Ana Popovic

Ana Popovic

Blues-rock barnstormer Ana Popovic’s latest is about love, perseverance, strength, and survival.

After rising victoriously from 14 cancer treatments in 2020, Popovic continues to push the envelope of her artistry by dropping her unique blend of searing, hot-wired guitar within the context of funk, R&B, rock, blues, and pop. Power is the sound of a talented artist with a new lease on life; it’s also about the unifying power of love through music. On “Queen of the Pack,” Popovic lets loose on her Strat with an intense barrage of inspired Santana-isms supporting a message of empowerment.

On the upbeat blues shuffle “Strong Taste,” Popovic mixes single-note lines with wicked slide playing to significant effect as top-tier drummer Chris Coleman pushes the band with a relentless groove. Songs like “Ride It,” “Power Over Me,” and “Deep Down” is excellent ass-shaking music for lovers of fiery guitar solos. Popovic also gets mellow, but “Flicker & Flame” will shut down any rumors that she’s gone soft, with its saturated guitar tones and riffage galore. Hendrix is smiling somewhere, and “Rise Up” delivers a message of unity and brotherhood to the world. Power is a funky record.

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