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    Walter Trout

    Enjoy a bit of Walter Trout’s live set during last summer’s Fargo Blues Festival, and be sure to read our exclusive interview, in which he discusses recording his new album, “We’re All In This Together.” It’s in the January issue of Vintage Guitar magazine. READ NOW!!

    Vintage Voltage amplifier company


    Maurice Skogen started the Vintage Voltage amplifier company in 2012, after obtaining an engineering degree and playing guitar in blues/rock bands for 50 plus years. Vintage Voltage Engineering builds and repairs/restores classic tube amplifiers so you experience superior, inspirational tone! Mission statement: Quality should always be the first thing we think about and the last thing we sacrifice. vintagevoltageengineering.com

    Henry Garza

    From Tragedy to Revelation

    Los Lonely Boys’ new album, Revelation, draws from several influences while retaining the band’s Texas/Mexican identity. Collaborating with a group of top-tier tunesmiths, Revelation weaves pop, reggae, soul, and conjunto influences. It follows guitarist Henry Garza’s recovery from a violent fall from the concert stage. After a stretch in the hospital, he’s excited about getting

    The Yosco No. 2

    Tenor Banjo

    The banjo and American music cross paths in a remarkably entangled web of complexity. The banjo was brought to the New World – conceptually, at least – by African slaves who used it to create music subsequently appropriated by 19th-century white entertainers, who created blackface minstrelsy, which became the basis of Vaudeville and a great

    Henretta Engineering Pedals

    Henretta Engineering Pedals

    Good Things, Small Packages

    Henretta Engineering Pedals Prices: Green Zapper, Bluebird, and Purple Octopus, $125 each; Chord Blaster, $140 Info: www.henrettaengineering.com. Bigger is not necessarily better – especially when you have a pedal board full of stompboxes, but still need room for just one more effect. In this case, miniscule can rule. Enter Henretta Engineering and its unique lineup;

    George Barnes

    Country Jazz

    When Chet Atkins arrived in Chicago for his first RCA recording session in August 1947, he was astounded to meet George Barnes, who’d been hired to play rhythm guitar. To Chet and others, Barnes was guitar royalty, a virtuoso the teenaged Atkins encountered the same place he’d first heard Merle Travis and Les Paul –


    Time Stand Still

    Grab your hankies, Rush fans – this DVD doc captures moments from the trio’s R40 farewell tour, along with reminiscences on their four-decade career. There are interviews with Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neil Peart, all mixed with vintage photos and hilarious stories galore. (Can you imagine the members of Rush and Thin Lizzy having

    Visual Sound’s H20 V3 Liquid Chorus & Echo and VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive

    Visual Sound’s H20 V3 Liquid Chorus & Echo and VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive

    A Step Further

    Visual Sound’s H20 V3 Liquid Chorus & Echo and VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive Price: H20 V3 $199 (list); VS-XO $199 (list) Contact: www.visualsound.net Since bursting on the scene with its Visual Volume, Tennessee-based Visual Sound has earned a reputation for sounding great and for solid construction. The company has introduced the next step in its

    Joel Hoekstra

    Joel Hoekstra

    Busy Smilin’

    When does Joel Hoekstra sleep? To say the always-smiling guitarist has a full plate is an understatement. For several years, he has juggled performing with the smash hit Broadway musical Rock of Ages, toured with the holiday sensation Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and served as a member of melodic hard-rockers Night Ranger. He amicably parted ways with

    Bergen Guitars ST and TL

    Messing with Perfection

    Bergen Guitars ST and TL Price: $2,195 (ST, base)/$2,595 (as tested); $1,895 (TL, base)/$2,295 (as tested) Info: www.bergenguitars.com. If your goal, as a solitary craftsman, is to improve upon two designs that are acclaimed paragons of industrial perfection, what do you do? Paul Bergeson, owner and luthier of Bergen Guitars in Lake Zurich, Illinois, began

    Gretchen Menn

    Abandon All Hope
    Magnum Opus

    Gretchen Menn stands alone. One might argue that she’s the female counterpart to Steve Morse. Both are aviators, both play ungodly guitar, and both are ersed in the European traditions of the Classical period. This was the era that spawned composers Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Salieri, and so on. Both Menn and Morse are also big

    SynapticGroove Snapperhead OD/Distortion

    SynapticGroove Snapperhead OD/Distortion

    Dirty Deeds

    With their first offering, Benjamin Harrison and Chrystal Gilles of SynapticGroove set out to fill the gap between heavy effects users and straight-into-the-amp players. Apparently, they’re on to something. They can already count Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow), Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), and Dan Boul (65amps) among fans of their Snapperhead Overdrive/Distortion. Lightweight, powdercoated, and

    Country Player of the Year

    Vince Gill Awarded in 2016 For decades, Vince Gill has stood as one of a handful of contemporary country stars (Brad Paisley, Steve Wariner and Keith Urban being the others) blending vocal and guitar virtuosity with powerful, eloquent songwriting. Despite changing trends, Gill, a Grand Ole Opry member since 1991, retains a steadfast belief in

    Nancy Wilson

    Beautifully Unbroken

    Responsible for guitar-laden classics such as “Crazy On You,” “Love Alive,” and “Devil Delight,” Nancy Wilson has been inspiring musicians for decades. Nancy and her sister, Ann, have churned out one well-crafted Heart record after another, followed by successful tours. This summer, they released a new album, Beautiful Broken and followed with the Rock Hall

    Way Huge Saffron Squeeze MkII

    Way Huge Saffron Squeeze MkII


    Twenty years after its launch, the Way Huge Saffron Squeeze compressor has been improved upon. Doing fierce business with an already spectacular product line, Jim Dunlop Manufacturing added pedal wizard Jeorge Tripps to the mix. For Way Huge’s Saffron Squeeze MkII, this meant the addition of Gain, Tone, and Attack controls to the older version’s

    Parsons/White StringBender

    From the origins of country-rock to Jimmy Page, Metallica, and a slew of modern country-pickin’ wizards, the string bender lends unique sounds to any form of music by giving players an “extra hand.”

    Jay Geils

    Blues and Archtop

    If you grew up listening to music in the ’70s, you probably associate the name J. Geils with a five-piece band that played raucous rock and roll to hip-shaking partiers. Led by guitarist John “Jay” Geils, the group toured the world and recorded more than a dozen albums, selling millions through the early ’80s. Originally

    Shaw Audio Bass 130

    Classic Tone for the Modern World

    Tennessee amp builder Kevin Shaw loves restoring old cars – and creating fine-sounding amplifiers. His ToneRod SE and Fulltilt 18 helped establish him as a factor among amp builders, and his latest offering is (as the name implies) a bass head – the Audio Bass 130. Among modern Class D bass heads, and their enormous

    Fender “Korinacaster”

    Double-Cut Kuriosity

    There’s a bit of irony in the fact that Leo Fender, creator of the first solidbody electric guitar to be mass-produced, wasn’t known as the adventurous sort. Rather, history tells us he was a pragmatic, downright conservative guy for whom form very much followed function – a fact borne out in the bread-and-butter realities exhibited

    Hank’s Protos

    How Hank Garland Helped Gibson Develop Two Models Not Called Byrdland

    There are guitars, there are great guitars, there are great historic guitars and there are great historic guitars bearing deep provenance. And then there are guitars of such immense mystique, provenance, and cultural significance they are transcendent, shattering ceilings set by previous standards. Two such instruments were crafted by Gibson at the height of its