Epiphone’s Wilshire and Coronet

Gotta Rock
Epiphone’s Wilshire and Coronet
Price: $449 (Wilshire) and $399 (Coronet)

Some elemental solidbodies were born to rock – the SG, Telecaster, and Les Paul Special and Junior come to mind. Born in the late ’50s, Epiphone’s Coronet and Wilshire were part of that back-to-basics gang, keeping things simple while delivering pure rock-and-roll thrills.

Epiphone’s new Wilshire is a reissue sporting two P-90 PROs, while its cousin, the Coronet, has one dog-ear and a wraparound bridge/tailpiece. Both are double-cuts with mahogany bodies, set mahogany necks, and 22-fret laurel fretboards with 12″ radius and 243/4″ scale. Hardware includes the classic butterfly pickguard, CTS pots, and, on the Wilshire, a LockTone tune-o-matic bridge.

In hand, the Wilshire’s medium-C neck is comfy and quick. The bridge pickup is suitably rockin’, but the neck unit adds a fatter dimension, even for chunky rhythms a la Townshend or Malcolm Young. The Wilshire is a blast even if the knob array feels a bit cramped. The one-pickup Coronet is slightly lighter; if one-pickup Juniors are your jam, it will appeal.

With retro features and a headstock that speaks to the Epiphone legacy (check the “bikini” badge), the Wilshire and Coronet sound the siren call for rockers and slide players. Sixty-plus years since their introduction, Epi has admirably revived two classics.

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