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Joe Ely

Panhandle Rambler

Joe Ely’s latest is a little more laid back than past efforts, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t showcase his usual great songwriting and storytelling. A who’s who of guitarists are featured on the 12 cuts with playing that runs from joyful to (more…)

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Danielle Nicole

Wolf Den

As bassist and vocalist of the sibling group, Trampled Under Foot, Danielle Nicole helped her brothers play stomping blues and R&B that was authentic and rollicking. On her solo debut she leans more to the soul side of things with the help of (more…)

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David Michael Miller

Same Soil

This makes it two in a row for David Michael Miller. His Poisons Sipped was one of last year’s surprise albums, introducing us to a songwriter, guitarist, and singer who is the whole package. Same Soil builds on that with its clear (more…)

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John Basile

Penny Lane

By many standards, this shouldn’t work: a group of songs by the Beatles done in jazz arrangements. Not only that, it’s one guitarist, using MIDI technology, playing all the parts – guitar, drums, bass, strings, and any other noise on the record. So, (more…)

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Buddy Guy

Born To Play Guitar
What the Blues Are All About

As he’s aged, Buddy Guy has tended to get even wilder in his presentation of the blues. It’s an odd happenstance that’s sometimes added considerably to the blues he was playing, but at other times made him seem like a novelty act when (more…)

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Ray Bonneville

Easy Groove
Ray Bonneville

Ray Bonneville’s latest album, Easy Gone, glides on a steady groove. “I really like the way it sounds with these guys,” he said of drummer Geoff Arsenault and bassist Gurf Morlix. “Their groove is in the same family as my groove.” It took Bonneville years to feel where that groove should come from, but, he […]

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The Studio Albums

It’s simplistic to say, but as these two box-sets of 10 discs apiece show, Chicago’s history really consists of two bands: one with Terry Kath as lead guitarist, one of the vocalists, a major songwriter, and all-round supplier of soul; the other a somewhat (more…)

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Dave Haskell

Wings and Strings

Plenty of improbable stories involve guitarists making first records amid peculiar circumstances. But few match Dave Haskell’s journey to Pivot Point. A retired airline pilot who dallied in music professionally in the 1970s and ’80s before turning his attention to flying, Haskell’s trip started with his dad’s (more…)

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Colin Linden

Bringing it Back Around

Colin Linden’s Still Live is a step back to his first recording – a live album made three decades ago. In the years that separate the two, Linden has become a first-call guitarist for roots artists including Robert Plant, Gregg Allman, the Band, Alison Krauss, Mavis (more…)

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Labor of Love
Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Kenny Wayne Shepherd called his latest record, Goin’ Home because, he says, “It was another opportunity for me to share with music fans my love and appreciation for the genre of music that inspired me to pick up the guitar in the first place.” That music is the blues, and the disc features tunes associated […]

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