November 2010

November 2010


The Heavenly Guitar of
Carlos Santana
His latest CD could be viewed as the artist playing it safe, or it could be a risky move. Using guest singers ranging from Joe Cocker to Chris Cornell to India.Arie, he tackles classic guitar-driven songs, along the way proving there is still only one Carlos Santana. By Dan Forte

SRV Memories
Twenty years after the passing of a legend, VG contributors recall the greatness that was.

Reassessing Gibson Shipping Numbers
Part 1: The Pre-War Super 400
Recent research on Gibson electric-steel guitars has raised doubts about the accuracy of company’s oft-referenced shipping totals. In the first of three essays on the subject, we take a closer look at the Super 400 in the “pre-war” era.” By A.R. Duchossoir

An Epiphone Custom
After Gibson purchased Epiphone, Ted McCarty wanted to make it an “almost a Gibson” brand – a step below Gibson. Despite his intentions, some customers simply preferred an Epiphone. The proof is in this custom-ordered guitar from 1965. By George Gruhn and Walter Carter

The Vox Starstream
There is intrigue and politics in the stories about many of the guitars we cherish. Most is normal company business, but sometimes a guitar has more color behind its existence. One loaded example is the cool ’68 Vox Starstream. By Michael Wright

The Rickenbacker 4000
For all of the “icon” accolades afforded Rickenbacker’s two-pickup 4001, it’s easy to forget the model wasn’t the company’s first bass. That honor belongs to the single-pickup 4000. By Willie G. Moseley

Keith Richards’ ‘77 Mesa/Boogie Mark I
With a hint of nostalgia, we recall a time when even the biggest rock stars had to plead their case with Randy Smith to jump a waiting list for the amps he was turning out from his California home. By Dave Hunter


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Win a St. Blues 61 South!

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News and Notes
Steve Miller to Teach at USC, John Jorgenson Plays for Troops in Iraq, Nils Lofgren; In Memoriam, more!

Toulouse Engelhardt
12-Strings for Sci-Fi and Surf
By Willie G. Moseley

James Williamson
Raw Power Reconnection
By Rick Allen

Ask Zac
By Zac Childs

Andy Aledort
From Page to the Stage
By John Heidt

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Billy White, Jr.
Second Time‘s the Charm
By Rick Allen

Randy Bachman
Back in Overdrive
By John Heidt

Nels Cline
Jazzmaster Love Affair
By Michael Dregni

Jared Scharff
Saturday Night’s Alright
By Tom Guerra


The (Way) Back Beat
$150 Worth of Low-End
By Peter S. Kohman

Q&A With George Gruhn

Rockygrass Academy 2010
By Steven Stone

Funk Guitar
By Wolf Marshall


Shop of Hard Knocks
Building a Head-Turner
By Will Kelly

Dan’s Guitar Rx
Pyramid Scheme
By Dan Erlewine

Talkin’ Amps…
Pedalboard: Fact and Fiction
By David Jung


The VG Hit List
CD, DVD, and Book Reviews: Marty Suart, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Greg Koch Trio, John Mellencamp, Duke Robillard, Big Head Todd, Larry Carlton, Electric Guitar and Basses: A Photographic History, more!

Check This Action
Joyful Noises
By Dan Forte

Vintage Guitar Gear Reviews
“Lunchbox” amps by Mesa, Egnater, Ibanez, Gizmoaudio Sawmill Distortion/OD, Martin OMC Cherry, Guitar Player Wanted: Vocals a Plus DVD, Budda V20/Budda Wah, St. Blues 61 South, VHT Special 6, Dunlop MXR ’75 Vintage Phase 45/DVP-1

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