and jaw-dropping chord improvisations. Lerch’s

    Gibson’s Crest Models

    Gibson has produced two guitars bearing the “Crest” name. While both designs date to the 1960s, they’re very different instruments. The first incarnation was a single-cutaway with design ties to the L-5CT, while the second looked more like a fancy ES-335 with a shortened neck. In almost every way – size, construction materials, appointments, and