Selwyn Birchwood

Living In a Burning House
Selwyn Birchwood
Selwyn Birchwood

Selwyn Birchwood’s third album for Chicago-based Alligator Records represents new creative frontiers for the 36-year-old Florida native. The robust use of keyboards and baritone sax makes it his most sonically expansive effort to date, and that sound isn’t just expansive – it’s thick.

The instrumental wall, fortunately, doesn’t detract from Birchwood’s omnipresent guitar work and baritone vocals on an album, where the six-string and horns peacefully co-exist. Birchwood’s blistering single-note runs punctuate the opening “I’d Climb Mountains,” and he gets lap-steel dirty on the unapologetic roadhouse rocker “I Got Drunk, Laid and Stoned.” The title track, meanwhile, emits a reggae vibe, again finding guitars and horns intertwined.

The prevailing sense of musical community that underpins Living In a Burning House by no means implies restraint. The artist unleashes furious volleys of notes on the driving “You Can’t Steal My Shine,” and “Revelation” features some of the most intensity-laden playing on the entire album. Another highlight is “Freaks Come Out at Night,” which, if not a John Lee Hooker tribute, contains enough boogie to make him smile.

Birchwood, clearly a bluesman on the rise, has already traveled a long artistic journey – and his prime is likely still up the road.

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