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American Man

Fans of four-barrel, huevos-to-the-wall roots rock will do well to investigate the latest from this Denver-based trio. Foregoing bass in favor of guitars and drums (à la Jon Spencer Blues Explosion), Yawpers ply their trade on the continuum between Steve Earle’s well-crafted lyrics and the (more…)

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Bob Dylan

Dylan Goes Electric! and The Cutting Edge 1965-1966
Dylan Goes Electric!

Oh, the shock! The outrage! The betrayal! Truth is, no one should have been surprised when Bob Dylan and his electrified band took the stage on the evening of July 25, 1965 at the Newport Folk Festival and proceeded to blow (more…)

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Billy Gibbons and the BFG’s

No ZZ, Still Tops

A “solo debut” by Rev. Billy F. Gibbons, at age 65, is a bit like Satchel Paige being a 42-year-old “rookie” in major league baseball after two decades as the Negro Leagues’ greatest pitcher. Because ZZ Top’s longtime manager, Bill Ham, had some (more…)

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Pat Metheny

the Unity Sessions

This film of Pat Metheny’s talented Unity Band is another gem in his long career, featuring both live performances and insightful interviews. The Unity quintet is more of a straight-ahead jazz ensemble than the Pat Metheny Group, featuring the fierce tenor sax of (more…)

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What’s Going On: Live At The Isle Of Wight

Taste was a criminally short-lived Irish blues-rock trio in the late ’60s, featuring bassist Richard McCracken, drummer John Wilson, and the extraordinary guitar and vocals of Rory Gallagher. They played 1970’s infamous Isle Of Wight Festival, in front of 600,000 people, immediately after deciding (more…)

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Joe Bonamassa

Live At Radio City Music Hall

Joe Bonamassa may not be pushing the blues genre forward, but his fans don’t care. His latest opus features 75 minutes of blistering blues-rock. The CD comes with a DVD and features both his acoustic and electric bands. They contain the kind of rootsy (more…)

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John Basile

Penny Lane

By many standards, this shouldn’t work: a group of songs by the Beatles done in jazz arrangements. Not only that, it’s one guitarist, using MIDI technology, playing all the parts – guitar, drums, bass, strings, and any other noise on the record. So, (more…)

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Buddy Guy

Born To Play Guitar
What the Blues Are All About

As he’s aged, Buddy Guy has tended to get even wilder in his presentation of the blues. It’s an odd happenstance that’s sometimes added considerably to the blues he was playing, but at other times made him seem like a novelty act when (more…)

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Deb Callahan

Sweet Soul

Live shows from Callahan and band have been knocking out East Coast crowds for some time. The group also knows how to work it in a recording studio where some of the best live bands can lose their mojo without the feedback of (more…)

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Son Volt

Trace (Expanded & Remastered)

The 20-year nostalgia arc rewards alt-country fans with a glorious expanded (37 more tracks!) reissue of what remains one of the subgenre’s quintessential releases. In ’95, Jay Farrar formed Son Volt following the dissolution of the critically acclaimed Uncle Tupelo. Featuring original UT drummer Mike Heidorn (more…)

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