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    Greg Martin celebrates Willie Nelson’s Birthday!

    Singer/songwriter and country-music legend Willie Nelson turns 84 today. In his honor, VG contributor and Kentucky Headhunters’ co-founder Greg Martin used his Gibson Custom Shop signature Les Paul (#15) straight into a ’67 Fender Super Reverb to play a bit of “Night Life,” which was a hit for Ray Price in 1963. “It’s one of my favorite Willie compositions, and features phenomenal steel-guitar work by Buddy Emmons,” Greg said. Keep up with Greg at kentuckyheadhunters.net.

    Don’t be confused by the USB in this four-string’s name – there’s no computer-cable hookup. Instead, USB stands for “ultimate short-scale bass” and, indeed, this Musicvox Space Cadet sports a 30″ neck scale in the same ballpark as the Hofner 500/1 or Gibson EB-0 basses of the ’60s. Why go for a short-scale thud staff?

    Dobro Model 27

    Brother Oswald's Dobro - Country Music History Maker

    The melodic, evocative warbling of a resonator guitar has for decades been a fixture in country music, and knowledgeable fans will tell you there’s one primary individual to thank for it – Pete “Bashful Brother Oswald” Kirby. Kirby was born in Sevierville, Tennessee, in 1911. His introduction to the resonator occurred circa 1929, thanks to

    Martin 5-18

    Martin 5-18

    The Martin style 5-18 is the smallest guitar in Martin catalogs; at the lower bout, it measures 11.25″, while at the upper bout it is 8.25″. And its body is just 16″ in length, with a scale of 21.4″. In 1930s catalogs, the style 5-18 and the less expensive matching size 5-17 were listed with

    Hall of Fame – Players

    From 1994 to the present — read about each Readers’ Choice Awards Players.


    Mick Mars

    Shows Off A Piece Of His Action

    Since emerging from Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in the early 1980s, Mötley Crue has defined the Los Angeles metal scene. Fueled by the catchy powerhouse riffage of guitarist Mick Mars, the group dominated the rock charts throughout the ’80s, producing a stream of anthemic albums and hits that have echoed through the decades. Crüe soldiered through

    Vintage Guitar magazine presents greg Martin's Head shop Pet sounds Home Feature image

    Pet Sounds and the Birth of Psychedelic Sunshine

    Vintage Guitar magazine Presents Greg Martin's Head Shop

    This is the first in a regular series of exclusive Vintage Guitar online articles where The Kentucky Headhunters’ Greg Martin looks back on influential albums and other musical moments. Next to vintage guitars, record collecting has long been a big passion of mine since 1965 when I bought The Beach Boys 45, “California Girls,” b/w

    Gibson GA-83S Stereo-Vib

    Gibson GA-83S Stereo-Vib

    If you hung around the audio world’s collective R&D room long enough in the late 1950s and early ’60s, you’d have thought that, very soon, everything would be happening in stereo. And why not? Who wants drab, flat mono when life could be happening in multi-dimensional stereo? And soon, it most often was… other than

    Redplate Amps’ BluesMachine66

    Redplate Amps’ BluesMachine66

    Welcome to the Machine

    Redplate Amps’ BluesMachine66 Price: $2,799 (list) Contact: www.redplateamps.com Redplate builds boutique amplifiers with point-to-point wiring and meticulous hands-on attention to detail. Their BluesMachine66 1×12 was created for the discerning guitarist with a predilection for British flavors. Its 12AX7 preamp tubes run at 50 watts using KT66 power tubes. The BluesMachine66 has knobs and switches galore,

    Robbie Robertson

    The Many Sides of

    It’s difficult to say which is more ironic: the fact that Robbie Robertson, one of rock guitar’s true stylists, is more famous for his songwriting, or that beneath the minimal, compositional style that marked his work with The Band hid one of the most animalistic maniacs in rock guitar history. • The son of a

    The G&L El Toro

    At the beginning of 1983, Leo Fender was just more than three years into his last guitar-manufacturing venture when he decided to diversify the company’s bass lineup. Until that point, G&L had marketed the one-pickup L-1000, the two-pickup L-2000, and the no-frills SB-1 and SB-2 models – all with fairly traditional, straightforward designs. The brand’s

    Brad Paisley

    Live Amplified World Tour: Live From WVU

    Pop music, modern country – what’s the difference anymore? For both, everything is bigger and splashier. Yet, nimbly as Brad Paisley manages to walk through that world, his music feels more rooted in tradition than that of your average modern country act. He’s as much or more a musician as he is a performer –

    Sigma by Martin

    Sigma by Martin

    Following the Line

    Long overlooked and relegated to an obscure corner of the collectible market, Sigma by Martin guitars have recently gained popularity among a new generation of collectors. If you’re one who has developed a taste for them (or other vintage Japanese brands), you likely know that Martin – as it readily admits – kept few notes

    Cimarron Guitars’ Model P

    From the Parlor to the Stage

    Cimarron Guitars has being making custom instruments since 1978 in the dry, mild climate of southwest Colorado. The company’s Model P guitar gets its name from its parlor-guitar-sized body (“parlor” guitars were popular in the late 19th/early 20th century, when small social events often occurred in parlors where music was played; the instruments typically were

    Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb

    Our Man Flint

    Strymon Flint Tremolo & Reverb Price: $200 Info: www.strymon.net. In just a few short years, Strymon has established itself as a premier developer of pedal effects. With boxes like the highly praised El Capistan dTape Echo, they’ve cut out a niche building DSP effects that recapture the sounds of iconic analog gear with remarkable authenticity.


    Gibson Tal Farlow

    The Tal Farlow is one guitar in a quartet of full-depth Gibson Artists models first cataloged in the early 1960s. Introduced in ’62, it was based on the ES-350 – the guitar Farlow used with Red Norvo and his own trio in the mid ’50s. A truly professional instrument, built in the tradition of ’50s Gibson

    Dogu Custom Electric Guitars’ MOS-01

    Dogu Custom Electric Guitars’ MOS-01

    This Old Strat

    Dogu Custom Electric Guitars’ MOS-01 Price: $2,200 (list) Contact: www.actionfigurestudios.com Improving upon classic designs is a consistent theme in the guitar-manufacturing community. While many companies take a pragmatic approach to updating older designs for better performance, Mehmet Dogu (pronounced “Dough”) took a wistful one. He was determined to replace the guitar that got away. The

    Teisco Del Rey Basses

    ’60s Egalitarianism from Japan

    Teisco Del Rey basses from the 1960s are exemplary of the Japanese-made instruments that swept into the American market like a tsunami during the “guitar boom” – and were the primary contributor to the demise of America’s budget-guitar industry. Which means, of course, that an untold number of American teenagers played instruments like these. During

    Will Lee

    Letter Winner

    Musicians being artists and artists needing to express themselves, it says something that Will Lee’s new album, Love, Gratitude & Other Distractions, is only his second in 20 years (his first was 1993’s Oh!). Mostly, it speaks to the fact that since James Brown is no longer with us, Lee may well now be the