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January 2011


FEATURES Ron Wood Stone Solo The longtime guitarist for the Rolling Stones has also collaborated with legends ranging from B.B. King to David Bowie to Aretha Franklin. He recently released his seventh solo album, complete with no-frill rock-and-roll guitar sounds and an impressive cast of fellow rock renegades. By Elliot Stephen Cohen Movie Star, Rancher […]

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December 2010


FEATURES Into The New Rising Sun Speculating on Jimi Hendrix’s Later Career Moves It has been 40 years since the passing of Jimi Hendrix. In his honor, this month we look at two unexplored aspects of his life and work, including the largely untapped oeuvre of Jimi’s later studio work. By Pete Prown Decades of […]

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November 2010


FEATURES The Heavenly Guitar of Carlos Santana His latest CD could be viewed as the artist playing it safe, or it could be a risky move. Using guest singers ranging from Joe Cocker to Chris Cornell to India.Arie, he tackles classic guitar-driven songs, along the way proving there is still only one Carlos Santana. By […]

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October 2010


FEATURES Albert Lee The Gypsy Spirit Of A Country-Guitar Hero We talk in-depth with the man Eric Clapton calls, “…a great, great player, fluid, lyrical and free, like a jazz musician but with country scales, like Django, but with a bluegrass past.” And, he has some impressive instruments, too! By Dan Forte Taking Stock A […]

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September 2010


  FEATURES In Detail The Gibson ES-5 When it came to Spanish-style electric guitars, Gibson was a reluctant participant, wading into the market in 1936. After WWII, it was more enthusiastic, though it didn’t get really serious until ’49, when it launched this guitar. By Ward Meeker Joe Negri Royal Handyman, Jazz Legend Long before […]

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August 2010


FEATURES Steve Miller Some People Call Him Rock Icon From a fabled upbringing that included being shown chords by Les Paul and Mary Ford to getting lead-lick lessons from T-Bone Walker, his life has been a chase-the-dream fantasy come true. Today, he’s regarded as a pioneering rock songwriter and performer, and still has the proverbial […]

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July 2010


FEATURES Gretsch’s “Golden” Tenors Tenor guitars were popular in the ’20s, when musical tastes motivated a move away from the banjo. But major companies were still making them in the ’50s and early ’60s, when the electric guitar was establishing itself as a key part of the new voice of popular music. By Edward Ball […]

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Steinberger ZT3 Custom

Ned Lives On

The year is 1979. The disco era is nearing its end and the “Me Generation” is approaching like a freight train. With the impending new decade full of fresh ideas in fashion, music, and everything possible a furniture engineer housed in a New York wood co-op finds his destiny. The man was Ned Steinberger, who […]

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Retroman effects

Five Boxes of Fun

Retroman proprietor Joe Wolf is a dedicated one-man-shop that designs, builds, and finishes effects pedals all by hisself. Wolf, a guitarist and electronics engineer, began building pedals for his own use, and some for friends. Not long after, and with the encouragement of his wife, Amy, he started Retroman in 2002. As the name implies, […]

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HomeBrew Electronics Power Screamer/Compressor Retro

Bit of This, Bit of That...

Seldom will you find a company more appropriately dubbed than HomeBrew Electronics. Joel Weaver, his wife, Andea, and their sole employee, Terri Landreth, build some of the most widely used boutique stompboxes in the industry, employed by heavy hitters like Steve Lukather, Carlos Santana, Rick Nielsen, and Richie Sambora. And much like its name, HomeBrew’s […]

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