Holly Golightly – DIrt Don’t Hurt


A lo-fi delight that features as much stringed-instrument work as you can handle, this record features Holly on vocals, guitar, and banjo, and Lawyer Dave on vocals, guitar, and as it says in the liner notes “things with strings.” The music is a treat, covering roots music from country blues to R&B to bluegrass and everything in-between.

While the songs here harken back to a different era, the result is fresh and timeless. “Up On The Floor” is typical of the feelings evoked by this music. It’s a weepy country tune with a great lyric and steel guitar and dobro meshing with acoustic guitar in the perfect marriage. “My 45” is a stomper with a lyric that’s more than a little scary as the two trade verses about grabbing a gun to end a relationship… Slide guitar fits the menacing lyric. “Boat’s Up the River” adds reverb to the vocals to add more ambiance to a record already full of ambiance. “Slow Road” is a spooky tune that might call to mind Tom Waits; while the two appear to have a connection with instruments, the melding of their voices is also wonderful. They don’t always share vocals, but when they do, the result is usually perfect.

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