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    James Patrick Regan Celebrates Brad Whitford and Johnny Winter!

    James Patrick Regan uses his ’77 Gibson Les Paul Custom running through a Jimmy Junior to extend birthday wishes to Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford and Johnny Winter.  Many thanks to Mike Pascale at Fat Jimmy Amplifiers! Keep up with James at thedeadlies.com

    AnalogMan’s Jim Weider Big-T Bridge Pickup Price: $135 Info: www.buyanalogman.com Jim Weider is one of the few guitarists who can truly wear the title “Telemaster” without being crushed by the heavy mantle. Besides his obvious prowess as a player, he is known for his beyond-reproach tone that recently has been abetted by his collaborations with

    Misa Kitara

    Axe of the Future?

    Misa Kitara Price: $789 Info: www.misadigital.com. The guitar synthesizer has been around for more than 30 years and made significant inroads to contemporary music, thanks to fusion heroes like Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Steve Morse, and Allan Holdsworth. The latest wrinkle is the Misa Kitara, which shifts the paradigm. Instead of a

    EVH Stripe Series Star

    Romeo Delight

    There was time when guitarists waited for new Van Halen records like ferrets on crack. After all, in the early ’80s, Edward Van Halen was a huge deal – a revolutionary upstart who inspired young guitarists to think outside the blues box and diverge from the blues-rock sounds of Nugent, Clapton, and Page. Every new

    Durham Electronics’ ReddVerb

    Durham Electronics’ ReddVerb

    ’Verb, Extra Saucy

    Durham Electronics’ ReddVerb Price: $219 (list) Info: www.durhamelectronics.com Take it from Redd Volkaert; good reverb is hard to find. And that’s especially true if you’re gigging on the road and don’t want to lug an amp with a built-in spring reverb, let alone a stand-alone tank. Enter Alan Durham. He not only designed the Durham

    Milbert Amplifiers GAGA D-60

    Shape Shifter

    The Milbert Amplifiers GAGA D-60 Price: $2,950 list Info: www.milbert.com/gaga Gear reviews, whether describing guitars or amps, often speak to the versatility of the equipment in question. While some gear tabbed as “versatile” may be capable of several tasks when in the right hands, few pieces can be reasonably expected to be jacks of all

    Giveaway #162

    A $1,249 value!

    Enter to win a Phantom® 25th Anniversary Limited Edition model TDbj6. A $1,249 value! ONLY 20 will be built • Neck 25 1/2 scale with high gloss yellowed finish • Body mahogany in Vintage white (yellowed topcoat) with matching headstock • AAA Indian rosewood fingerboard • Custom hand machined/buffed aluminium pickguard • Custom back pad

    Ian Hunter

    New Music and a Mott Reunion

    Ian Hunter is upbeat when he discusses his newest album, Man Overboard, and the upcoming reunion with old friends in England for a series of 40th anniversary reunion concerts planned for this fall by Mott the Hoople, the legendary British hard-rock band Hunter fronted from 1969 to the mid ’70s. The album hints the veteran

    Boggs' Quad

    Boggs’ Quad

    Four-neck Fender From a Friend

    Noted in musical history as one of the players who pushed the steel guitar beyond Hawaiian music to more-complex chording and wild interchanges with Spanish-style electric guitarists, Noel Boggs emerged from a tragic childhood, using the guitar and music as a motivator, guide, and ultimately, means to a make a living. Boggs was born in

    D’Angelico’s EX-DC and EX-SD

    D’Elegance and Power

    D’Angelico’s EX-DC and EX-SD Price: $1,769 list/$1,259 street (EX-DC); $1,659 list/$1,185 street (EX-SD) Info: www.dangelicoguitars.com John D’Angelico produced just 1,164 guitars during his career on Kenmare Street in New York City, but each was a remarkable instrument created at the height of the jazz era. Today, the brand is in revival, and while new D’Angelico

    Hound Dog Taylor, Son Seals, and Others

    Alligator Records 40th Anniversary Collection

    “I’m A Woman” sings Koko Taylor in her face-smacking distaff take on Bo Diddley’s “I’m A Man” to open this collection of Alligator’s best, past and present. Telecaster god Albert Collins follows with “I Ain’t Drunk,” a joyous ode to intoxication chased by feverish, industrial-strength slide guitar on “Strange Feeling” from Michael Burks, a bluesman

    Vivian Campbell

    Back In Line

    When singer Ronnie James Dio chose Belfast native Vivian Campbell to form Dio in 1982, the young guitarist was filling big shoes in the eyes of his new boss, who’d worked with two of heavy metal’s all-time greats in Ritchie Blackmore (in Rainbow) and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath). The gamble paid off, and Campbell’s guitar

    Singleton Guitars Capella

    Shining Bright

    Mark Singleton holds the distinction of being a smokin’ guitarist as well as, for the past 24 years, a builder of boutique guitars and basses. One side of the coin influences the other, with Singleton’s real-world playing experiences informing his colorful guitar and bass designs. Located at the simpler end of the Singleton lineup, the

    Will Lee

    Letter Winner

    Musicians being artists and artists needing to express themselves, it says something that Will Lee’s new album, Love, Gratitude & Other Distractions, is only his second in 20 years (his first was 1993’s Oh!). Mostly, it speaks to the fact that since James Brown is no longer with us, Lee may well now be the


    Jonathan Wilson

    Charlotte to Cali

    Jonathan Wilson is having a very good year. His Gentle Spirit CD (Bella Union), a hippie-soul drenched 80 minutes of folk-psych-rock goodness, has earned international praise. He toured Europe throughout 2012 to widespread acclaim, including a stint opening for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, turned numerous heads with his performance at the Jerry Garcia 70th

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    Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo

    Endless Echo

    Like politics, religion, and overdrive pedals, echo boxes are sure to incite staunch views, heartfelt arguments, and perhaps even fisticuffs. But Strymon’s El Capistan is one worth fighting for. To get the squabble started, this pedal creates analog-inspired echo via DSP (digital signal processing) technology. If you’re an enemy of all things unnatural and digital,

    Tony Valentino

    75, Still Rockin’

    Most fans of classic-rock radio know The Standells garage-punk classic “Dirty Water,” which was listed in Rolling Stone’s “Top 500 Songs That Shaped Rock Music.” The guitarist who created that recording’s iconic riff is still very active in music. Having just released a new single, “Late Night Radio,” with singer/songwriter Dan Markell, Tony Valentino is

    Jim Singleton

    Jim Singleton

    Clarksdale Collaboration

    A connoisseur of vintage gear, VG readers may know Jim Singleton as the main man at Jim’s Guitars, in Pennsylvania. His drool-worthy displays at guitar shows are habitually filled with fine classic instruments and amps. In addition to his business persona, Singleton is a talented guitarist and singer, and he recently released a blues album