December 2010


December 2010

Into The New Rising Sun
Speculating on Jimi Hendrix’s Later Career Moves
It has been 40 years since the passing of Jimi Hendrix. In his honor, this month we look at two unexplored aspects of his life and work, including the largely untapped oeuvre of Jimi’s later studio work. By Pete Prown

Decades of Designs: The Story of
J.T. Riboloff
A guru is “somebody who has a reputation as an expert, leader, teacher, or practitioner in a particular field.” J.T. Riboloff – part of the team that restored Gibson’s reputation and market share, and now is now designing unique guitars for Samick – is a guitar-design guru. By Vaughn Skow

Reassessing Gibson Shipping Numbers Part 2: The Advanced L-5
Recent research on Gibson electric steel guitars has raised doubts about the accuracy of the company’s oft-referenced shipping totals. In the second of three essays on the subject, we take a closer look at the pre-war Advanced L-5. By A.R. Duchossoir

The Gibson Super Jumbo 100
It has the undeserved status of being one of Gibson’s more obscure models. But a closer look reveals that, in terms of aesthetics and performance, it should be ranked among Gibson’s most noteworthy models. By George Gruhn and Walter Carter

The Harmony Cremona
Ever since the Spanish guitar took on its modern form, some would say its story has been about a march toward more volume. And not until the early ’30s did archtops begin to replace banjos in big bands. One early mid-market contender was the Harmony Cremona. By Michael Wright

Robin’s ’80s Import Basses
VG readers are familiar with the Robin brand’s reverse “imported then domestic” chronology. These basses are the first import models marketed by the company (and one of them is from the very first shipment). By Willie G. Moseley

The Rickenbacker Transonic
Having graced the U.S. tours of Led Zeppelin, the Jeff Beck Group, and Steppenwolf in the late ’60s, then Cheap Trick after, the Rickenbacker Transonic series should have secured its shrine in the annals of geardom, yet it has all but vanished from memory. What went wrong? By Dave Hunter


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Ronnie Earl
Stratocaster Royalty
By Bob Dragich

Lee Ritenour’s Six-String Theory
By Oscar Jordan

Rocky Mountain High
COC Guitar Festival and Workshop
By Debra Devi

Ask Zac
By Zac Childs

Josh Smith
From Blues to Pop, With Soul
By Oscar Jordan

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George Cotsirilos
The Power of Three
By John Heidt

Charlie Musselwhite Plays the Blues… on Guitar
By Dan Forte

Graeme Taylor
Gryphon’s Folk-Rock Wizard
By Pete Prown

Russell Dashiell
Satellite-Beep Secrets Revealed
By Willie G. Moseley

Bruce Forman
Swingin’ Statesman of West Coast Jazz
By Pete Prown


The (Way) Back Beat
Solid Eccentricity, 1963
Part 1: The Guild S-200 Thunderbird
By Peter S. Kohman

Q&A With George Gruhn

Acoustic Environments
By Steven Stone

Guitars With Guts
1882 Antonio de Torres
By R.E. Bruné

Tony Iommi
By Wolf Marshall


Shop of Hard Knocks
Bridge of Size
By Will Kelly

Dan’s Guitar Rx
Pretty as a Picture, Full of Surprises
By Dan Erlewine

Talkin’ Amps…
Pedalboards, Fact and Fiction, Part 2: Effects
By David Jung


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Check This Action
Close Enough For Jazz, II
By Dan Forte

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