BSM RM Majestic Treble Booster

BSM RM Majestic Treble Booster
Price: $315

Germany’s BSM is among the rare specialist among modern stompbox builders; their focus is one thing – making treble boosters (albeit in a variety of flavors), and their lineup uses only NOS germanium transistors dating back decades, just like vintage classics.

BSM’s RM Majestic is based on the Dallas Rangemaster made between 1965 and ’69, and most associated with Brian May. Its enclosure is slightly smaller than your average pedal, but it packs a wallop. With a single Volume knob on the side, the RM Majestic is as simple as it gets; it allows the user to set its controls, forget it, and wail while adjusting gain with the guitar’s Volume.

The RM Majestic’s high-grade OC44 transistors yield substantive grit, high-end definition, and rich musical transparency. The RM Majestic pumps any signal to the upper realms of upper midrange ecstasy. Its tonal character falls somewhere between the clear but gainy sounds of Blackmore, Iommi, and Moore, and it nails British blues and early Judas Priest with musical clarity.

The RM Majestic is quiet, easy to adjust, and bites without being shrill. Its bold punchiness makes it just what the doctor ordered when it comes to big rockin’ Brian May tones with crunch and articulation.

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