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    Jennifer Lyn – I’m All Wrong For You Baby

    Jennifer Lyn plays the title track to her EP, “I’m All Wrong For You Baby,” reviewed in the April issue “Hit List.” She’s using a late-model Fender Strat with Seymour Duncan Mini-Humbucker pickups running through a Boss CH-1 Super Chorus, an EHX Cathedral stereo reverb, BMT Overdrive, and a Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter into a Vox AC30 Hand-Wired with Alnico Blue speakers. READ IT NOW!!

    Aeromyth Slingers Celebrate Brad Whitford

    Aeromyth slingers Tony Cavazo, Neal Shelton, and Frankie Wilsey join VG in extending best wishes to Brad Whitford on his 65th birthday! Check it out as they jam on “Last Child,” which was written by Brad and Steven Tyler; Neal is playing a Les Paul ’58 reissue through a Bogner Ecstasy Red OD pedal into a Marshall Class 5 combo, Tony’s Standel bass is running into a Crate B-15, and Frankie is playing his early-’70s BC Rich acoustic. Check out Aeromyth and Neal’s Music.

    Tyler Morris Celebrates Johnny Winter

    Tyler Morris keeps our Johnny Winter birthday celebration rolling, with help from his Dean Thoroughbred (with Fishman Fluence Classic pickups) and Revv 7-40 amp. Here, he digs into “Rock Me Baby,” “Bony Moronie,” and “Rock ’N Roll, Hoochie Koo.” Keep up with Tyler at www.tylerdmorris.com.

    Fans of Tommy Castro might be shocked with some of the guitar tones on his latest record, The Devil You Know. His straightforward R&B sounds are still there, but, he says, “I had fun trying new stuff.” On his dozen or so career albums, Castro has made significant effort to mix it up. “I’ve done

    Jack White

    The Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016

    These 26 recordings delve into the heart of the prolific song-smithing of Jack White, providing an eye-opening retrospective of B-sides and re-imaginings, and insight into White’s muse. It also features the previously unreleased “City Lights” and “Love Is The Truth.” Filled with tuneful performances, the collection begins in chronological order (by conception) with songs made

    1944 Martin 00-28

    This Martin 00-28 is a highly unusual instrument. Made as part of a group of six created with shop-order number 366 (dated 12/14/1944) and bearing serial numbers 90002 through 90007, they were entered on the Martin shop order slip as 00-28G, indicating they were classical guitars designed strictly for gut strings. There is no indication

    National N-275

    Gibson is widely known for its guitars, mandolins, and banjos, but many are unaware the company built instruments for nearly 30 brands for several distributors and music store chains, primarily from the 1920s through the early ’40s. Some of the best-known names include Kalamazoo, distributed by Gibson, and Recording King, which was distributed by Montgomery

    Ian Hunter

    New Music and a Mott Reunion

    Ian Hunter is upbeat when he discusses his newest album, Man Overboard, and the upcoming reunion with old friends in England for a series of 40th anniversary reunion concerts planned for this fall by Mott the Hoople, the legendary British hard-rock band Hunter fronted from 1969 to the mid ’70s. The album hints the veteran

    Oz Noy

    Who Gives A Funk

    Fusion maestro Oz Noy expands his palette of influences by enlisting the help of a horn section and special guests. Noy basks in the funkalicious glory of instrumental ’60s soul. Jazz-rock Strat lines and slide comingle within blues and gospel changes, as lush horn arrangements and solos adorn vibrant production. His band includes drummers Chris

    '62 Les Paul Rarity

    ’62 Les Paul Rarity

    In its early years, the Gibson Les Paul Custom evolved through several body-style and spec changes and was the earliest Gibson solidbody to have a Tune-O-Matic bridge and stop tailpiece; the Les Paul model (a.k.a. “goldtop”) did not have them until late ’55. First appearing in Gibson catalogs in 1954, the company actually made a


    Chris Isaak

    Sun Worship

    Most pop-music fans became aware of Chris Isaak through his 1991 hit “Wicked Game” and its uber-high-profile video, directed by famed photographer Herb Ritts and featuring the singer/guitarist gettin’ all From Here to Eternity with supermodel Helena Christensen. Musically, the moody track – with Calvin Wilsey’s memorable reverb-infused guitar lick – not only put Isaak

    Teleslinger Laur “L’il Joe” Joamets with Sturgill Simpson. Photo: Andy Sapp.

