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    James Patrick Regan Honors George Johnson and Taj Mahal!

    James Patrick Regan used his ’77 Gibson Les Paul Custom to play the main riff from The Brothers Johnson song “Strawberry Love Letter #23” in honor of George Johnson, who turns 65 today. He also dishes out a bit of “She Caught the Katy” by Taj Mahal (who is 75 today), then shows us the lead break from “Strawberry…” James’ guitar is running through an MXR Carbon Copy then into his ’70s Music Man 112 RD. His strings are Dunlop Super Brights, cable by George L’s. keep up with James HERE!!

    Jake Andrews in the VG New Gear Yearbook 2018

    Check out Jake Andrews and Eric Johnson jamming on the classic EJ tune, “Zap,” during this year’s Dallas International Guitar Show. Jake is playing a ’58 Gibson ES-335 through a ’68 Marshall 50-watt plexi with overdrive from a vintage Tube Screamer. They’re backed by Tommy Taylor on drums and Kyle Brock on bass. Then, Jake plays through a Sir Henry pedal built by Dustin Sears, who techs for him and EJ as well as Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Doyle Bramhall, II, and the Experience Hendrix Tour. In the New Gear Yearbook 2018, Jake talks about the music and players who influenced him most, and explains how his first setup was a classic Fender guitar and tweed amp!  The “Yearbook” is sponsored by Sam Ash Music Stores Music Stores. READ NOW!!

    Forty Quid of Klunk

    Tales of the Harmony Bass

    Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh, Klunk! It’s not the most artful musical introduction, but it was effective. And by the time a screaming Hammond organ slides in over the pounding bass-and-drums, most listeners are hooked. The song is “Gimme Some Lovin” by the Spencer Davis Group, and the 1966 record is a showcase not only for the vocals and

    Eliza Gilkyson

    Not Your Typical Folkie

    “My dad was my biggest influence, especially melodically. He loved dark melodies,” says Eliza Gilkyson of her father, the late Terry Gilkyson. As the title of her latest CD hints, The Nocturne Diaries mostly habitates the darker side. Her dad sang with the Weavers in the Folk Boom and co-wrote the Dean Martin hit “Memories

    Greg Lake

    Greg Lake

    Welcome Back, My Friends Part 1 and 2

    Bassist/vocalist Greg Lake, a force in the advent of progressive rock in the early 1970s with Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP), died December 7 following a battle with cancer. He was 69. This article originally appeared in VG the May and June 1994 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication

    The Duane Allman “Layla” Guitar?

    A ’57 Gibson Les Paul Emerges To Tell a Story

    Taken in trade by a music store in Florida, it was sold to a local recording studio in 1977. Shortly afterward, its new owner started to wonder if maybe it wasn’t much more than just another Les Paul.

    Tommy Castro

    Tommy Castro

    Amped Up

    Fans of Tommy Castro might be shocked with some of the guitar tones on his latest record, The Devil You Know. His straightforward R&B sounds are still there, but, he says, “I had fun trying new stuff.” On his dozen or so career albums, Castro has made significant effort to mix it up. “I’ve done

    Spacey T

    Spacey T

    Eclectic Journeyman

    Tracey Singleton, better known as Spacey T, is a post-Hendrix guitar wizard with an eclectic soul and chops to match. In the 1980s, he and his group, Sound Barrier, held the distinction of being the first all-African-American metal band to sign with a major label. He has also cast his spell in several ground-breaking bands.

    Buzz Feiten Blues Pro

    Buzz Feiten Blues Pro

    Cantankerous Tones

    Buzz Feiten Blues Pro Price: $2,395 (list) Contact: www.buzzfeitenguitars.com Buzz Feiten is a Woodstock alumnus who has played with a who’s who of music artists and lent his guitar artistry to some of music’s most acclaimed albums. A recording artist in his own right, Feiten has worked with artists including The Rascals, Aretha Franklin, Rickie

    Fargen’s John Lennon Signature JL-15 and Micro Plex Vintage Guitar magazine

    Fargen’s John Lennon Signature JL-15 and Micro Plex

    Instant Karma?

