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    Nate Westgor Salutes Vintage Guitar.

    Nate Westgor, head honcho at Willie’s American Guitars, grabbed some great guitars to send best wishes to VG in honor of the magazine’s 30th anniversary. Check it out as he noodles on a ’55 Fender Esquire, a Gibson Custom Shop ’59 ES-355TD, a Fender Custom Shop Caballo Tono Ligero, and a rare ’63 Gretsch Nashville “two-tone.” Keep up with Nate at http://www.williesguitars.com/

    James Patrick Regan Honors Stone Temple Pilots’ Dean DeLeo and More!

    James Patrick Regan grew up being influenced by all kinds of music from many sources – radio, TV, MTV, etc. So it’s no surprise he absorbed licks like those offered here in belated honor of birthday boys Dean DeLeo (of Stone Temple Pilots) and Rick Springfield (be sure to catch James’ surprise tribute at the end!). “I’m using Dunlop Super Bright Strings into a Dr Z Carmen Ghia amp and my Trailer Trash pedalboard with an MXR Distortion+ and a Keeley compressor, all wired with George L’s cables,” he said. Keep with James and his band at www.thedeadlies.com/


    Santana IV

    This lineup reunites Carlos Santana with guitarist Neal Schon and other members of the 1970–1973 Santana band, reigniting their unique mix of Latin-rock, soul, jazz-rock fusion, and heavy Afro-Cuban beats. Listen to “Shake It” for a modern spin on old-school Santana, Carlos jamming on the wah-wah for the main track, while Schon is let off

    Want a surreal experience? Try looking up from your oatmeal to see Robben Ford and Pat Metheny strolling past your table, Lee Ritenour and Daryl Stuermer grabbing waffles in the chow line, and Scott Tennant sipping orange juice while discussing repertoire with the L.A. Guitar Quartet. The sky is postcard blue and a lawn slopes

    Delta Labs Concept 1

    Delta Labs Concept 1

    Preamp tubes: Two 6U8A, two 12FQ7, in addition to more-common types Output tubes: eight 33JV6 horizontal-output tubes Rectifier: solidstate Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Resonance, Distortion; Echo effect: Mix, Repeat, Delay; Tremolo: Speed, Intensity. Pushbuttons for voicing. Output: 300 watts RMS +/- Speaker: two 12″ and four 10″ Eminence speakers You’d be forgiven for assuming


    Clapton’s Fool

    History’s Greatest Guitar?

    Eric Clapton’s The Fool. A name immediately recognizable to guitarists, yet baffling to others. What is Clapton’s Fool? Very simply, it is one of the most important and famous electric guitars in the history of the instrument. In the hierarchy of guitars, the bottom of the pyramid’s capstone is made up of guitars that are

    Daredevil Pedals’ Atomic Cock

    Daredevil Pedals Atomic Cock

    Green Monster

    Daredevil Pedals’ Atomic Cock Price: $150 (list) Info: www.daredevilpedals.com. Despite the many clever take-aways one could derive from its name, the Atomic Cock is “just” an effects box offered by Daredevil Pedals. A variable fixed wah with adjustable gain, it offers more tonal options than a traditional wah while circumventing the tedious search for the


    Peter Stroud and Audley Freed

    Two Guys, Many Guitars, One Big Hat

    Many a noteworthy rock and roll band from the Cotton Belt has been propelled by guitar-playin’ good ol’ boys with names that ring through music lore in (sometimes) poetic-sounding tandems – Allman and Betts, Collins and Rossington, Caldwell and McCorkle, Petty and Campbell, Hlubeck and Roland (or Holland!), Medlocke and Hargrett, Van Zant and Carlisi,

    Les Paul Remembered

    Les Paul Remembered

    When news of the passing of Les Paul spread through the guitar community August 13, reaction was swift and heartfelt. Claimed by complications of severe pneumonia at a hospital in White Plain, New York, Paul was 94. His name is synonymous with Gibson’s early solidbody electric guitars, and for a time he was one of

    A Master’s Pallet

    George Fullerton’s Fender Jazzmaster

    A Master's Pallet

    This Jazzmaster is an interesting example of what went on behind the scenes at the Fender factory with the research and development of body shapes and materials, and during the pre-production phase for new models in the late 1950s and early ’60s. After having great success with the Esquire, Telecaster, and Stratocaster, in 1958, Fender


