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Vic Flick Honored by National Guitar Museum


The National Guitar Museum has announced that Vic Flick, the guitarist who played on hundreds of London sessions and is best know for playing the guitar on the James Bond theme, will receive its “Lifetime Achievement” Award for 2013. Flick’s work (more…)

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Gretsch Jet Firebird

One of the flashiest Jets in the Gretsch Company’s Air Force

Given the number of jet-related model monikers in Gretsch’s 1950s and ’60s catalogs, one might get the impression the company built airplanes. There were the flashy “fighters” like the Duo-Jet, Silver Jet, and Jet Fire Bird. Then there were the sturdy, reliable “tankers” represented by laminated archtops like the Corsair and the seldom-seen Jet 21. On the “commercial” […]

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The Drew & Sebastian Avenger


  At first glance, the D&S Avenger looks like a long-lost prototype from Leo’s shop, with its offset-waist shape and familiar pickup/hardware/control setup. The Avenger’s two-piece alder body sports a well-executed tobacco-sunburst finish and deep contours. Its one-piece 25.5″-scale bolt-on maple neck has a vintage C profile, aged/tinted (more…)

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Spectrum 5


Joining playful mid-’60s cultural icons such as the Ford Mustang, NBC’s “The Monkees,” the Beatles’ “Nowhere Man” and Cassius Clay, the Teisco Del Rey Spectrum 5 was the high-water mark of original Japanese design from the era. It’s also one of the most sought-after import guitars (more…)

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Widman Set Neck

An Eye For Detail

Widman Set Neck Price: $3,900 Info: widmancustomelectrics.com. John Widman is a custom guitar builder whose artistic leanings began while he worked as a graphic designer and photographer. After building bolt-neck instruments using off-the-shelf parts, he began crafting instruments from scratch, and recently introduced the (more…)

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Black Cat Pedals Introduces Mona Wah


Black Cat Pedals’ new Mona Wah uses a custom-tuned inductor and newly engineered wah pot the company says yields a subtly not possible with other wahs and a sweep that covers the entire range of the pot. The Mona Modern uses Dale resistors and (more…)

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Electro-Harmonix Releases Soul Food OD


The Electro-Harmonix Soul Food overdrive pedal is designed to produce a range from clean boost  to heavy amp saturationwithout adding coloration. Its Volume control sets overall output, Drive adjusts saturation and gain, and Treble helps create upper harmonics. An internal switch allows the the (more…)

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AweSome Musical Instruments Releases T4 Switch


AweSome Musical Instruments’ T4 Pickup Switch Upgrade for Les-Paul-style guitars is designed to generate 68 tones from two four-wire humbuckers. The switch replaces two Volume and Tone controls and disables the standard three-way toggle. Learn more at www.AweSome-Guitars.com. (more…)

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Yamaha Image


Some years back, an insurance company promoted itself as “the quiet company.” While they probably wouldn’t like to hear it, in many ways that description fits Yamaha guitars. Whether you say acoustic or electric, Yamaha is almost never the first name that leaps to mind. Nevertheless, since the mid 1960s, Yamaha has been quietly turning […]

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3rd Power Amplification’s Solo Dream 1, Solo Dream 4, and Switchback 112

Dream Babies

3rd Power Solo Dream/Switchback amps Price: $1,899 (Dream Solo 1 combo); $1,699 (Dream Solo 4 head); $699 (Switchback 112) Info: www.3rdpower.com. Recording/touring guitarist, studio engineer, and industry veteran Jamie Scott made the metamorphosis into amp designer by learning to repair and modify Marshall (more…)

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