Black Cat Pedals Introduces Mona Wah


Black Cat Mona wahBlack Cat Pedals’ new Mona Wah uses a custom-tuned inductor and newly engineered wah pot the company says yields a subtly not possible with other wahs and a sweep that covers the entire range of the pot. The Mona Modern uses Dale resistors and Wima film capacitors, and is optimized for a clean, full frequency response, while the Mona Vintage uses carbon-comp resistors, NOS vintage capacitors, and is voiced more like a vintage Vox wah. Each is available in standard and deluxe editions; standard versions have three internal trimpots (Frequency, Q, and Volume), plus a buffer with an external mini-switch that allows the user to bypass the buffer. The Deluxe Edition moves the three controls to the outside and adds a three-position mini-switch to select voicings. Other features include a powdercoat holographic sparkle finish, a lighter-weight, pedalboard-friendly design, dual LED indicators, true-bypass switch, Switchcraft jacks, and uses a 2.1mm Boss style power jack or 9-volt battery. Go to

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