Walrus Audio’s Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo

Delirious Tremors
Walrus Audio’s Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo
Price: $249 (list)
Info: www.walrusaudio.com

At some point, nearly every guitarist realizes they simply can’t function without an effects pedal that creates warm, pulsating modulation.

Walrus Audio’s Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo not only works as a standard tremolo, but its Harmonic Mode provides even more options. The Harmonic/Standard toggle allows the user to change from a “traditional” tremolo sound (Standard) to a “Fender brownface”-style vibrato with a Lo and Hi pass split signal. This Harmonic mode produces a throbbing, dreamy vibrato, similar to a Rotovibe.

The pedal has controls for Rate, Depth, Division, Shape, and Volume to construct beat divisions, curves, speeds, thicknesses, and tempos. The Division knob can be set for quarters, triplets, eighths, or 16ths.

With additional inputs for tap switches and expression pedals, the Monument can replicate pretty much anything. It uses a 9-volt adapter and its Tap switch adjusts tempo. The Bypass Momentary Function can be used to add texture when held in the off position.

The pedal’s Standard Mode lets the player tweak a variety of waves to add subtle fullness or mind-altering twistedness with the Shape knob’s Sine, Square, Ramp, Lumps, and Monument modes. The pedal offers a range of sounds with smoothness, minimal coloring, and the kind of warmth that complements the amp’s signal.

For the guitarist seeking a certain lush nuance and beauty, the Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo makes a great addition to the ol’ box of crayons.

This article originally appeared in VG January 2018 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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