    Fargen’s John Lennon Signature JL-15 and Micro Plex Price: $2,700 (JL-15), $999 (Micro Plex) Info: www.fargenamps.com. From 50-watt monsters to 5-watt heads, Fargen Amplification is known for building amplifiers intended for working players. Two of Fargen’s more recent releases – the John Lennon Signature JL-15 combo and the Micro Plex head – may seem miles

    The Rolling Stones

    Blue & Lonesome
    Rolling In The Blues

    Mick Jagger’s famous 1968 statement – “What’s the point in listening to us doing ‘I’m A King Bee’ when you can hear Slim Harpo do it?” – has been a (sometimes) credo for the Rolling Stones. Why indeed? Except for the fact that the Stones have time and again proven they can indeed play the

    Robben Ford

    The Space Between the Notes

    When it comes to blues, Robben Ford has always been inspired by the most profound practitioners of the form and gone his own way with the understanding that true blues is about honesty and individuality. His latest, Bringing It Back Home, joins his indelible style and touch with the compositional talents of Allen Toussaint, Earl

    Walrus Audio’s Bellwether Dela

    The Bell Tolls For Thee

    The Bellwether from Walrus Audio is a high-end analog delay notable for its tone, adaptability, and depth of control. The pedal’s capabilities will exceed many players’ needs, but the Bellwether is well worth a look for any musician with the desire (and the pocket change) for a delay effect that answers more serious demands. None

    50 Years Ago Today

    The Beatles Conquer America

    Sunday, February 9, 1964, was the day that forever changed music and pop culture. “The Ed Sullivan Show” was one of the most popular television programs in the United States and at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, The Beatles made their live debut on American national television before an estimated 73 million people. This single

    Supro’s Dual-Tone 1624T, Coronado 1690T

    Supro’s Dual-Tone 1624T, Coronado 1690T

    1964 All Over Again

    Supro’s Dual-Tone 1624T, Coronado 1690T Price: $1,595 (Dual-Tone[LEFT]); $1,795 (Coronado) Contact: www.suprousa.com If there was a time machine handy to scoot us back to 1964, where we would naturally stock up on new guitars and amps, a blue-and-silver Supro would be at the top of most guitarists’ must-grab lists. Happily, time travel isn’t necessary. Fifty

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    Electro-Harmonix Soul Food, Nano Big Muff

    Add OD, To Taste

    Price: Soul Food, $89.25 (list), $62.81 (street); Nano Big Muff, $95.64 (list), $69.80 (street) Info: www.ehx.com Guitarists have an insatiable desire for overdrive and distortion pedals, and manufacturers seem to be responding with more models every day. Two of the latest to roll out are the Soul Food and Nano Big Muff stompboxes from Electro-Harmonix.

    Excelsior Americana

    If you play any breed of twang, country, roots-rock or, well, “Americana,” could there possibly be a better amp than this? Okay, according to specs and tonal preferences, sure there could. But for sheer vintage-hip and all-out cool, you really can’t do better than dragging this 1966 Excelsior Americana to the next Gram Parsons tribute

    National-Dobro 6107A

    National-Dobro 6107A

    Preamp tubes: 56, 57 Output tubes: two 2A3 Rectifier: 5Z3 Controls: Volume Output: 6 watts RMS +/- Speaker: one 10″ Lansing Model 112 Why doesn’t this ever happen to us? You ride along with your brother to an antique radio show just to give him some company – it’s his thing… not yours – and

    Don Felder

    Don Felder

    Six-Stringed Summer Stock

    Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder is spending the summer with a few friends. On an extended tour with Styx and Foreigner in a package billed as The Soundtrack of Summer, Felder is truly enjoying himself. “Since I left the Eagles, I’ve been doing 50 to 60 shows a year,” he said. “Multi-headliners, summer festivals, casinos,

    The Epiphone Excellente

    The Epiphone Excellente

    When Gibson acquired Epiphone in 1957, the plan was to introduce a new line of Epis that would be made in the Gibson factory but designed to be slightly less expensive than the equivalent Gibson model. It worked out that way in the electric line of the 1960s, where the more expensive Epis had mini-humbuckers