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Dean Zelinsky Guitars Offers Johnny Winter Signature Model


The Dean Zelinsky Guitars Johnny Winter Signature model was designed for Winter, who used it onstage in the years before his passing. The guitar has a mahogany body with an engraved flame-maple top, 25.5″ scale, 24-fret maple neck, brushed-satin nickel hardware, locking tuners, and (more…)

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Cort Launches Grand Regal GA5F-MD


Cort Guitars’ Grand Regal GA5F-MD has a grand-auditorium body size with spruce top, rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, 45mm bone nut, ebony bridge pins, D’Addario strings, and a UV finish on its natural color. Its electronics include a Fishman Presys EQ. (more…)

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TC Electronic Offers Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver


TC Electronic’s Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver, newest addition to its TonePrint line of pedals, has true-bypass switching, controls for Dry volume, octave Up volume, and two Sub volumes. The company says its proprietary octave engine tracks fast and produces polyphonic octaves to monophonic tones. (more…)

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ThroBak Introduces KZ-115 Humbucker


ThroBak’s KZ-115 P.A.F. humbucker is wound to an average resistance of 7.70k (neck) and 7.57k (bridge) with a choice of long A2, A4, or A5 magnets using exclusive timed-wind/center-focused coils on a 1950s Stevens coil winder from Gibson’s Kalamazoo factory. Learn more at throbak.com. (more…)

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Pro Tone Pedals Introduces Essential Dead Horse


Pro Tone Pedals’ Essential Dead Horse Overdrive uses the same 4558 chipset to offer the tone and flexibility of the original Dead Horse, but in a housing half the size and without the diode selection switch. Visit protonepedals.com. (more…)

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Carvin Launches VX Cabinets


Carvin VX cabinets are hand-made in the U.S. from Baltic birch with internal bracing, removable rear ports for sealed-/open-back sounds, 100-watt speakers, and 1×12, 2×12, or 4×12 configurations in black or optional vinyl coverings. (more…)

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Demeter Launches Tremulator Plus


The Demeter Tremulator Plus is based on the company’s classic Tremulator pedal, upgraded to include a Bias control to adjust on/off ratio. Its clock waveform can be adjusted to a pure triangle (smooth up/down volume), normal flattened triangle (smooth up/down volume with strong on/off), (more…)

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Mod Kits DIY Offers Step Ladder Attenuator


Mod Kits DIY’s The Step Ladder kit is a passive-input attenuator with true-bypass mode and toggle switches to control attenuation. Its treble-bleed capacitors allow the user to retain crisp high frequencies even at maximum attenuation, and its enclosure measures 3¾” x 1½” x1¼” . (more…)

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Lightning Boy Introduces Op-2 Comp Tube Compressor


Lightning Boy Audio’s Op-2 Comp is hand-wired/built in the U.S. with new-old-stock paper-in-oil capacitors and 12AU7 tubes, and uses the same photo resistor found in the Teletronix LA-2A. It has controls for Compression and Volume, along with a Hard/Soft knee switch. Learn more at (more…)

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Michael Kelly Offers Striped Ebony Custom Model


Michael Kelly Guitar Company’s Custom Collection Patriot Striped Ebony guitar has a striped-ebony top and mahogany body with five-ply white/black binding, mahogany set neck with single-ply white binding, rosewood fretboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and pearl bone inlays, string-through-body tailpiece, tune-o-matic-style bridge (more…)

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