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Luke Doucet and The White Falcons – Blood’s Too Rich


Canadian singer/songwriter Luke Doucet is so dedicated to his Gretsch White Falcon that he named his band in its honor. Though that iconic instrument doesn’t take center stage until well into the album’s opening song (“Long Haul Driver”), when he gets it going he’s definitely got (more…)

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George Fullerton

Guitar Icon (1923-2009)

George Fullerton Photo courtesy of Fender Musical Instruments Corp. George Fullerton, whose decades-long association with Leo Fender earned the two early electric-guitar innovators a place in history, died July 4 at (more…)

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Samuel James – Songs Famed for Sorrow and Joy


The hoodoo factor in Samuel James’ music is strong. He is very connected to the eerie, mythical nature of early 20th-century country blues, his music conjures up images of Ol’ Scratch in his city-slicker high-button shoes, box-back coat, checkered pants, and Stetson, sipping iced tea and (more…)

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Ana Egge

"Lazy" Covers By A True Original

Photo: Dan Forte The myspace page of singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Ana Egge has the usual stuff most musicians put on their pages. Under “Influences,” there’s a long, eclectic list that ranges from Randy Newman to Redd Volkaert to David Byrne. But the most revealing, and (more…)

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Greg Howe

Solving the Mystery

Photo: Neil Zlozower. Rock-Jazz guitar virtuoso Greg Howe thought he had it all figured out by his mid teens. “It seemed relatively easy. The first solo I ever learned was from the Commodores song ‘Easy.’ After that, I quickly learned all the Jimmy Page solos (more…)

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Gerry Beaudoin

The Swing of Things

Beaudoin with his late-’60s Gibson L-5 in 1999. One gets the feeling the three members of the New Guitar Summit have a lot of fun. Consisting of veteran guitarists Jay Geils, Duke Robillard, (more…)

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Holly Golightly – DIrt Don’t Hurt


A lo-fi delight that features as much stringed-instrument work as you can handle, this record features Holly on vocals, guitar, and banjo, and Lawyer Dave on vocals, guitar, and as it says in the liner notes “things with strings.” The music is a treat, covering roots (more…)

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Jim Heath

A Reverend By Any Other Name

Photo courtesy of Atomic Music Group. Jim Heath is better known to most folks as psychobilly guitar fiend The Reverend Horton Heat. But on his latest release, he morphs into Reverend Organdrum and, as you’d expect, with the change of identity comes a change in (more…)

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Ibanez MC500 Musician


Ibanez MC500 Musician. Ahhh, the late 1970s… While many vintage guitar enthusiasts disdain the guitars from the “Me Decade” in favor of undeniably cool classics from the 1950s and ’60s, the ’70s was in many ways one (more…)

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Jim Stringer And The AM Band


It’s a slight generalization, but if you’re going to make a living playing music for any length of time, you pretty much have to do one of two things: concentrate on one thing and make that your (more…)

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