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    Tom Feldmann: Son House – “Death Letter Blues” Riff

    Using his concert-sized 1930s Stella Decalcomania with mother-of-toilet-seat (MOTS) fretboard,Tom Feldmann shows you how to play the main riff from Son House’s classic “Death Letter Blues.” Check out Tom’s “Guitar of Son House” at www.guitarvideos.com Submit riff lesson requests at tom@tomfeldmann.com. See more lessons, we are adding new lessons monthly!

    Ray Cummins – Guitar Tutorial #3

    For his latest tutorial, Ray Cummins plays his Gibson Country Gentleman plugged into a late-’80s Boss DD 2 delay and a Lexicon reverb through his ’89 Roland JC 77 amp running direct to the console. At the end, he plays a bit of “Finger-Flying with Ray.” Keep up with Ray at www.raycummins.com. See more lessons, we are adding new lessons monthly!

    The Gretsch Country Gentleman 6122 was the third of four Chet Atkins signature guitar models created for the legendary guitarist in the ’50s. The little-known truth is it was also a response to all the things Atkins did not like about the first model Gretsch conjured for him – the 6120 Hollowbody. The reality is

    Mike Rutherford

    Mike Rutherford

    Re-Living The Years

    Mike Rutherford prefers focusing on the future, even if recent projects have required the guitarist/bassist to think about life. Late 2014 saw the release of a three-CD retrospective, R-Kive, featuring favorites from his days in Genesis as well as selections from band members’ solo careers, and Sum of the Parts, a feature-length documentary that uses


    The Howlin’ Brothers

    Like a long-lost radio show from the ’50s suddenly coming to life on your radio in the late nighttime hours, this hard-driving string trio summons forth the sounds of old-time bluegrass, vintage country, and roaring rockabilly. The Howlin’ Brothers have one foot tapping time in tradition, the other kicking down the doors. The howling here

    Rickenbacker Transonic Home Feature Image

    Rickenbacker Transonic

    Rickenbacker Transonic TS100 Topology: Solid State Output: 100 watts RMS Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass controls and Hollow, Mellow and Pierce switches on each channel; Tremolo Speed and Depth, Reverb, and Fuzz-Tortion on Custom channel. Speakers: two 12″ Altec 417. A major artist’s endorsement of a piece of gear is often seen as a springboard to

    Ethan Brosh

    Ethan Brosh

    Living The Dream

    In case you were wondering, shred is not dead, and Ethan Brosh is determined to keep it that way. The Israeli-born Berklee grad is a young man with an old soul whose style harkens to the early musical fury of Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore. His second album is called Live The Dream, and Brosh


    Chris Squire


    Yes bassist Chris Squire died June 27th at age 67, after a brief battle with leukemia. Squire co-founded Yes in 1968 andwas its only constant member. The English musician carved out a niche, playing melodic lines higher on the fretboard, coupled with low notes that rumbled like a pipe organ. A fine example was his


    Steve Wariner

    The C.G.P. Connection Willie G. Moseley

    Steve Wariner is among the handful of guitarists designated as a certified guitar player (C.G.P.) by Chet Atkins. The last guitarist to receive the personal honor, Wariner served a pallbearer at Atkins’ funeral in 2001. He also performed at the service. In the dozen years since the release of No More Mr. Nice Guy, Wariner


    Brian Ray

    From Blues to Beatles

    Brian Ray spent the last 11 years playing guitar as Paul McCartney’s side man. While such duty would be a career topper for pretty much any player, Ray is also thrilled about his new band, The Bayonets, and his forthcoming signature-model Gibson. How does one get a gig with a Beatle? Well, the gig came

    Ohana Ukueles

    Ohana Ukuleles

    Serious Fun

    Ohana Ukuleles Price: $249 (SK-35, CKP-70R); $259 (SK-28) Info: www.ohana-music.com. Just like guitars, ukuleles come in all quality levels, from uke-shaped objects made of plastic, composite board, and unidentifiable materials, to solid-wood professional-grade instruments. Ohana Ukuleles’ offerings are definitely in the latter category, geared toward the serious amateur and professional player on a budget who