    Sturgill Simpson

    A Sailor’s Guide to Earth
    Breaking Out Of The Lines

    Parental advisory: this ain’t no country album. Rather, Sturgill Simpson – hailed far and wide as the (latest) savior of that good ol’ Nashville sound – is back with his third disc, and it sounds straight out of Memphis. Think “horn section.” Think “special guests the Dap-Kings and glorious harmonizing background vocals.” Think “fingersnapping, danceable

    M-Tone Slipstream

    Delicious Curves

    M-Tone Slipstream Price: $2,600 Contact: www.m-tone.com When it comes to custom, hand-made guitars, many prefer an instrument that innately reveals the work of its craftsman – the type that, instead of merely being a replica of a famous body shape, can be held and admired for its details. Matt Proctor’s M-Tone Slipstream is a good

    Butch Walker

    Butch Walker

    Hummingbirds and Ghosts

    Butch Walker readily admits that when it comes to his life as a musician, performer, and producer, he has some decidedly “first-world problems,” like when a guitar he’d like to use on a song (or to photograph for a magazine spread!) happens to be at his Nashville studio instead of his other one, in L.A.

    Breedlove FF and KO Mandolins

    Breedlove FF and KO Mandolins

    New Traditionalists

    Breedlove FF and KO Mandolins1 Price: FF $2,265 (list), $1,699 (street); KO $1,999 (list), $1,499 (street) Info: www.breedlovemusic.com. Unlike luthiers who re-create classic designs, Kim Breedlove prefers new ideas and cutting-edge aesthetics. Breedlove’s FF and KO mandolins combine unique visual style with superb build quality. For mandolin players looking for nontraditional instruments, the Breedlove FF

    Etched in Time

    “Signature” Gibsons from the Early Days of Cable

    In 1984, Christian Roebling went from being just another guy watching TV to creating what was likely the first television program to focus on and feature guitar players and builders. Though few outside of New York City knew of its existence, in its six years on the air, “The Guitar Show” played host to some

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    ToneConcepts’ The Distillery

    100-Proof Tone

    While many pedal makers tinker away on effects that exhibit their personal tonal philosophies, the fact is that most don’t play gigs or compose music. Seraphim Marcopoulous of ToneConcepts was keen enough to take advantage of his professional relationships with some of the finest guitarists in the industry, asking, “What’s missing?”

    Ted Nugent 1962 Gibson Byrdland

    Ted Nugent’s 1962 Gibson Byrdland

    Anyone who’s ever caught Ted Nugent on tour has seen this instrument, and during the Summer of 2003 it was intended to be the only guitar used by the Motor City Madman during his one-hour slot. “That was pretty much due to time restraints,” said Dean Mitchell, who has been Nugent’s guitar tech for a

    Gittler Classic Home Feature Image

    Gittler Classic

    Back to the Future

    The Gittler guitar was invented in the late 1970s by Allan Gittler, whose vision to reduce the guitar to its most essential elements led him to design an instrument that looked like a cross between modern art and a musical fishbone. The instrument gained a following that included Andy Summers of The Police, who famously

    1949 Bigsby Tenor

    1949 Bigsby Tenor. Photo: Kelsey Vaughn, courtesy George Gruhn. By the advent of the solidbody electric guitar in the 1950s, tenor guitarists were a dying breed. Consequently, electric tenors are relatively rare, and a tenor guitar made by solidbody pioneer Paul Bigsby is one of the rarest of all electric guitars. And if that’s not

    Vintage guitar magazine Silvertone’s 1449 and 1423

    Silvertone’s 1449 and 1423

    Classic Comeback

    Silvertone’s 1449 and 1423 Price: $739 list/$479 street (1423); $629 list/$399 street (1449) Info: www.silvertoneclassic.com With an up-swell of interest in vintage Silvertones, current parent company Samick has begun to reissue some of the most requested models. The first offering, the 1303/U2, with its famous “coke bottle” headstock and lipstick pickups, was followed by a