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Headway EDB-2 Equalizer Direct Blend Preamp

Make Way
Headway EDB-2 Equalizer Direct Blend Preamp Home Main

Headway EDB-2 Equalizer Direct Blend Preamp Price: $475 (retail)/$320 (street) Info: Designed in England and manufactured in Korea, the Headway EDB-2 is a 5.75″ x 3.75″ x 1.5″ box with a feature set that makes it ideal for acoustic guitarists who need an ultra-low-distortion connection to a PA or sound-reinforcement amplifier. The EDB-2 has […]

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Uwe Kruger

Swiss Precision for Americana

Uwe Kruger’s professional musical career began at age 15, when he and his brother, Jens, left their small town home in Switzerland to busk in the cities of Europe. Quickly, the Kruger Brothers developed enough following to host a radio show on public broadcasting. In 1995, bassist Joel Landsberg joined them to form a trio. […]

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Washburn’s Warren Haynes Signature Acoustic

New “Pre-War” Picker

Washburn’s Warren Haynes Signature Acoustic Price: $1,899 (Dream Solo 1 combo); $3,995 (Dream Solo 4 head); $699 (Switchback 112) Info: Given the company’s long history, it’s surprising that Washburn hasn’t released more models based on original designs. US Music (Washburn’s corporate parent) has begun to take some steps to remedy this with the Warren […]

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Gibson’s 1941 SJ-100

Second Coming

Gibson 1941 SJ-100 Price: $3,868 (list)/$2,999 (street) Info: Sporting a unique “stair step” headstock, the first Gibson SJ-100s began trickling out of the Kalamazoo factory in 1939. This original design lasted only two model years before it was replaced in 1941 with a second version that was itself soon discontinued, this time due to […]

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Tony Furtado

Funzalo Records

If you had picked up Golden without hearing one of Tony Furtado’s previous 14 albums, you’d never guess he was once a banjo prodigy. After winning the National Bluegrass Banjo competition at 19, he was on his way when he made a left turn into blues, learning slide guitar and lap steel. Then he detoured […]

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American Story

The teenagers who began the Bearfoot Bluegrass Band in 2006 have matured into young adults. As they’ve matured, so has their music. Even their name has changed slightly; it’s been shortened to Bearfoot. The name change coincides with a change in personnel. Two of the original band members, mandolinist Jason Norris and singer/fiddler Angela Oudean, […]

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Stacie Collins

Sometimes Ya Gotta
Rev Records

The list of people who call themselves “professional harmonica players” certainly is not all that long. And the number of female harmonica players… well, beyond Stacie Collins, I can’t think of one. On her third CD, Collins demonstrates not only her ability to blow harp, but her songwriting, singing, and band-leading chops. Collins’ music is […]

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Hank Williams: The Legend Begins

Health and Happiness Recordings and More

Just when you thought you had heard everything that Hank Williams ever committed to tape or shellac, Time-Life and the Williams estate comes up with something new. On their latest deluxe three-CD box they’ve even included the musical equivalent of a baby picture on a fur rug. Two of the three CDs in this box […]

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Lonesome River Band

Still Learning
Rural Rhythm
Lonesome River band thumb

The Lonesome River Band has been around for 30 years. And while he wasn’t a founding member, banjo player Sammy Shelor is the de facto leader of the band by virtue of tenure. On their latest album, the band delivers the same driving sound that has made them fan favorites. The Lonesome River Band’s roster […]

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Kentucky Thunder

'Bout Damn Time

First, this Kentucky Thunder has nothing to do with Rickey Skaggs’ band. And instead of bluegrass, they serve up hot-buttered white Southern soul, a la Delaney and Bonnie. Since the band has four lead vocalists (Etta Britt, Vickie Carrico, Jonell Mosser and Sheila Lawrence – all of whom have angelic pipes), no song is carried […]

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