    Sebago Sound DT50

    Texas Tone – And More

    Sebago Sound DT50 Price: $1,999 Contact: sebagosound.com The DT50 is the 50-watt version of Sebago Sound’s acclaime d Double Trouble amp line. Its mission? To capture classic Texas tone – and then some. The DT50 is packed with many high-end features that complement the quality tube tone provided by its circuitry. From left to right

    Keith Nelson

    Keith Nelson

    Buckcherry Gear Jammer

    Over the last few years, Buckcherry has offered a lot of music to fans – online via its monthly Singles Club releases, a greatest hits album, an EP, and it’s latest full-length release, Rock and Roll, which hits stores (including the band’s own, online) this month. Co-founder/guiding force Keith Nelson is a guitarist with a

    BC Audio Amplifier No. 10 Mk. II

    BC Audio Amplifier No. 10 Mk. II

    Big-Tone City

    BC Audio Amplifier No. 10 Mk. II Price: $2,495 (list) Contact: www.bcaudio.com Bruce Clement is known for his quality amp work, including models housed in military ammo cans. One of his 50-watt heads, the Amplifier No. 10 Mk. II, might not be quite that unique, but it sports fresh features in a crowded “boutique” market.

    National Style O

    National Style O

    Although it has never been the favorite guitar of Hawaiian players, National’s Style O, with its shining metal body and tropical imagery, stands today as one of the strongest icons for the Hawaiian music that was the foundation of the resonator guitar’s popularity in the early 1930s. Introduced in 1930, the Style O was the

    Jamie Kime

    Jamie Kime

    Lord Of The Jam

    Jamie Kime’s first solo record, Alleys, displays a mix of lush guitar tones, poignant soundscapes, and evocative panoramas. We recently sat with him to discuss it, and his recent gig touring with Zappa Plays Zappa project, featuring Franks Zappa’s son, Dweezil. Was there a theme when you started recording Alleys? A lot of the tunes


    Craig Ross

    Rock and Roll, Alive and Well

    Craig Ross is an integral part of the Lenny Kravitz sound. As lead guitarist and songwriting collaborator since the early ’90s, Ross has forged an impressive body of work alongside Kravitz that includes eight albums, numerous singles and B-sides, and countless tours. The latest release, Strut, is classic Kravitz, emitting heavy vibes reminiscent of the

    Gibson GA-83S Stereo-Vib

    Gibson GA-83S Stereo-Vib

    Preamp tubes: four 12AX7, two 12AU7, three 6CG7 two 5879 Output tubes: four 6BQ5/EL84 (in two stereo pairs) Rectifier: GZ34 Controls: Volume, Treble and Bass for each channel (on concentric knobs), Vib Depth and Frequency (speed), Stereo/Monaural switch Speakers: one forward-firing 12″ Jensen P12R, four side-firing Jensen 8″ in two pairs Output: approximately 35 watts


    Martin 00-18

    They were days, before Kent State, when everywhere you looked, kids sat under trees, singin’ songs and swappin’ licks. Fresh-faced young girls with names like “Star” painted flowers on their cheeks and drifted between you and the sun wearing diaphanous tie-dye gauze dresses. For a moment, you couldn’t remember the words of the song or hear the

    Effectrode’s Fire Bottle Magnetic Pickup Booster

    Effectrode Fire Bottle Magnetic Pickup Booster

    The Box That Went to Harvard

    The Effectrode Fire Bottle is a pedal that deviates from the norm and offers something fresh. Unlike a chorus, distortion, or phaser that delivers a definite “effect,” the Fire Bottle is a preamp that can fix and alter certain audio and level issues with your guitar’s tone. Its description as a “Magnetic Pickup Booster” may