    Bobby Black

    Steel Before and After Commander Cody

    When he got the invitation, Bobby Black wasn’t sure. The pedal-steel virtuoso, a 20-plus-year veteran of San Francisco’s music scene, had just been asked to join the long-hairs in Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen. It was the fall of 1971, and Black was in a comfortable situation – he owned a recording studio


    Laney L50 Head and L412 Cab

    Classic British Tone

    Laney L50H/L412 Price: $1,990 (head); $1,499 (cab) Info: laney.co.uk. Lyndon Laney is no stranger to fans of the iconic British stack. Established in 1967, Laney Amplification found its early fame thanks to Tony Iommi’s commanding use of the company’s amps with Black Sabbath. Following the reign of Sabbath, they became an amplifier of choice for


    Gibson EB-2

    Kalamazoo’s Biggest Bass Innovation?

    In the mid 1950s, Gibson president Ted McCarty was paying close attention to two new instruments impacting the musical-instruments market – the solidbody electric guitar and the electric bass. Both had been developed by an upstart company called Fender, and Gibson’s original solidbodies, the Les Paul guitar and Electric Bass (VG, February ’06) were introduced


    Ace Frehley

    Back From Space

    Ace Frehley’s first solo album was released in 1978, when each member of Kiss simultaneously released solo albums. As it turned out, Frehley’s was the runaway favorite among fans and critics alike, and scored a hit single with a cover of Hello’s “New York Groove.” Shortly after he left Kiss in the early ’80s, Frehley

    Nili Brosh Vintage Guitar magazine

    Nili Brosh

    A Matter Of Perception

    If you saw Tony MacAlpine on his early-2015 tour, you probably noticed a young woman accompanying him on a seven-string guitar. Berklee grad Nili Brosh effortlessly harmonized with MacAlpine, and when asked, played some wicked solos. She recently finished her second solo album, A Matter Of Perception, an inspiring work full of volcanic soloing, brutal

    Strymon’s Deco Tape Saturation and Doubletracker

    Strymon’s Deco Tape Saturation and Doubletracker

    Smart Box

    Strymon’s Deco Tape Saturation and Doubletracker Price: $299 (list) Contact: www.strymon.net It’s scary, wielding a stompbox that’s smarter than you. Scary and thrilling. Strymon’s Deco pedal is designed to provide the analog tape effects of a vintage recording studio, without the tape. Think Sun Studios in a box. Abbey Road in a can. Electric Ladyland

    Ted Nugent 1962 Gibson Byrdland

    Ted Nugent’s 1962 Gibson Byrdland

    Anyone who’s ever caught Ted Nugent on tour has seen this instrument, and during the Summer of 2003 it was intended to be the only guitar used by the Motor City Madman during his one-hour slot. “That was pretty much due to time restraints,” said Dean Mitchell, who has been Nugent’s guitar tech for a

    Valco El Grande

    Valco El Grande

    Preamp tube: one 6SL7 Output tube: one 6V6GT Rectifier: 5Y3 Controls: Volume, Tone Speaker: 8″ Rola speaker Output: 5 watts RMS We dig old Valco-made amps wearing Supro, National, Airline, Oahu, Bronson and other badges for the way they deliver a sweetly burnished, chocolatey overdrive at studio-friendly levels when you inject a six-string electric and

    Bill Frisell

    Bill Frisell

    For the December ’14 issue of Vintage Guitar magazine, Dan Forte interviewed Bill Frisell. Here’s a look at the many guitars used by the ultra-versatile superpicker. The issue is available at www.store.vintageguitar.com. This article originally appeared in VG‘s December 2014 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

    Epiphone’s Professional Guitar and Amp

    Epiphone’s Professional Guitar and Amp

    Since the instrument was introduced, those who play the electric guitar have modified it to create new sounds and interesting effects. In the late 1940s and 1950s, amplifiers followed suit by including tremolo and reverb with controls mounted on the amp (later, on a footswitch). Stompbox pedals followed in the ’60s, giving easy, portable access

    PRS Alex Lifeson Signature

    PRS Alex Lifeson Signature

    Grand Designs

    PRS Alex Lifeson Signature Price: $8,999 (list) Contact: www.prsguitars.com What do you call the most beautifully made production acoustic you’ve ever seen? You might consider calling it the Paul Reed Smith Alex Lifeson Signature acoustic guitar. With a European spruce top that has enough bear-claw figure to lead one to suspect they brought in a