Rodrigo Y Gabriela

In Between Thoughts, A New World
Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Rodrigo Y Gabriela

The Grammy-winning acoustic duo is back with a collection of consciousness-raising musical concepts, textures, and philosophies augmented by electronica and orchestral elements.

Rhythm is king as they slap, shred, groove, and showcase effortless melodic flair, acoustic fire, and joie de vivre. The first single, “Descending To Nowhere,” blends the aforementioned elements combined with electric guitar, addictive Latin syncopation, and arrangements that scream “crossover appeal.”

The opening track, “True Nature,” is a tour-de-force composition that journeys between Latin America, rock and roll, and Italian spaghetti-western soundtracks. “Egoland” utilizes an envelope-filter effect played on electric guitar, with atmospheric slide that glides atop a vibrant acoustic dance-club groove.

“Seeking Unreality” is strong on melody as the chord cycle careens like a glider flying through the Andes mountains. Rodrigo again whips out his electric for a catchy lead break on “Broken Rage.” Without a drum set in earshot, Gabriela holds down a savage groove with acoustic nylon-stringed fury as Rodrigo shreds with motific intention and an ear for tasteful composition. In Between Thoughts, A New World is an energetic record with lush peaks and valleys, and a clever guitar aesthetic that never gets old.

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