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Julius Pittman & the Revival

Bucket List
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Southern soul singer Julius Pittman, whose smooth vocal style brings to mind Al Green or Teddy Pendergrass, is a key performer, songwriter, and vocalist for the band that features Randy Moss on guitar. In a time when it seems singers from “American (more…)

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Rodolphe Raffalli

Un pied sur l'ile
Rodolphe Raffalli

A hero of today’s Parisian jazz guitar scene, Rodolphe Raffalli is renowned for his virtuosity and glorious melodic sense. It’s a rare blend; he’s a true master who can still keep his music grounded and simple at the best of times. For (more…)

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Adrian Raso

Clean Up The Mess
Black Mamba Records
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Adrian Raso understands that, just as a guitar solo is not just a place-holder between lyric lines, an instrumental is not just a bunch of notes that sound good together. Guitarists may have an extra dimension of appreciation for Raso’s music, but (more…)

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Victoria Vox

Exact Change
Obus Music
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When one first hears an artist and album undeniably unique and idiosyncratic, they’re often reduced to describing it as a marriage of known quantities. So once again, here goes; think of Victoria Vox’s Exact Change as a cross between Edith Piaf and (more…)

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Steinar Gregertsen

Standing Next to a Mountain
Powerhouse Records
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It’s testament to the music of Jimi Hendrix that people still record it, and somewhat amazing that people like Steinar Gregertsen still find new ways to interpret it. This record features Gregertsen mostly on lap steel, with some guitar, and it works wonderfully. His (more…)

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Willie Nelson

Country Music
Rounder Records
Willie Nelson thumbnail

Willie Nelson’s strongest effort in some time, this disc was produced by T-Bone Burnett, who helped Nelson choose songs that work incredibly well in part because they’re simply great  -“Man With the Blues,” “Gotta Walk Alone,” “Freight Train Boogie,” “House of Gold,” “Pistol (more…)

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Elizabeth Cook

31 Tigers Records
Elizabeth Cook Thumbnail

Elizabeth Cook’s songwriting jumps to the forefront on this disc, whether the song is steeped in rock, carried by a funny lyric, or is a serious countrytinged ballad. On first listen, the lyrically clever “El Camino” is highlighted by buzzsaw electric guitar from Tim (more…)

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John Cowan

The Massenburg Sessions
E1 Entertainment
John Cowan thumbnail

John Cowan’s latest is taken from sessions recorded four years ago by George Massenburg. Cowan’s music combines traditional bluegrass with rock-influenced players and the songs here show Cowan’s talents as a singer and bass player, as well as the skill of players including Jeff (more…)

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Jon Koonce

Songs From the Little Village on the River
Jon Koonce thumbnail

The guiding force behind Johnny and the Distractions circa 1980, Jon Koonce’s new release looks back on that time and his upbringing in Portland, Oregon. Songs from the Little Village on the River is full of the garage rock that powered a (more…)

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Alejandro Escovedo

Street Songs Of Love
Fantasy Records
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If straight-ahead rock with hints of punk, new wave, and ’50s rock and roll is your deal, Escovedo offers it in spades. Street Songs of Love has plenty of chugging riff-driven rock and roll like “Anchor.” The song, like most of his, is (more…)

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