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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Danny Caron – How Sweet It Is


Danny Caron is a veteran guitarist whose playing with the late Charles Brown helped keep the tradition of the “uptown” guitarist alive and well. Brown, a pianist, featured Caron whenever possible, and with his second solo record, he continues to bring smiles. On several cuts, Caron shows he’s not afraid to swing, and that no […]

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Blackstar Artisan 15 and 30 Amps

Boutique Tone, Bargain Pricing

Blackstone Artisan 15 Started a few years ago by a group of former Marshall employees, Blackstar Amplification’s Artisan series, comprised of 15- and 30-watt combos and a 100-watt head, is just becoming available in the U.S. The combos are two-channel amps, and they share a number of impressive features, including hand-wired turret circuit boards, control […]

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Ted Nugent

Unleashed and Unrepentant

Photo: James Brown. Depending on one’s musical or sociopolitical point of view, a new release from the redoubtable Ted Nugent can initiate one of several reactions. It can be cause for celebration, a reason to crank up the anti-Nuge propaganda machinery, or a reason to duck for cover. Nugent is one of the most polarizing […]

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Martin Style 000-28K


Martin Style OOO-28K. Photo: Kelsey Vaughn, courtesy of Gruhn Guitars. During the 1920s and ’30s, Martin made a considerable number of guitars with bodies constructed of Hawaiian Koa wood. The Hawaiian music craze was in full swing and the demand was strong for ukuleles and Hawaiian-style guitars played with a steel bar, as well as […]

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Guy Clark – Somedays the Song Writes You


Guy Clark’s latest album features material written in collaboration, and the results demonstrate that choosing the right creative partner makes a world of difference. The 10 originals and one cover on Somedays the Song Writes You feature Clark’s well-worn vocals, with its edge like 800 grit sandpaper and delivery dry as the Texas panhandle. Sharing […]

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Ronnie Lane

His Life & Music on DVD

Lane playing a Zemaitis bass. Photographer unknown; courtesy John Hellier Collection. The quote that opens

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Bacino BAC 18

Tone, With a Big T

Bacino Bac 18 Mike Bacino makes no bones about his mission in recreating the Marshall 18-watt model 1958 2×10″ combo from the mid 1960s. The original amps are rare and sought after (if you can find one, it’ll set you back $5,500 or more!), so Bacino decided to hunt down the legend and let anyone […]

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Domino Californian Rebel


1967 Domino #80E2 Californian Rebel. Photo: Michael Wright. California. The Left Coast. It was probably home to North America’s earliest inhabitants, as emigrants from Asia crossed the Bering Strait and began their march toward South America. But California figured little in much of anything else until 1848, when the folks setting up a lumber mill […]

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The Steepwater Band – Grace and Melody


It’s easy to dig the Steepwater Band, and on this, their fourth studio record, the Chicago trio steps it up a notch with the help of producer Marc Ford, whose tenure with the Black Crowes produced some of that band’s best music. While it’s usually difficult to define what a producer does, here Ford’s input […]

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B.C. Rich Stealth


1983 B.C. Stealth Bass prototype, serial number 001-87984. Photo courtesy Richie King. Electric guitar lore from the 1980s almost invariably includes (sometimes snide) references to hair bands, pointy headstocks, black hardware, and so on. But many of the asymmetrical/angular instruments from that decade were unique and well-made, and this prototype B.C. Rich Stealth is a […]

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