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Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr. The Official Book

Though he introduced unabashed (and deafening) guitar heroics to the indie slacker nation, Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis is more often cast as an impossible misanthrope. This stunning new coffee-table book, though brimming with ultra-rare photography and memorabilia, also details all the sonic and personal mayhem in the words of the founding members, colleagues, and associates. […]

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Bob Dylan

The Complete Album Collection Vol. One

What to make of a box set compiling the half-century career of the most towering figure in American popular music? After all, Bob Dylan’s stature ensures that the target market already owns a goodly number (and in many cases, all) of the 41 live and studio albums contained here – and probably many in glorious […]

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Neil Young

Live at the Cellar Door

Uncle Neil’s at it again, issuing the seventh disc in his live Archives Performance Series. Once more he’s alone with his Martins and a piano (a “really outta sight” Steinway), this time post-Thanksgiving 1970 at the erstwhile D.C. club in the title. For those keeping score, Cellar Door is Disc 2.5 in the series. Culled […]

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The Bottle Rockets

The Brooklyn Side Deluxe Reissue

Brian Henneman should be a country super-star. For more than two decades, Festus, Missouri’s favorite son, has combined Tom T. Hall wit with Roy Nichols chops as front man of the criminally underappreciated Bottle Rockets. But the BRox have always had a rowdy flip side – their love of loud, loud rock equally inspired by […]

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Iggy and the Stooges and Special Guests

Tribute to Ron Asheton

The Stooges’ influence on ’80s and early ’90s indie scenesters is unimpeachable. For more than a quarter-century, cognoscenti have clamored to comprehend the quartet’s long shadow, more often than not dubbing frontman Iggy Pop with sobriquets like “The Godfather of Punk.” Understandable, given Pop’s performance chops, but such assessments overlook the cornerstone of the band’s […]

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Robert Hilburn

Johnny Cash: The Life

From Cash’s hard-scrabble childhood through his Air Force stint, Sun years, hazy ’60s, largely forgettable ’70s, ’80s relapse, and second redemption in the ’90s, former LA Times critic Hilburn scours the details of his subject’s past. Myriad interviews include family members, military pals, early music associates (Sam Phillips, Jack Clement, the Collins Kids, and more), […]

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