North Mississippi Allstars

Prayer For Peace
North Mississippi Allstars

If you’re a fan of heart-stopping slide guitar, you’re likely familiar with Luther Dickinson and his wicked blend of gospel-saturated blues and fat rural elegance. The North Mississippi Allstars have been at it for 30 years now, waving the Northern Mississippi flag and honoring their mentors in the best way. With one foot in the past and one in the present, the band continues to create a raw, nasty hybrid of relevant blues for a new world.

Their latest continues the band’s musical odyssey (minus bassist Chris Chew) with a gut-wrenching, visceral document of powerful music and a plea for society to evolve. With Luther on guitar and vocals, and brother Cody on drums, piano, bass, and programming, the album showcases the dynamic duo at their artistic peak. Sublime rib-sticking tunes like “Miss Maybelle,” “Deep Elum Blues,” and “You Got To Move” transports you south of the Mason-Dixon.

Guest bassist Oteil Burbridge, guitarist Grahame Lesh, vocalist Sharisse Norman, bassist Dominic Davis, and singer/fife player Shardé add finishing touches. “Long Haired Doney” harkens back to the band’s beginnings with R.L. Burnside. This new version burns paying homage with dangerous slide and seductive stomp.

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